Monday, July 4, 2011

Secrets Can Kill walkthrough

Aunt Eloise’s House
Read the letter on the table. Open the bottom right drawer of the table and take the phone calling card. Enter the living room. Open the book on the small table and notice the first letter for each of the plants is highlighted, spelling out the name MITCH. Open and close the box on the coffee table. Open the drawer to the right of the sofa. Read the notepad, and read the card. There are letters on the top of the card. Make a note of those letters/symbols. You will need those shortly. Get the TV/VCR remote control from the drawer and then close the drawer. Open the book to the left of the TV. Open the book to the right of the TV. Key the key from inside. Use this key on the chest that sits on the floor to the right of the TV. Get the quarter. Exit the living room and return to the entry hall. Click on the painting behind the table with the note from Aunt Eloise. Open the safe by clicking of the letters/symbols you saw on the card from the living room. Take the key handing on the door of the sofa. Solve the flower puzzle and read the message inside the box: SCHOOL COMPUTER LOGIN NAME: Eloise Drew PASSWORD: O Wise Elder. Turn around after closing the safe and click on the front doors. Go to the high school. Use the silver key from the safe on the front doors of the high school and enter the building.

Paseo Del Mar High School
Look at all the bulleting boards and everything on them and all the posters in the entire school. Go to the gym. Notice the eye chart. Talk to Hulk, the football player. Ask him everything. Turn from Hulk and zoon in on the Crane School of Self Defense poster. Go to the library. Use the silver key on the doors and enter the library.

Zoom in on the library desk as you enter the door. Note the highlighted words on the SAT sheet. Move to the right and zoom in on the magazines on the shelf. Turn to the left and zoom in on the file drawers against the wall. Note the two different word puzzles. Check the file drawers to the left. Note the encyclopedia shelf and read as many as you can. Especially note the one with the Brail letters. You will need those later. Move around the library and read all the books you can. On the second level, look at the table with the book and notepad. Exit the library and make your way to the Student Union. Talk to Hal. Ask him everything you can. Enter the room next to the Student Union and look at the posters, bulletin boards, and magazines. Talk to Connie. Ask her everything. Move towards the phones on the wall. Open the phone book and notice that the Pharmacy phone numbers has been torn out. Use your calling card and call all three of your friends for advice. They will tell you three things you should do: get inside the Teacher’s Lounge and on the main computer, find Jake’s locker, and get into the Maintenance Room. Go back to the library and again use the silver key on the door. Go to the encyclopedia shelf and note the Kanji symbol Connie wears around her neck (crane). Go the gym and ask Hulk everything again. Exit the gym and go to the Student Union. Talk to Hal and ask him everything. Go to the area near the gym where it says CAFETERIA. Move towards the locker with the police tape on it. This is Jake’s locker. Open the locker (code: 5253) and look at the empty videotape box, the English essay folder, the Judo magazine, and the newspaper article. At the bottom, take the knife/box cutters. Return and speak with Hulk, Connie, and Hal and ask them everything. Exit the school and enter the Diner.

Notice the menu board above the counter. Read the menu on the table. Talk to Daryl (you’ll need to talk to him twice) and ask him everything. Turn towards the left and zoom in on the doors leading to the kitchen area and enter. Turn left and take the ladle from the black pan. Read the instructions for the fryer and the work schedule. Zoom in on the cutting boar with the tomatoes and read the message. Zoom out from the cutting board and click on the lower left side of the stove. There are bolt cutters there. Take them and replace them with the ladle or you’ll blow up! Once you’ve done this, you can safely exit the diner. If you wish, you can use your quarter to play pinball or play some music on the jukebox. Your choice. Exit the diner and return to the school.

Paseo Del Mar High School
From the outside view of the school, move your mouse cursor to the far right side of the building and click on the windows. Use the box cutters on the third window pane of the left-most window. Enter the Teacher’s Lounge.

Teacher’s Lounge
Log onto the computer and click on the key on the desktop. Note the code for the Maintenance Room (NOTE). Also click on other options and explore the school mainframe computer. Look in the file cabinets, all the books in the bookcase, the pink note by the computer, the bulletin board, the Periodic Table, and the work schedule. Exit the Teacher’s Lounge through the window and enter the school building through the door.

Paseo Del Mar High School
Talk to Hulk, Connie, and Hal and ask them everything. Then make your way to the Maintenance Room. On the door is a Brail keypad. Enter the code you got from the Teacher’s Lounge into the keypad and enter the Maintenance Room.

Maintenance Room
Go down the elevator. Take the pair of gloves from inside the toolbox. Note the directions for the boiler on the wall. Notice that you can’t move the three levers on top of the boiler. Exit the Maintenance Room and return to the Diner. Talk to Daryl and ask him everything. Return to the school and talk to Hulk, Connie, and Hal about everything. Return to the Diner. Daryl will tell you someone left a note for you. When you back off the conversation window, the note will be there. Read it and head for the Maintenance Room again. Enter the boiler room. There will be a chain on the levers. Time is of essence at this point, so if you don’t want to blow yourself up, use the bolt cutters on the chain between the left and middle levers and remove it. Without delay, click on the left lever twice, then right lever twice, then the left lever a final time. The boiler will fizzle out. Turn from the boiler and notice the box of matches on the crate. Turn to the right and notice that the elevator control switch has been destroyed. Turn back around and click on the crate to the right of the boiler using your gloves. Crawl through the air vent and pick up the videotape on the way. Once you’re outside go to Aunt Eloise’s house.

Aunt Eloise’s House
Enter the living room and turn on the TV with the remote. Place the videotape into the VCR and watch! Return to the school and talk to Hulk, Connie, and Hal. Go to the Diner and talk to Daryl. He admits to running drugs for Mitch. Return to the school and talk to Hulk, Connie, and Hal again. Return to the Diner and notice that Daryl is gone. Go to the Pharmacy.

When you arrive at the Pharmacy you will witness Daryl and Mitch talking. Pay close attention to your inventory at this time. Connie will jump in to save Daryl from the right side of the screen. When she moves in the screen, note the gun that appears at your inventory. Click on the gun. When Mitch notices you standing there, he will turn and move toward you. Immediately point the gun at Mitch. He will surrender to you. Watch the ending sequence. Game over! Nancy solves yet another crime!

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