Sunday, July 3, 2011

Secrets Can Kill

The Case:
A family visit throws you, as Nancy Drew, into the scene of a crime that happened only last night! Jake Rogers is dead, and a secret died with him--or did it? Roll up your sleeves and dig into an engrossing mystery that is full of places to explore, puzzles to solve, suspects to questions, danger to evade and evidence to evaluate. A wily killer may still be on the keep your wits about you!

The Suspects/Character Profiles:

 Connie Watson: Connie is a tough girl who is into judo. She spends most of her time hanging out in the student lounge. Connie is a pretty normal girl, with a dark secret.

 Daryl Gray: Working at Maxine's Diner, Daryl is the rich, pretty-boy of the school who drives a Porsche. But if his family is so wealthy, why does he need to work at the diner?

 Hal Tanaka: Hal is a foreign exchange student from Japan. He is trying to get a scholarship so he can go to college. He's a nerdy sort of guy who studies all the time. And Hal isn't his real name, he just chose it to fit in better.

 Hector "Hulk" Sanchez: "Hulk" is a stereotypical jock who may even play professional sports one day. Hector does pretty well in school, the girls all love him, and he SEEMS to have a great life.

Playing the Game:

Walkthrough (where to go, who to talk to, etc.)

Cheats (puzzle solutions, Easter eggs, etc.)

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