Monday, July 4, 2011

Secrets Can Kill cheats

Safe in Aunt Eloise's House

Brail Combination

Secret Messages

Nowhere to turn to,
Nowhere to hide,
Let the books in the library
Be your answer guide

A symbol of Kanji
Worn with great pride,
Reflects a big secret
That someone must hide.

He did what it took
To make the grade
Even if it meant cheating,
To keep up honcho rods.

There’s more than one way
To remove a chain so thick
Aside from the combination,
Mel’s bolt cutter can do the trick.

When things go astray,
Tonight at Vandelay,
It will not help to run,
So you must grab the gun!

Find the morning edition
And discover another crime
The answer is in black and white
To who will do the time.

The bolt cutter you must take
Or you could be the next Jake!

In the face of danger
Against a killer if you dare
A very unlikely couple
Could be a helpful pair.

Sabotage should cause concern, but with the gloves you will not burn.

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