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Midnight in Salem

The Case:
Nancy Drew unexpectedly finds herself in Salem, Massachusetts investigating an arson on the Hathorne estate. The Hathorne House was originally constructed by Judge John Hathorne, inquisitor of the infamous Salem witch trials and the final home to 102-year-old Frances Tuttle, his last direct descendant. When Tuttle passed away, the estate became city property and while the mayor was seeking a manager to oversee the estate the home burst into flames. The ongoing investigation has turned up little evidence but concerned citizens have accused Mei Parry of arson and are pressuring the police to arrest the secretive teenager. As Nancy races to uncover the truth behind the arson, she discovers connections to the house’s past with the Salem trials and finds herself drawn into a struggle with supernatural events that she simply can’t explain. Nancy’s convictions are put to the test. Are the ghosts real? Has Salem’s dark history come to life, or is there someone else to blame? Time is short, and Nancy must find the answers before the clock strikes midnight.

The Suspects/Character Profiles:
Mei Parry has spent her young life pulled between two extremes – the near-crushing protective attention by her parents and sister Teegan, and the cruel gazes and whispers by the local townsfolk.  Mei’s mysterious past haunts her when she is accused and placed under questioning by the Salem police for the recent fire at the Hathorne Estate.  Few of the townspeople are surprised and offer little support. Unfortunately for Mei, multiple scars publicly mark her mistakes of the past and results in a constant reminder that she often seeks to hide. Only those closest to Mei understand that her deepest pain can also be her greatest strength. Can Nancy Drew help Mei or has she gone too far this time?

Teegan Parry is Mei’s older sister and cares for her and the house while their parents are away. A warm, hospitable person, she runs the local museum and is passionate about Salem’s history. As an advocate for past accused witches, will Teegan take drastic measures to right the wrongs of history and protect her sister?

Constantly commanding the spotlight, Olivia Ravencroft runs a witch tour and novelty magic shop. It’s well-known locally that her smoke and mirrors entertainment is not always accurate, but it’s always very theatrical! Her self-guided tours depict Salem’s haunted past while ensuring to capitalize on the tourist trade. While Olivia uses her elaborate performances to ‘enhance’ the tourism experience, would she set fire to the Hathorne House to profit from the additional attention to her business?

As the last living person residing on the Hathorne property, Lauren Holt claims to be the heir of the historic Hathorne House. Lauren owns an apothecary and tea shop in Salem and mixes natural remedies in the traditional methods. She has great respect for the town’s history, but would she use her expertise to unethically get what she wants?

Jason Danforth is the son of Judge Danforth. As a child, Jason loved to play in and around the infamous Hathorne House. Even though the people of Salem speculated the estate was haunted, Jason continued to visit until one day, when he was ten, he witnessed an unexplained sighting, one that haunts him to this day.  As years passed, Jason enjoyed being the “it” guy in town and being both wealthy and handsome. Some say that Jason is his own biggest fan.  For Jason, position has its privileges, but does his status mask the curse of his past?

Alicia Cole is a highly qualified attorney who left the big city to work with the soon-to-be-retired Judge Danforth. She loves the area and finds the smaller town environment more to her liking. However, in Salem, she must learn to deal with the occasional ‘she put a spell on me!’ case, especially behind the backdrop of a community that hasn’t come to terms with its dark and haunting past. Have the residents’ superstitions influenced Alicia’s judgment or do her ambitions run deeper than she lets on?

The well-established, yet somewhat scatterbrained, Judge Danforth is at the center of pressing legal battles in the town of Salem. The arson of the famed historic Hathorne Estate is under investigation and citizens want justice. But could Judge Danforth be harboring a hidden agenda to disrupt the investigation?

High-maintenance Deirdre Shannon has spent her life hovering in Nancy’s shadow, and lives with the knowledge that she is the “girl who would have become Nancy Drew” had circumstances turned out better for her. Deirdre is concerned for her cousins Mei and Teegan and begins her own investigation to clear Mei’s name. When Deirdre discovers that there is more to the Hathorne Estate case than an arson, she reluctantly calls Nancy to come and help solve the mystery. Will Deirdre’s tense relationship with the famous teen sleuth hinder the case? Or is she hiding something about her cousin’s true motivations?

Returning to help Nancy on another case, the Hardy Boys hone in on unexplained occurrences and aid in the hunt for the arsonist of the Hathorne House. With Frank’s practical sensibilities and Joe’s unbridled enthusiasm, they make an excellent team in search of the truth. The Hardy Boys will provide great insights and vital information regarding the investigation. You, as Nancy Drew, can depend on Frank and Joe’s assistance to shed light on the motivations of suspects and those that might be influenced by Salem’s dark past.

Playing the Game:

Walkthrough (where to go, who to talk to, etc.) - COMING SOON!

Cheats (puzzle solutions, Easter eggs, etc.) - COMING SOON!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sea of Darkness Cheats

Knot Display

Captain's Quarters Wooden Box
Press 6 - 4 - 3 - 1.

Captain's Desk

Word Search

Pins and Map





Icelandic Vocabulary Puzzle
These are examples of some of the puzzles in this vocabulary game.


Kitchen Orders

These are samples of how it works; you can back away at any time.

Dinghy Spark Plugs
1. Tolf 12 and fjorir 4. Use connector sextan 16.
2. Tveir 2 and sjo 7. Use connector niu 9.
3. Tiu 10 and niu 9. Use connector nitjan 19.
4. Fimm 5 and atta 8. Use connector brettan 13.

Lighthouse White Lights
Keep pressing the arrows in this order until all white lights are lit:
Down, right, down, left
It may take a while and sometimes the lights may not move, but just keep doing the pattern anyway and it should eventually work

Lighthouse Pyramid Puzzle



Dog Toys






Crow's Nest



Soren's Tablet
Blue squares: Take the elements from the top and place them on the squares below to make new elements (place on green squares in top middle).
Earth + fire = lava
Air + earth = desert
Air + fire = energy
Middle squares: Take results of the element combination from the top green squares and combine them to make another climactic change.
Desert + energy = dust cloud.
Energy + lava = eruption.
Red squares:
Dust cloud + eruption = Volcanic winter.

Ship Wheel

Tidal Depth Chart

Captain's Bed

Hidden Room Door



Bilge Pump



Sketch Pieces

Lion Heads
Insert the token on the slots at: left, middle, middle, right, middle, middle, middle.

Box-Shapes Pattern Puzzle



Star Mosaic

Music Box



Captain's Box Sliding Puzzle



Treasure Chest
1. Stormy seas - wave.
2. Cold wind.
3. Battered bow.
4. Stone walls.
5. Love.
6. Silent ice.
7. Grave.
8. Bones.
9. North
10. Broken heart.
11. Sails.

12 Blackened sky.

End-Game Awards
If you climb the crow’s nest enough times (+11x), you will get an award.
If you change the tide often enough (14), you will get an award.
If you play enough vocabulary games, you will get an award.
If you fill enough food orders (15), you will get an award.
If you buy one of each souvenir, you will get an award.
If you ride the dinghy often enough (+20x), you will get an award.
If you listen to all the phone messages in Magnus’s cabin, you will get an award.
If you have been to all the rooms in the ice cave maze, you will get an award.
If you tell Ned you love him, you will get an award.

Phone Charms (bonus game only)
At the very beginning of the game, pick up the Viking hat charm from the base of the lamp on the right.
Pick up the white flower phone charm from the fish cleaning table.
Pick up the treasure chest charm from the table by the bed in the captain’s quarters.
Pick up the cannon charm right of the flashlight in the hold.
Pick up the yellow car charm on the shelf with the gas can in the employees’ area at Missti Skip.
In the ice cave, take the ladder going down. Go forward once. Pick up the axe phone charm from the rock shelf.
Pick up the puffin charm from the top of the luggage on the right behind the gift shop counter.

Easter Eggs
Examine the box on the bottom shelf in the captain’s quarters. Get all the triangles raised (press 1 -7-2-8). Then press down the three triangles at the center (3, 6, 8). Get a dark shiny egg.
Press the alarm button in the ship’s wheelhouse 11 times.
In the ice caves, when you break the ice wall, go forward, up, and forward three times. You will see the location with the yellow stone and the red stone. Where the yellow stone is, there is a branch to the left. You must go there. When you reach the end of the tunnel, break the ice under the wall and take the egg.
In the kitchen at the pub, look for an order with a picture of a black and white bird (Lundi). Fill all the squares of the order with the following image. You will hear the clucking. It is necessary to go onstage and look at the cello.