Sunday, December 25, 2011

Trail of the Twister

The Case:
$100,000,000 is at stake in this competition to discover a formula to predict tornado touchdowns. But when equipment starts failing and crew members are injured, you as Nancy Drew, must join the team to keep them in the competition. Is it just bad luck that's plaguing the storm chasers or is someone sabotaging their chances of winning?

The Suspects/Character Profiles:

 Scott Vernell: Leader of the Canute Storm Chasers and professor at the University. Although he might be in charge of the team, he's quick to blame others for all of the troubles they're having instead of taking responsibility. Is he trying to divert attention from something he has done?

 Debbie KircumDebbie is eager, passionate, and dedicated to her work. As Scott's right hand, she handles the majority of the day to day operations of the team. At times it seems like she does most of the work but receives the least amount of credit, could she be sabotaging the team to show them just how important she really is?

 Chase Relerford: As a meteorology undergrad student, spending his first season out in the field, Chase is a remarkably good mechanic. He is capable of fixing everything from computers to cars, and as far as he's concerned, "there's no saboteur, things just get broke and have to be fixed." If he's so good with machines, why doesn't he notice the sabotage, or is he just covering for his own crimes?

 Frosty Harlow: Toby "Frosty" Harlow is the team's media expert who earned his nickname from a close encounter with a large and dangerous storm. The nickname unfortunately went to his head and continues whet his appetite for fame and fortune. Would he go so far as to sellout his own team just to make his financial dreams come true?

 Pa: Pa runs the Ma and Pa Convenience Store and local oddity museum (donations welcome). He's got a lot of experience with Oklahoma weather and seems to think of the researchers as naive city-folk. But out here in 'the sticks', Ma and Pa's is the only place for a team to get supplies and gas. Would Pa stoop to sabotage to keep the storm-chasing clientele coming back for more?

Playing the Game:

Walkthrough (where to go, who to talk to, etc.)

Cheats (puzzle solutions, Easter eggs, etc.)

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