Sunday, December 25, 2011

Trail of the Twister Cheats

Junior: Findings - Red; Grange Theater - Orange; Canute - Yellow; Degree - Green; Budget - Blue; Animals - Purple
Senior:  Degree - Red; Canute - Orange; Animals - Yellow; Budget - Green; Findings - Blue; Grange Theater - Purple

Tornado Quiz:
1. Alert when a tornado is spotted:     C. Tornado warning.
2. Average tornado in a year:     C. 1000.
3. Tornado measurement system:    D. F-scale named after Dr. Fujita.
4. Least safe place in public place:     B. A large room.
5. Emergency tornado plan:    A. Disaster kit.
6. Not indicative of a tornado:    C. Downburst.
7. Percentage of EF4 (wind gusts of 166-200 mph) or EF5 (wind speeds of 201+mph) tornadoes per year:    A. 1%.
8. Cause of most injuries in a tornado:    D. Flying debris.

County Siren Chart:



LED Display:


Ma 'n Pa's:




Grange Theater:



Fujita scale:

Video camera repair:


Transmission gears:

TV repair:
For Juniors: The inner ring shown in the red and green pictures below is not present.



Doppler truck:
Numbering the switches (from left to right): Top: 1 - 6; Bottom: 7-11.
Flip switches:
1, 4 and 5. Press button at right.
7, 9 and 11. Press button at right.
2, 3 and 11. Press button at right.
3, 8 and 11. Press button at right.


Turn on the TV several times and you might get an award.
If you correctly answer the tornado quiz in one sitting, you might get an award.
If you answer in a positive manner several times to a character in the game, you might get an award.
If you answer in a negative manner several times to a character in the game, you might get an award.
If you drive a vehicle a lot, you might win an award.
If you buy the mystery box, you win an award.
Getting an Easter egg in the game gets you a medal in the end.
If you find all clouds in Frosty's drawing, you will get a medal.
If Nancy eats 15 or more candies from inventory, you might get a medal.
If you give several bought candies to other characters multiple times, you might win a medal.

Easter Eggs:
Buy the mystery box for 9,990 Pa pennies. Inside is a storm globe with a token.
Use the token on the Jackalope game. Get a Cat Easter egg. (Thanks to catsmom)
After releasing the mice for the first time, place the cheese which automatically crumbled on doorstep of springhouse. Go back to the farm and then return to Springhouse. See an egg sitting where the cheese had been. It's black with lightning flashes all over it. Pick up the Easter egg.

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