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The Captive Curse Walkthrough

Castle Finster
Nancy arrives at the closed castle gate. Ring the doorbell at the right side of the gate. Lukas answers from above. He will let you in if you solve the match game in the bucket he lowers down. Take the paper inside the lowered bucket. Find the matching monster. Click on the square of the 2 matching monsters. When sure of the selection - click on square of the Check Match at top of the page. Karl appears and raises the caste gate. He wants you to come meet him in his office on the second floor. Look around at the courtyard. See shops at the left and a well. There are private homes at the top level of all the buildings. Enter the ornate double door ahead, under the sign that says Burg Finster. Face the stairs on the right. See a coin flash on the banister of the stairs to the mezzanine. Take the coin. There are 20 Euros at the top left of the screen. Coins picked up during the game will be added to the total. Buying items will decrease the total amount of coins. Not all the coins that are in the game are noted in this walkthrough. Climb the stairs to the mezzanine. Go forward to the small table with the candlestick. See the coins flash. Take coins from the table. Turn around and enter through the doors on the left. The phone rings. Nancy automatically answers the call from Ned. The reception of the cell phone is bad. An argument with Ned ensues. After the conversation, go forward to the wide landing. Climb the stairs on either side of the wide landing. Go forward to the balcony at other side. See a door with Nancy's name on it. Enter and look around.

Nancy's Room
Check the mantle of the fireplace and read the Die Ungeheuerlichkeit Nacht Festival schedule. Open the armoire and see a shelf for gift shop purchases. Go to other side of the bed and see the cuckoo clock phone on the desk. You can use the landline phone by clicking on the post-it list of the phone numbers or manually dialing by zooming and click in the numbers. Call Ned but get a recording. Look at the side table beside the bed. Take the German English dictionary. Exit the room. From Nancy's room, use the left stairs to go back to the landing at other side of the balcony. At the landing, go forward to the side hallway (not the stairs). Get a call from Frank Hardy and automatically answer it. There are two side alcoves with chairs and table. One alcove has a book about History of Castle Finster. Read the book and learn about Freiherr Amsel and his daughter Else. The other alcove has a puzzle box with colored glass tiles on it. It is missing glass pieces. Enter the B├╝rgermeister room at the middle of the hallway.

Karl's Office
See Karl Weschler, the B├╝rgermeister playing with dolls. Talk to Karl completely. He'll want you to test out his Raid game. Choose Easy first until you learn the mechanics of the game. Read the Game Rules book at the bottom right. You have 2 opponents seen at the sides of the board. A player turns the spinner at bottom left and moves on the board based on the number obtained. The color of the square the player lands on determines what challenge is to be done by the player. The card selected shows the character stat of that player's hand. So if the opponent (or you) lands on a red square, select your card with the strongest red attribute to fight with. Select an opponent with less cards to choose from. The winner is the one that gets to the castle at center of the board first. Win or lose, you'll get 15 Euros from Karl for testing his game. Continue to talk to Karl. Learn about Lukas, the head of security's son. Look around Karl's office. Check the cabinet left of Karl and see that the bottom drawer is active. Open the panel on the right to see a keypad. Karl gets upset when you look at it, so it can be done later. See a board game on the table. If you need money, play this board game or ask Karl. Go forward and turn around. Look left and close at the sparrow painting on the wall. Turn right to the right wall. Read the Raid Game Guide on the bottom shelf. See that the characters are taken from Grimm's fairy tales. They are either heroes, monsters, or magicians. Professor Sparrow is the one on the painting on the wall. There's a key icon on the description. The last page waits for a new design. Look at the top shelf. Take note of the scales with cards on it. There are 3 scales with 3 cards on them. They are not evenly balanced. Touch the scales and they all fall down. Karl says to put back the cards the way they were. Remember that the scales were not even before. The middle scale is highest and the right scale is lower than the rest. Arrange the cards to weigh the same way (or original level) before you touched them. Each scale has a monster, hero, and magic card. When the cards are set correctly, see a paper fall from the scale. Take the German note. Use the dictionary on the paper. Read the note from Markus to Karl. Talk to Karl again about everything. He asks for help in making a new character. Select any information of your choice about the character. Exit the office. Go around to the large landing using either side hallway. Go forward to the white tiled solarium. See Nancy's room above by the balcony and a double door on the lower floor. Enter the double doors and be in the banquet room.

Banquet Room
Look at the stained glass window that shows the castle and a woman. Look close at the window. Take the blue tile at the bottom right. Back up and turn left. Go forward to the hutch at the end of the room.  Look close and read the castle newspaper, the Castle Cryer. Read about the monster, Karl, and the festival. Note the vocabulary article: sun (sonne), comet (komet), and moon (mond) are some of the translated words. Take the coin at the right end of the counter. Turn around and talk to Renate, the old woman sitting by the fireplace. Note that she has her bag beside her. Exit the banquet room. After leaving the banquet room, go up to the solarium. There are two side solariums (rooms). One leads to the foyer and the other leads to the gift shop and furnace room. Go to the left side room with the banquet room on your back. At the side room, go down the stairs. Check the door of the locked furnace room ahead. Turn back and go to the side hallway. Be at the gift shop.

Gift Shop
Talk to Anja Mittelmeier, the castellan of the castle. If you look at an item in the store and click again with the cursor, you buy it. Choose a souvenir if you'd like. Pull out of the screen if you do not want to buy the item. Items bought are placed in the armoire in your room. Check the cuckoo clocks on the wall. Pan right and read The Art of Glass book above the glass case. Inside is a paper with a drawn sun, moon, and comet. There's a code at the bottom. Take this paper (coded message #1). Look close at the postcards to the right of the entryway to the side stairs. Look at the mini chalet right of the postcards. You can buy snacks here (pretzels, hotdog, German chocolate cake, and turnover) by selecting the picture of the snack. Then click on the slot on the right to enter the coins. See the cuckoo and the delivery of the food. Order German chocolate cake (top right) that Renate loves. The cake is placed in a cardboard box in inventory. Check the bookcase to the right of Anja. Read the book Grimm's Baddies. Check the book beside the monster at the corner. Learn about the different monsters. Open the base of the monster. Select your language and press the different buttons. Then try the other language. Talk to Anja about everything. Only Karl and Anja have the key to the glassblowing room-furnace. Exit through the glass door beside Anja and be in the foyer.

Talk to Lukas Mittelmeier. He'll want you to play a game of Monster with him. The farmer player places cows on the board. The opponent places the 3 monsters from top left on the board by clicking on some selected cows. The cows change to monsters. Then click on the done square at bottom of the screen. Select-click on any cows that you want to kill as long as they are connected to the monsters. The available cows are highlighted. Move the scared wide-eyed cows and the monster to new location on the board. Select a scared cow or monster and then click the location anywhere on the board that you want to move it to. The farmer player then guesses where the monsters are located. The monster chooser's aim is to kill as many cows and hide the monsters; if so the farmer loses. The farmer player's aim is to deduce the locations of the 3 hidden monsters; the monster chooser then loses the game. You have to play as monster and farmer to finish a round. Pull back to stop playing. Talk to Lukas again. Discuss everything. Check the coffee table. Read The Brothers Grimm book. Pick up the 3 pronged control key from the table. Take the coin from the top shelf of the side table. Check the clock at the corner behind the couch. Take the coin from the left bell tower. Open the bottom drawer and see the glockenspiel. Leave the room through double doors and get a call from Markus, the man that hired Nancy. He wants to Nancy to call back using the land line. Ned will then call. Go back to Nancy's room by using one of the side stairs on the floor above. Once there, use the cuckoo clock phone and select Markus's number on the post-it. Talk to Markus about everything. Call Ned back. He installed a Hint Hotline on the cell phone. Then call Frank, or you'll get a call from Frank himself. After the phone calls, Karl knocks on the door. Open the door and he says the monster is in the courtyard. Automatically be at the courtyard.

See the plant is burning. The door on the left has claw marks. Turn around and click on the well on the left. Click on bucket and it will automatically get water from the well. Take the bucket of water and use it on the fire from your inventory. Check the destroyed door of the florist shop. Look close at the bottom part and take a burr. Move towards the well and turn around to see the doors of the shops beside the well. Use the dictionary on the signs and see that they are: florist, herbalist, and antiques. Knock on doors and see that no one wants to open the door. Turn back to the well. Use the bucket again and get coins, as well as other items from Nancy's past games and-or foreign coins. Markus may call here and want you to call him back on the landline. Look close inside the well to check the well. It's too dark to see anything. Turn around from the well or the shops. Go across to the door below the street level. Turn around and see a paper on the steps. Study the paper and see musical notes quiz. Learn the notes. This will be helpful in playing the glockenspiel. Check the seat of the buggy left of the gate and get a coin. Check the circular planter with a tree (beside the left bench-lamppost) on the courtyard and get a coin. Take the coin under the peddler's cart to the left of the shop. Climb the stairs left of the Burg (Castle) Finster door. Go forward and pick up the dull shears outside the locked door. Go down the stairs and take the coin on the window sill below the stairs. If you haven't yet, you will now get another call from Markus. He wants you to call him back on the landline. Go back inside the castle.

Castle Finster
Go back to your room. After opening the door, a bucket of water drops down on Nancy. Learn that her suitcase is lost. Check the bed and see a costume. Read the note attached to the costume. Click to change to the Bavarian costume. Nancy's clothes are left on bed. Use the phone to call Markus. Go downstairs and talk to Lukas about the costume and the bucket of water. Go to the gift shop and talk to Anja. Go to Karl's office. Talk to Karl about the burr. Take the burr back when he's done looking at it. He allows Nancy to enter the glass shop but keep away from the furnace. Take the glass shop key. Continue discussing everything. Go to the banquet room. Talk to Renate. She's upset and wants you to take off the costume. Go to Nancy's room. Check the bed and see that Nancy's clothes are in shreds. Look by the fireplace. Take the legend clue page 17 from the floor. See that it has TK at bottom right and has a picture of the well. Go to the banquet room. Talk to Renate and tell her you can't change clothes since yours are shredded. Talk to her over and over until the dialogues are completed. Leave the dialogue about giving her food last. When it's time, take the cake from the box. Automatically give her the black forest cake. Remember what Lukas said - she falls asleep after eating. Look close at Renate's bag beside her chair. Open the main flap of the bag. See the contents of the bag. The aim of the puzzle is to get to the box at bottom right without waking Renate up. Left click to pick up and release an item. Right click to turn the item. Place them as close as possible where you want that item and then left click to release it. Once you can get to the box, click it. You'll then see the box and a book called The Owl. Read The Owl book first. Take the legend clue page 25 from inside the book. See that it has N at bottom right and a picture of an opened trap door. Take the box with metal balls-buttons on the lid. Look close at box a see that you need to know the correct color code. This is a random puzzle. There are 10 chances to deduce the correct color. Enter a color on the first column of silver balls by selecting a color at top and then select the silver ball that you want that color on. Do this to all balls in that column. Then press the submit bar at top. See 4 small metal balls at bottom. It will show if the entry for that column is correct in color or position. If the color is green, then the color is correct and is correctly placed. If the color is yellow, then the color is correct but the placement is wrong. Get all 4 small balls green. Deduce the correct color based on the result of selecting and placing the colors. Concentrate on getting correct colors first and then the placements of those correct colors. One good method is to enter one color on the first column and depending on the result, proceed on finding out the next color and/or the correct placement of a detected color on the next column. When the box opens, take Renate's map of the castle and woods. See that there's a dungeon. From the banquet room, take the left side stairs down to the end. Be at the furnace room door.

Furnace Room
Use the dictionary on the sign on the door. Use the glass key on the locked door. Look around. See the furnace on the right. Don't open the door yet. Check the cabinet-oven ahead, left of the furnace. Take the green glass tile inside. Turn left from and cabinet the furnace. Take the small shovel, prybar, and tongs. Check the sand buckets to the right of the door. Take the coin on the floor beside the right bucket. Open the buckets. The third bucket has a Lukas practical joke. Look close at the machine to the left of the door. Take the coin from the trash can on the left. Plug the machine cord into the wall socket on the right. Look close at machine. Press the red button. Use the dull shears on the rotating sander to automatically get sharp shears. Press the red button to stop the sander. Face the furnace. Do not open the furnace door without protection. Use the dictionary on the sign at the left. Click on the metal door with the sign to slide it in front of the glowing window of the furnace. Now click on the furnace door on the right while the metal door is in front of you. See a lever under the letter A. Try to touch it and Nancy will say it's too hot. Use the tongs taken from the workbench on the lever. A secret door left of the oven opens. Go through the door. Continue down the stairs and be in the dungeon.

Look around. Check the first cell on the left. It looks like a cave-in happened here. Take the legend clue page 19 from under the door of the cell ahead. See that it has OM at bottom right and a picture of a shield in a corner. Turn the corner. Look close at a circular decorated relief on the wall. Nancy will say something should fit there. See a trap door on the floor in front of that circular relief. Check the cell on the left wall. Turn around and go back to the furnace room. Go outside to the courtyard. Go to the castle gate and look close at the sign to the left of the archway. Use the dictionary on the sign below the lever. Don't pull it or you'll get pierced by spikes! Exit the castle courtyard.

Go left after the stone bridge. See the mist covered woods. Go forward. See arranged stones on the ground. Take note that there is a large stone boulder on the right. There is a path going to the left also. Go forward. See a path going right and left. Go right and see a small boulder on the right. Go curved forward and see big tree on the right. Go forward and turn right to the tree. Take the coins from the base of the tree. Turn right to face where you came from. Go right, then forward and see a pinkish thorny bush on the left. Look close at the bush in front of a big boulder. It is the same kind of burr found on the destroyed door. Use the sharp shears on the thorny bush. See a camp. Take the flashlight from the tent on the left. Pick up a hexagon with etched icons from the ground by the fire ring. Turn around and pick up a flashing coin under the fern ahead. Go left. The path goes left and right. Go right and forward twice. Go forward and pass the tree with coins on your left. Go forward past the side path on the right. Take the coin from under the fern on the left. Go curved forward. There is a path to the left and forward. Take the path to the left. See the big boulder and the arranged stones on the ground. Go forward and be at the castle gate. Go forward to the well. Look close at the well. Use the flashlight on the hook of the rope. The flashlight is lowered. See more hexagons down the well. Go down. The hexagon found at the campsite is automatically added to the other hexagons. All edges that are touching need to match up. For example, a red bird must touch a red bird, a sword much touch a sword, etc. For Junior Detective, the top left hexagon is stationary. For Senior Detective, the central hexagon is stationary. Start matching sides with the stationary hexagon. Click at the center of the hexagons to pick it up. Turn the hexagons clockwise or counterclockwise using the arrows seen when the cursor is off center. Take a hexagon and click it on another to exchange them. When done correctly, a door opens on the left. Go through the door and automatically take back the hexagon tile.

Well Passage
Go forward until an intersection with boards on the floor. Turn left and look close at two old issues of the Castle Cryer. Read the newspapers and comments about Karl, his policy, and the monster. The other newspaper mentions an accident involving Karl. One shows German vocabulary: mouse (maus) and bat (fledermaus). The other newspaper has knight (ritter), dragon (drache), unicorn (einhorn), and castle (burg). Take the coin from the stacked newspaper at back center. Turn around and forward to the animal skull on the wall. Turn left from the animal skull and go forward until you see three big stones and three small stones in the corner. Take the legend clue page 11 from the top of one big stone. It has the letters ME on the bottom right. The picture shows the boulder of the campsite seen in the woods. Go forward until a wall box is seen on the wall on the right side. It needs two keys. Go forward and see a shield in the corner. Go forward twice from the shield and turn left. See an exit. Do NOT exit yet. It goes out to the dungeon and you can't get back in the passages. Turn around and go left. Go forward and see 5 large stones on the left. Ahead is a dead end. Take the path in front of the stones on the right. Go forward and left to another dead end. This one has boards on the floor. Take the coin on the far right of the boards. Turn around and go back to the path. Go left to continue. Ahead see large stones and farther down another path to the right. Go right at the middle of hallway. See a red box on the wall on the left. There's another code. Take coded message #2. It has a drawn bat, castle, and knight. Go left to go back to the hallway. Now go right and forward to the stones at the corner. Go right and see the chains on the wall. Go left across the chains and see a tree painted on the wall. Go left and see another dead end. Pick up a coin from the floor close to wall. Turn around and go forward until the white door. Open the door and see that it is the woods.  Go left, then right and right again. See the campsite ahead. Nancy recognizes the boulder in the picture. Look at the ground and Nancy wants to know what the missing girl hid. Use the small shovel you got from the furnace workbench on the ground until you get a necklace. Turn around from the campsite. Go back to the white door. Go left, left, left, and then forward to the white door. Go back inside. Go back to the tree on the wall. Go left and see the chains. Go left of the chains. Go forward until the red box on the wall where you got the second code. Go left (across from the red box). Go forward past a pile of stones until a single large stone in an alcove is seen. Look close at the large stone. Take the secret passage map. Go left and then forward until stairs are seen. Note that there is a red arrow on the wall on the right. Climb the stairs. Open the wood door and be in Nancy's room. See that the wood fireplace moved back.

Castle Finster
Go to the alcove with the box at the hallway by Karl's office. Now that the two missing tiles have been found, open the box. Look close at the box. See the glass pattern at the top right. The glass tiles are at the bottom right. Left click to pick up a tile and right click to turn it. The object of the puzzle is to duplicate the pattern at top right using the glass tiles. Note that the glass tiles are arranged by layers. Once the box opens, take the rotor inside. Go to the banquet room. Ask Renate about the necklace from the woods, the festival, and everything else. Go to Karl's office and talk to him. Talk to Karl about the accident as mentioned by the Castle Cryer and everything else. Go down to the foyer talk to Lukas. He wants Nancy to distract Karl. Talk to Lukas again. Talk to Anja in the gift shop. Learn more about the festival and the necklace. Go back to the glass shop (furnace room). Face the furnace. Slide the metal door for protection again. Open the furnace door on the right. Use the tongs to move the lever up. Enter the secret door and go forward until the relief on the wall. Use the old necklace on the relief. Turn the relief clockwise using the turn arrow cursor. The trap door on the floor opens. Turn around back to the relief. Do not go down or forward or the game ends when you fall through the trap door. Turn the relief counterclockwise to original position to close the trap door. Turn it counterclockwise again and see that it opens a door to the secret passage. Exit the dungeon and the furnace room. Go back to the foyer. Since Lukas asked to distract Karl, go to Karl in his office and ask that he stay in here. Go back to Lukas and talk to him. When Lukas leaves, pick up the paper under the chair. It is a code written by Lukas' father to gain access to the security room. See the letters are in columns. Move the letters in a column to decode the letter. Click on a letter and then click on the letter you want to replace. The correct word becomes unhighlighted and cannot be moved anymore. Nancy will tell you when the note is done correctly. Even if you saw them before, go to the locations stated in the letter and click on them. Nancy will verify that they are the ones in the letter. Go to the left side stairs going to Nancy's room. Check the painting on the wall. See the letter G. Use the dictionary on the plaque. It is Else, the Freiherr's daughter. Go to the courtyard. Face the shops behind the well. Use the dictionary on the signs. Look close at the florist's door. See the letter D. Go to the hallway across from Karl's office. Look at the table in the alcove on the right (the one with the book). See the letter B. Go outside to the courtyard and look at the doorbell (go to the stone bridge, then turn around). See the letter G. Go to the furnace room and face the furnace. Slide the metal door to the right and then open the furnace door. See the letter A. The notes for the glockenspiel are: GDBGA. To review where the notes are located, go to the courtyard. Go to the door to the left of the buggy. Turn around and review the paper on the stairs. Remember where the notes are located on the keys. Go back to the foyer and the clock. Open the cabinet below the clock. Play the notes GDBGA. When done correctly, see the clock play and a door on the left wall pops out. Press the button and enter the security room.

Security Room
See a chair, desk, monitors, and machines. Take the coin from the pipe on the wall to the right of the chair. Click on the chair to face the desk. See Lukas's picture on the shelf. Take the coin from the stand at extreme right of the desk. Look close at the red phone on the left. Use the dictionary to translate the note on the cell phone holder. It is to activate cell phones to get alerts. Click on the empty holder to automatically place and activate Nancy's cell phone. Take the cell phone. To activate the CCTVs-monitors, read the booklet above the phone. Look close at the metal cover at the middle of the desk. Insert the power-control key found on the coffee table at the foyer on the plug on the right. Turn the power key to ON. Open the cover. See the Zap Up. The manual states to have all the points-numbers be green. When one of the higher charged points are clicked on, it zaps any adjoining points (shown by the numbers). There are only 5 chances to zap or get all the points green. There is a reset button on the bottom left. When all the lights are green, see the live CCTVs. The camera at the shop picks up Renate doing something to the third from left cuckoo clock. Press all the buttons under the monitors. See the different locations where the cameras are placed (courtyard, foyer, shop, hallway, banquet room, Karl's office, furnace room, and dungeon). Go left to exit the security room. Go to the gift shop and check the third cuckoo clock from the left. Pull back and take the blue note on the mugs. Exit the shop and go to the hallway across from Karl's office.  Go to the alcove with the History of Castle Finster book in the hallway by Karl's office. Use the cutout (blue paper you just got from the gift shop) on the opened page to see a hidden message. Go to Renate in the banquet room and talk to her completely. Exit the banquet room. The cell phone rings. It is an alert that the monster is sighted. Go to the security room and see that the monster is in the courtyard. Exit the security room and go to the courtyard. Nancy sees the monster and automatically follows it to the gate. The gate drops, trapping Nancy. Go forward and the monster tries to get to Nancy. Turn to left wall and see a padlocked cabinet. Pull the brick on top of the cabinet and take the panel key. Use the panel key on the padlock. The object of the puzzle is to get the colored bars (there are three different parts to this puzzle) to the far right, where it says Gate Release. To reset the puzzle, click on the door on the right to close the cabinet. When done correctly, the gate rises. Check the piece of cloth caught on the gate. Go back to the foyer.

Castle Finster
Go around to the clock at the corner in the foyer. See stilts on the floor. Talk to Lukas about the castle gates and other things. Enter the security room by pressing the wall button. Check the CCTVs. Check what Karl is doing in his office (button #13). He's still playing with his dolls. Look close again at the red phone alarm panel on the left. Press the Karl button. Check the rightmost CCTV and see that he is not in his office anymore. Go to Karl's office. You have to check the room fast, as he might come back soon. Check the sparrow painting on the left wall. Take the antique key from the back of the painting. Go to the left side of Karl's desk. Use the key on the locked drawer. Check the day planner with a combination lock. Read the letter behind the day planner. Check the pen set. Take the drawer key over Anja's name. Pull back. Take the coin under the monitor on the left side. Look close at the calendar on the right. Use the dictionary on the calendar. Read the Festival Planning for Beginners leaflet sent out by Castle Cast. Exit the office. Go back to the security room. Check the CCTV for the shop. See that Anja is there (#6). Press Karl’s button on the phone so he’ll go back to his desk. This time press Anja's alarm button. Check the monitor and see that she is not at the shop anymore. Go to the gift shop. Go behind the counter by standing facing the book case and click on the curved cursor. Use the drawer key on the drawer. See an e-mail guide sent out by Castle Cast in the drawer. Read the e-mails from Markus. Click on the e-mails to see another one behind it. Take the clock winding key. Look close at the third from left cuckoo clock. Use the clock key on the clock. Change the time to 7:21 (nineteen twenty one clue from the cutout). The secret compartment opens at bottom of the clock. Take the second rotor. Go back to the security room.

Security Room
Press Anja’s button on the phone so she’ll be back in the shop. Look close at the panel on the right end of the desk. Read the paper above the panel - Enigma Operating Procedure. Three rotors are needed. Starting letters for the code is to be entered on each rotor. Slide the red button up to open the panel. Open the lid on the wheel above. See that the Krolmeister decoder is missing two rotors. Use the two rotors taken from the glass tile puzzle box and the cuckoo clock on the panel. Close the rotor lid. Click on the Enigma machine and see the close up. The coded messages are at the top right. Check the coded message with the sun. See that the icons are sun, moon, and comet. Remember the German vocabulary article of the Castle Cryer: sun (sonne), moon (mond), and comet (komet). Enter the S, M, and K on the three squares beside the rotor wheel at the top of the panel. Turn the wheel to change letters. Using either the computer keyboard or your own keyboard, type in the letters only as seen on the coded message. Click on the tape to reset the puzzle. When the code is cracked, take the tape. Click on the code on the top right to see the next code. See that the icons are bat, castle, and knight. Remember the German vocabulary article of the Castle Cryer: bat (fledermaus), castle (burg), and knight (ritter). Enter the F, B, and R on the three squares beside the rotor wheel at the top of the panel. Turn the wheel to change letters. Using either the computer keyboard or your own keyboard, type in the letters only as seen on the coded message. Click on the tape to reset the puzzle. When the code is cracked, take the tape. Check the portrait again at the corner of the balcony by Nancy's room. Translate the plaque if you haven't yet. See the necklace she is wearing. Nancy notes that something might not be present in the restored painting that is in the original. Go to the gift shop. Look at the postcards on the left of the snack server. Buy the postcard with the Freiherr's daughter's painting featured on it. In your inventory, look at the postcard. Remove the price tag and see EN written at the bottom right. Talk to Anja about the gate and the monster. Go back to the security room. See that Karl is back in his office still playing with his dolls. Press the Karl alarm button on the red phone. Immediately go up to Karl's office. Go around the desk and use the antique key on the top drawer. Take the day planner and enter 8261. The day planner is written in German. Use the dictionary on the page. See that the notations of fairy tale characters' names are in color. Pull back, go forward, and go left to the wall with the Raid cards on the scales. Read the Raid Game Guide book. Check each character to see where the written fairy tale characters can be found. Note the number in respective color of the written characters. Then arrange them in order. Go to the cabinet to the left of the desk. Look close at the base of the cabinet. Open the panel on the right and see the keypad. Select: 5 - enter; 13 - enter; 15 - enter; 11 - enter; 9 - enter. See that the red light turns green for a correct entry. If the Raid Game Guide is not read completely, the entries will not be accepted. When the cabinet opens, check the employee files. Read Anja's resume. Nancy notes the phone number for Castle Cast. Check Franz’s file too. Go to Nancy's room and use the phone. Call Castle Cast. The request for information was denied. Call Markus and talk to him completely. Ask for his help about Castle Cast. He will call Castle Cast to clear Nancy. Call Castle Cast again. Learn about Anja. Go to the gift shop and talk to Anja completely. Exit the gift shop. Go to the security room. See Anja leave the castle (camera button #4). Go to the courtyard to try to follow her. Get a cell phone alert that the monster is in the castle. Go to the security room and see that the monster is in the furnace room (right monitor). Go to the furnace room. No one is here. Face the door and see one of the sand buckets turned over. Look close and see odd footprints in front of the door. Exit and follow the tracks. Climb the stairs and see the monster at the side solarium. Go up the stairs. See Lukas. Check the window. See the monster. Go to Karl's office. Talk to Karl about everything. Nancy needs to prove that the monster is still around. Examine Renate's map in inventory. Check all the green icons of the monster sightings. The monster has been seen at the courtyard, side solarium, and furnace room. He was also seen at the dungeon and by the big tree in the forest. Go down to the furnace room. Open the secret door by facing the furnace. Move the metal panel, open the furnace, and use the tongs on the lever. Enter and look around the dungeon.

No monster. Use the necklace on the relief. Turn the relief counterclockwise to open the door to the secret passage. Go through, go forward, right, and see the shield marker ahead. Go forward to the shield. Go forward until the metal box on the wall that needs two keys. Use the antique key first on the left keyhole and the gift shop drawer key on the right keyhole. Click on the panel to open it. See a beautiful yellow egg. Take the yellow Under cover/over easy egg. Go back to the shield marker by turning around from the metal box (seen on the left) and going forward. Go forward until the pile of stone on the left. Go right to the path across from the pile of stone. Go forward once and then turn left to an alcove with a pile of boards. Take the scarf. Turn around and go left back to the hallway. Continue forward until the chains on the wall. Take the path (on the left) across from the chains. See the tree on the wall. Go left from the tree and see a barrel. Use the prybar to open the barrel. See the same cloth worn by the monster. Turn around and forward until the white door. Exit through white door. Go left, right, left, right, forward, curved forward, and forward. Turn left to the tree. Click on the big root of the tree on the left side and be behind it. Take the third coded message on the rock that has a mouse, dragon, and unicorn drawn on it. See the monster walk back and forth in front of the tree. Use the cell phone to take picture of the monster. Zoom in or out and center the monster on the circle. Click on take picture button. Take as many or as few as you want. Then exit and go back to the castle. The monster won't bother you. Turn right from facing the tree, forward, curved forward, left, and forward past the stones on the ground.

Castle Finster
Go to the security room. Look close at the decoder. Slide the red button up to open the panel.  Look close at the wheels. See the newest code message on the top right. Remember the vocabulary seen in the Castle Cryer. It shows: mouse (maus), dragon (drache), and unicorn (einhorn). Enter the M, D, and E on the three squares beside the rotor wheel at top of the panel. Turn the wheel to change letters. Using either the computer keyboard or your own keyboard, type in the letters only as seen on the coded message. Click on the tape to reset the puzzle. When the code is cracked, take the tape. Go to the banquet room. Talk to Renate. Learn about the history of the scarf and her reason for being here during monster sightings. Go to Karl's office. Talk to Karl about Anja and the monster pictures. Take the cell phone back when he returns it. Exit the office and go talk to Lukas about his costume and everything else. Talk to Anja about Lukas’s costume as well. Head back to Nancy’s room. Get a call from Karl. Lukas is missing. Go down to the foyer and look at the area where he usually stays. Nancy notes that Lukas was dragged off. See sand on the floor by the chairs. Enter the gift shop. Talk to Anja. Exit through the side hallway and go to the furnace room. Look close at the cabinet where you found the green glass piece. Pick up one of the cows, a monster game piece on the floor to the left of the ca binet. Go down to the dungeon using the furnace.

Check all the cells. See Lukas in the cell left of the relief on the wall. Open the lock and see knobs and buttons. A clasp holds the bar on the left. The aim of the puzzle is to let the released bar on the left move to the right without touching any of the knobs. There are four buttons at the bottom that depresses the knobs. Release the bar by flipping the clasp. The bar moves. Press the correct button below to depress the knob that is in the way of the bar. Be sure that the bar is clear of knobs behind it before pressing the button to depress the ones in front of it. Lukas is freed but Nancy is trapped inside the dungeon. Lukas will get help. Go back to the other side of the cell. Turn the corner and someone hits Nancy. Wake up in the cell under the trap door of the dungeon. Nancy turns on the flashlight. Check the wall on the right. See a bricked door. The bricks have images. The legend pages might help. Check the postcard and legend clue-pages in inventory. Note down the letters on the bottom right, the page numbers, and the corresponding pictures. Press the images in the order shown by the Legend page numbers. When done correctly, the door slides open. See another puzzle. It forms a word and can start anywhere. ENTKOMMEN is German for "to escape". Place the letters in the circles to form the word ENTKOMMEN. In your scratch pad, make a drawing of the pattern. Enter the letters on the circles. Then enter the numbers following the line (not the letters). When a letter is placed on a circle, it moves to the next circle. The door slides open. Exit and see that you are in the secret passages. You came out at one of the dead ends. Go forward until you see the shield at the end of the hallway. Turn right midway through the hallway and see the exit to the dungeon. Check the bag that was not there before. See spare monster pieces. Read the Captive Curse. Read the letter (email) behind the book. Go up the stairs to the dungeon. The monster arrives. Call out the name of the monster impersonator. If the wrong name is called, the game ends. If the right name is called, the culprit will remove the monster mask. Listen to the culprit. When you can move, place the necklace on the relief. Turn the relief clockwise to open the trap door. Watch what happens. Another case solved by Nancy Drew!


  1. Whenever I get to the big tree, i CANNOT click on it to get behind it. Everything on my check list is done escept for proof of monster.

    Can you help?

    I noticed that the very first time I did this part of the game, I went left, right, left, etc., and the arrow was FLAT for the first couple of turns. After that, ONLY THE FIRST TURN was flat. The rest were curved. Is there a glitch somewhere?

    Thanks for any help.


    1. Hmm...that's a very good question. I'll have to check that out! Karl has asked you to find proof of the monster? It's been a while since I've played the game but if I remember correctly, you have to click right on the root of the big tree (left side). I'll look into it, but in the meantime, the official community forums might help you out. :) Good luck!

      Here's the link to the official forums:

  2. Francis did you ever figure it out because I'm playing it now and am having the same exact prob.