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The White Wolf of Icicle Creek walkthrough

Nancy’s Room
The inventory has Nancy's closet key (with tag) and the case file. Use the closet key to see that Nancy's suitcases are in there. Take the key and the guest room assignments, which you find on the nightstand. Read the entire list of things to do regarding your new job as the maid and cook. Exit Nancy's room and make your way to the bottom of the stairs. At the bottom, turn to the right. Take a look at the mini-exhibit at the room divider. Look everything, including all pictures (some are missing), the missing “Rex” bone, the locked snowshoes, and necklace. Turn around and head over to the desk. Open the cabinet to the right and take out the laundry bag. You will use this to clean the rooms. Look at each of the three wadded up notes in the cabinet. They are addressed to Elsa. Then look at the wadded up note on the ground under the fax machine. Take a look at the computer. Check out everything on it. When you try and look at the previous year's guests, the contents have been deleted. Head to the lobby (behind the Trapper Dan display). Take a look at the newspaper on the table. Turn around and talk to the two men sitting at the table. They are Lou Talbot and Bill Kessler. Bill wants the skating pond to be shovelled. After you finish talking and have been told to shovel the pond, go upstairs.

You’ll only need to clean the rooms of the other guests; Nancy’s room is Kwel Kwel and the vacant room is Chinook. Enter Kalakala, which is Yanni Volkstaia's room. Make the bed by going to the left side of it and clicking on the sheets. Then turn around and flip through the magazine he has on the desk by the door under the moose head. Note that his closet is locked. Collect the orange towels by the door. Go across the hall to Eena (Lou's room). Make his bed and note this his closet is also locked. Look at his book and art supplies on the floor and table. Take the purple towels by the door. Go down the hall and enter Pish Pish (Bill's room). Make the bed and once again the closet is locked. Note the three books on his table and chair. Take the green towels by the door. Go across the hall and enter Ollallie, which is Guadalupe Comillo's room. Make her bed and see that her closet is also locked. Flip through the magazine she has on the table. Take the red towels by the door. When you're finished snooping and cleaning, take the laundry bag to the end of the hall and dump it down the laundry chute. Go downstairs to the basement (door to the left of the stairs). To the right of the stairs is a cellar door that leads outside. Go past Yanni and check out the sauna. Turn left from the sauna and talk to Ollie about everything. Turn around and you'll find Yanni. Discuss everything. Head back upstairs and go outside.

Shoveling Snow
When you are outside, make sure to notice the meter at the top of the screen. If that runs out, you will freeze to death. After going outside, go to the right, then forward and left so that you see the sign for the skating pond. Head in that direction. The skating pond puzzle is similar to Minesweeper. When you shovel a square, the color of the ice indicates how many cracked pieces of ice are near it. Use the cones to mark off these ice cracks. The number beside the cone indicates the number of ice cracks. This puzzle changes every time you play. When you're finished shoveling, Nancy will say so and then spot some wolf tracks and follow them. The tracks lead to Trapper Dan's Needle. Click on the Needle and see the little piece of cloth sticking out of it. Turn around and continue to follow the wolf tracks, which lead to your right. They take you to Chicken Ridge. Continue forward and be buried in an avalanche. The wolf rescues you and digs a hole so that you can climb out! On your way back to the Needle, notice a black area, which is the pit made by the explosion. It looks like a tiny crater. Notice the fossil (get a close up view of it).  Head back to the lodge (take a right at the fork in the road).

Go and talk to Bill and Lou individually completely. Head toward the telephone by the computer and see Guadalupe looking out the window. Talk to her about everything. Then, go to the phone and call the avalanche patrol (403-555-2006) and report the avalanche at Chicken Ridge. It should be close to lunch time now (noon), so head to the kitchen by going through the doors with fish on them (right of Trapper Dan’s display). To serve lunch, simply click on a plate at the top of the screen to see someone’s order (orders are random). Burger patties go on the grill and quesadillas go in the frying pan. When they each turn a little brown color, place them on the plate (quesadilla) or bun (hamburger) and add necessary ingredients (also seen on the ticket). Place the completed meal on the plate and click the Order Complete box when you’re finished. Consult the cooking manual at the bottom left hand corner if you need more help. After lunch, call Chantal (403-555-2274) and ask her about everything. Call Elsa, Chantal's former maid (555-2383), the Southwaites (418-555-7387), the Faringdales (551-555-7425), and Carl Jenkins (312-555-7547). Talk to them about everything. Go to the basement and talk to Ollie about everything. He gives you a key to his snowmobile so you can go check Skookum Ridge for avalanches. Head outside. Go to the left and keep going. You'll see the snowmobile behind Ollie's truck. Click on the snowmobile to get on it. You’ll now have an overhead view. Follow the green arrow but avoid the rocks, trees, and snowmen. If you hit too many of these things, you will crash! When you get to the top of the map, drive toward the Skookum Ridge sign. As soon as Nancy gives her report, turn around and drive back to the lodge the same way. Once inside the lodge, call the avalanche patrol again and give them the report. Go to the basement and talk to Yanni completely. Then go talk to Bill (if he’s asleep just wake him up). He wants Nancy to rival him in ice fishing by catching a two foot Northern Pike. Go outside and turn right. Go right past the skating pond sign and take the path to the left of the stairs. Here, you’ll meet Ollie’s daughter, Freddie. She won’t let you pass unless you beat her in a snowball fight. Just hit her with a snowball 10 times and she’ll let you through. Continue forward and take the path to the left at the fork in the road (not the one that says to Icicle Lake). This is where the bunkhouse exploded. Notice the melted clock in the face of the snow. Turn around and head toward Icicle Lake. You will get cold very quickly, so hurry into the shack. Once inside, see that the place is trashed. Look on the ground and see a torn book cover with a bird and phone number on it. Head back to the lodge. Once you’re inside, you’ll see a note left by Freddie. Call the sheriff (403-555-7827) and talk to him about everything. Call the number from the book cover in the shack (202-555-7237) and get the answering machine for the “Run and Grow Free” organization. Go to the basement and give Ollie his snowmobile key. Talk to him about everything and he’ll give you his tackle box (shows up in your inventory) so you can go ice fishing. Go back outside.

Ice Fishing
Head back toward Icicle Lake and encounter Freddie again. This time when you beat her, she’ll give you a toasty pack to keep warm. If you ever need more, beat her in a snowball fight. Go out to Icicle Lake. Click on the ice fishing hole to begin the fun. The fish you're after is a two-foot Northern Pike (a white-silver fish). To catch a fish, click on the screen to adjust the height of the hook. When a good-sized Northern Pike comes your way, adjust the height of the hook to the height of its mouth. Watch out for logs and sturgeons, as they can break your line. Definitely avoid the mines as they blow everything up. If you snag a line, you can back up to get a new one. When you catch the correct fish, it will be measured on the screen with a ruler and Nancy will say it’s the right fish. Go outside the shack and you’ll be hit with an ice ball. Then there is an explosion and you’re stranded on the ice. You need to jump to the other bank to get the coat the wolf brought you. This is another random puzzle; jump on certain ice floes and some sink while others pop up. When you get to the other side and put on the coat, you will find a note inside one of the pockets. Follow the wolf tracks and you will end up at Avalanche Ridge. The snow is too deep for you to plod around in your boots. You'll need some snowshoes. Make sure you go forward until Nancy says, "If I want to follow those tracks, I'm going to need some snowshoes." Turn around and head back to the lodge.

Depending on how long it took you to do the ice floe puzzle, it may be time to cook dinner. Set the alarm clock in Nancy's room to 6 o'clock if it isn't quite time yet. For dinner, salmon and salad are the guest's options. Both are simple to fix. Place salad leaves (the salad with purple pieces) in a bowl and add toppings as the guest desires. Cook salmon on the grill. Again, as with lunch, place all completed meals on the correct plate and click the Order Complete button. Once finished with dinner, call Chantal regarding the snowshoe lock combination. She wants you to fill out a survey from Tino Balducci. When she faxes it, pick it up. Once you’re off the phone, take a look at it. To determine which side of the bed each guest gets up on, you’ll have to set the alarm clock for 7 AM. Start to leave the bedroom and hear an argument between Ollie and Lupe. Go downstairs, get the laundry bag, go back upstairs, and clean all the rooms. In Bill’s room you’ll find a suspicious note on his nightstand. Go toward the door that leads outside, turn around, and see a note for you from Lupe. It should be almost time for breakfast; to find out who hates paprika, add some to everyone’s omelet. After breakfast, try talking to people regarding the rest of the survey questions. If they’re not around, set your alarm clock to 2 PM. When you're all done, call Tino (312-555-5375) and fax him the survey. He gives you the code to the display case: 7-6-6-9. Discuss everything else while he’s on the phone. Go get the snowshoes out of the display case using the newly acquired combination. Head outside to Avalanche Ridge (past Freddie’s ice fort and the stairs and along a path with ski tracks).

Avalanche Ridge
Open up your inventory and click on the snowshoes. You’ll have to do this each time you come here. Then go forward until you reach a crater. You'll hear a wolf howl, then a shotgun. Look to the left up the road, pick up the journal, and flip through it. On the back page is that missing Rex bone. When you're done, turn to the right and keep going. You'll see some sort of shack. Try to enter but the door will be locked. Open your inventory and look at the piece of paper you got from the coat the wolf gave you. Each symbol is two numbers side by side. Knowing this, enter the combination into the lock and enter the shack. Go forward to the desk and grab the Toasty Pack on the upper-right shelf. Flip through the journal in the middle of the desk. Flip through to the very last page. When you put the journal down, the wolf will enter, growling at you! Click on her (Isis) to have Nancy talk to her and make her stay. Turn around and you'll find another Toasty Pack on the cot; take it. On the floor to the right, there is an interesting item. Pick it up and see a phone number on it. It will automatically be entered into your journal. Back up and look at the indentation on the wall. It looks just like the indentation for the Rex bone. Exit the shack and hear an explosion. Head back to the lodge. As you go inside, you’ll receive a note saying to meet someone in the sauna; that will be done later. Call the number found on the side of the weird gadget in the shack (334-555-7625). Talk to the consultant about everything. Go to your bedroom and set the alarm for 7AM. Go downstairs and get the laundry bag. Clean everyone’s room as normal and automatically keep a washcloth from each. After dropping the laundry bag down the chute, return to the shack in Avalanche Ridge. Be sure to put on your snowshoes. Open your inventory and click the journal you found in the snow on Isis. Drop each washcloth one by one in front of her so she reveals who the journal belongs to. Return to the lodge.

You’ll find a manilla envelope with a fax from Tino. Now you can go meet that anonymous person in the sauna. Go down into the basement and enter the sauna. See some pictures on the bench. As you’re examining them, you’ll be locked in. Immediately turn around and click on the seat on the right to see pipes. The object of the puzzle is to connect all the pipes together to cool off the sauna. If you aren’t quick enough (the puzzle is timed), you’ll pass out. Once you’ve successfully connected all the pipes, Bill will show up and you’ll automatically be talking to him. Discuss everything. When you're done talking to him, step over to the pyramid puzzle to the right of the kitchen door. You need to turn all of the animals so that they show the faces of pigs. When you are finished, the side opens up. Unfortunately, there's nothing inside. Go talk to Bill (wake him up if he’s asleep). Ask him if he knows how to get into Trapper Dan's needle. He says to turn the top of the pyramid 45 degrees. Go back to the pyramid puzzle and turn the top of it. This reveals a different puzzle setup. You must now flip the animals so that you have a 4x4 grid of raccoons, then wolves, then pigs, then moose. As you complete each animal, its face below will light up. When all animals have been lit up, Trapper Dan’s journal will slide out. It appears to be written in code. The code is a railroad cipher - take one group of two lines and start with the very first letter in the top line. Then drop down to the second line and take the first letter. Come back up and take the second letter of the first line, and so on. The coded portion of the journal reads:

First things first: Locate my secret hideout up in the mountains.
It's so secret, you'll probably never find it - but if you do, find my Rex bone and use it in the wall of my hideout. That'll open up my secret lock.
Then, match my wits with the infernal slot machine.
Use the duck counter to match up all 3 animals. It helps to first put the same animal in a column & work from there.
There are 3 more animal keys hidden in the lodge: the Moose, the Wolf, and the Raccoon.
It's easy to find the moose - just push out his eyes and see the surprise!
The fire necklace will tell you all you need to open up the sly raccoon's hiding place. Just don't wake up any lodgers.
The wolf is the trickiest to find, because only the likes of Marie Curie or Mr. Geiger can hear his call.

Go to the phone and call Lupe (her number is in your journal). Talk to her completely. Go upstairs and set your alarm for 2PM. Go back downstairs and talk to Lou. Ask him for the Rex bone and he’ll give you the key to his closet. Go back upstairs and use the key on his closet. Retrieve the bone. Go across the hall to Kalakala (Yanni's room). Turn to face the moose head. Press on its eyes to reveal a hidden compartment. Take the moose key and check out the radio. The raccoon key is much trickier to find. Take a look at the color panels above each of the handles of the guest's doors and notice that they change colors. You need to assign different colors to each room based on the necklace on display in the lobby. Now take a look at the raccoon picture hanging in the hallway. The eyes are glowing green! Press near the eyes to get the raccoon token. Go back to Avalanche Ridge (don’t forget your snowshoes!) and the shack.

McQuade’s Shack
Check under the cot, near where you found one of the Toasty Packs. Pick up the Geiger counter. Now, go over to the indention of the bone on the wall that was found earlier. Place the Rex bone in the indention. It fits, and opens a panel. Revealed is the slot machine puzzle Trapper Dan mentioned. The object of the puzzle is to have all fish on the top row, all owls on the middle row, and all rabbits on the bottom row. Select the duck token to the left and drop it over one of the columns to retrieve a token. Then drop it into another slot to get another token. Continue this process until the puzzle is complete. When you're done with the slot machine puzzle, a door will open. Go down the tunnel and continue forward until you reach the fork and go to the right. Open up the panel to discover the map of the maze. Turn around to discover that Isis has followed you into the tunnel. Click on her to open the command window. Right now she needs to go to the blue "up" arrow on the maze. Choose the commands to give her to get her there. Push “Go” when you’re finished. If done correctly, you’ll hear a noise that sounds like a machine. Turn around and climb the ladder to your right. Go to the right and you’ll find Isis. Look up and click on the pulley to get Isis to hold it. Turn around and go forward until you reach a fork in the road, then go right. You’ll see a lock with four animals on it. Two more tokens are needed. Turn around and go forward down the ladder, then go down. Turn around and exit the shack. Return to the lodge.

When you arrive at the lodge, go upstairs. At the end of the hallway you'll see a boar's head. Its mouth is open because Isis is pulling on that rope. Take the pig token from its mouth. The final key is the wolf key. Head down to the basement. Get out the Geiger counter that was under the cot in McQuade’s shack. As you approach Yanni, there is a faint signal, but then it fades. You'll find the key by removing a floorboard from the stairs to the outside (cellar door). Now that all the keys are obtained, the barriers in the maze must be removed so that Isis can unlock the panels. Head back up to the lobby and wake up Bill. Ask to play Fox & Geese with him. When he's done explaining the rules, suggest using the pig token instead of the fox piece. The goal is to corner the pig in the moose, raccoon, and pig corners of the board. It is not necessary to do the wolf, but you may in order to get a feel for the game. Once you've cornered all of the animals, their eyes will light up and the passages will be open. Go back to the tunnels and check out the maze. Give Isis the commands she needs to get to each animal’s area. When she’s unlocked all the panels, head up the ladder and go to the left. Place all tokens (raccoon, pig, wolf, and moose) in their respective locations. Open the door and go inside. See a black snowmobile suit hanging on the door. Go forward and you’ll find a bag with bombs inside. The saboteur will show up and try to blow up Trapper Dan’s Needle with you inside. Automatically make a getaway, but you must chase the crook on the snowmobile. Just follow the culprit until they get into an accident. It may be a long and tedious chase, but just be careful not to blow up the snowmobile and stay as close as you can to the criminal. Eventually the accident will occur. Another mystery solved by Nancy Drew!

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