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The Secret of Shadow Ranch walkthrough

Click on the cell phone at the bottom of the screen. Click on Directory and select Rawleys. Click the phone icon to place the call and talk to Aunt Bet about everything. When the conversation ends, call Bess Marvin and talk to her and George about everything. Turn right and check the bookcase in the corner. Open the Like the Wind through My Heart book by Charleena Purcell. Turn left to the fireplace. Check the Ranch Horses book on the table by the fireplace to learn about different breeds of horses. Look at the clock on the mantle and notice that it seems to be broken. Read the newspaper at the hearth of the fireplace. Pan left from the fireplace. Look close at the corner chest with blankets and the locked roll-top desk. See that the front door is closed, so you must go through the back door. Pan right to go to the next room. Before entering, look at the portrait of Frances Humber to the right of the fireplace. Click the radio next to it to listen to the weather report. Enter the kitchen.

Open the recipe box on the preparing table and read all the recipes. Check the counter and oven, and then talk to Shorty, the cook, about everything. When the conversation ends, turn around and check the notes on the refrigerator door about measurement. Also, be sure to check out the sheriff’s phone number. It will automatically be entered into your phone directory. Go past the refrigerator toward the blue door to go outside.

Look at the chopping block to the right and the fire pit on the left. Check the pump house (the red building that seems to need a paint job). Go to the chicken coop (to the left of the sunflowers) and talk to Dave about everything. He will give you the key to the desk with the roll-top in the den. Go back to the house and look at the thermometer to the right of the door. Go back inside and to the den and use the key on the roll-top desk. Read Jane Nash’s letter and Mary Yazzie’s bill of sale. Take the three levers from the top left shelf beside the stapler and the letter addressed to Mary Yazzie. Go back outside and turn right to enter the stable.

Once inside the stable, turn right to enter the tack room. Turn left once inside the tack room and talk to Tex about everything. When you ask if you can go riding, he wants you to prove that you can ride before he’ll let you. Go back outside to the stalls and say hello to the three horses. The one you will ride is the black one in front, Bob. Check the barrel racing chart right of the gate to the corral. Go to Shorty in the kitchen and he’ll give you some chores to do. Go outside, turn around, and take the basket hanging to the right of the thermometer by the door. Go to the vegetable garden (it’s actually where the sunflowers are). At the left vegetable garden, pick all four red Northern Lights tomatoes and ignore the beans and ivory egg tomatoes, as they are not yet ripe. At the right vegetable garden, pick the two ripe Beefsteak tomatoes and the two reddish Golden Queen tomatoes. There are no ripe Black Turtle beans yet. Take the vegetables back to Shorty, as they were automatically put into your basket. Once you give Shorty the vegetables, he’ll give you an old basket. Pick it up and look at it in your inventory. Notice that it is broken. Click on the broken part and fix it. Note the pattern of the part of the basket that’s not broken to do it right. This varies depending on whether you’re playing as junior or senior detective. Nancy will say when you are finished, and once a piece is in its correct position it can’t be moved again. Once you’ve fixed the basket, click on the red thread three times to sew it up. Now go to the chicken coop and talk to Dave about everything. Enter the chicken coop. Read the “danger” sign about the white hen. Take the eggs from all the nests, whether there is a chicken or not, but not from the white hen. Go to the kitchen, then turn around and return to the chicken coop. The white hen will no longer be there, so take the egg left by her. When you’re finished, you should have six eggs. Give the eggs to Shorty in the kitchen. Ask him for a canteen of water. Now you have to build the campfire. Go to the chopping block outside. Click on a log and it automatically goes onto the block. Click on the wedge and it is inserted on the log. Note that it’s lopsided. To chop the wood, adjust the angle to hit by matching the wedge on the log and the one on the #1 selection. Position the footprint where the log is (left, middle, or right) and how far you are from the log (the closer the log, the farther the footprint should be). Then hit the log. Do this correctly three times, and take the chopped wood. Turn to the kitchen door and pick up the twigs on the ground to the left of the porch. Go between the vegetable gardens and pick up more twigs. Go to the chicken coop door and pick up the twigs on the ground to the right of the door. Turn around from the chicken coop door and pick the twigs up from the ground by the cactus garden in a rusty cart. Take the twigs on the ground to the right of the red shed (pump house). Go back inside the house to the fireplace. Take the newspaper from the basket on the hearth. Read the second newspaper about the bank robbers. Both of these papers are now crumpled. Go back to the fire pit. Look close at the fire pit and read a coded note. Place the crumpled newspapers you just got at the center, then the collected twigs and then the chopped wood. Nancy will praise herself when she’s done. Take the bucket by the fire pit and go to the red pump house. Place the bucket on the sink and turn the right tap on. Take the bucket full of water and place it back beside the fire pit. Return to the tack room, where you first met Tex. Look at the drawing on the American Quarter Horse on the wall, horse-feeding schedule on the wall, and check the girth poster and anatomy of a horse hoof. All of these things are part of Tex’s test. Talk to Tex. Take the white hat from the barrel. Along a wall, you’ll see a line of horse saddles on marked posts. Bob’s is a bottom post toward the right. Take the saddle and gloves from that post. Then go to Bob at the stalls outside. Place the saddle on Bob. Once it’s on him, lift up the stirrup and tighten the cinch three times. Put the stirrup down and click on Bob’s neck to mount him. Lead him into the corral and Tex will give you the test. This is where what you have been looking at and studying will come in handy. The answers can be found in the books inside the house. Once you’ve answered all ten questions correctly, go forward, open the gate, and click on Mary’s Gifts on the map.

Mary’s Gifts
Enter the gift shop. Go forward and check the trunk on the right wall. Note the inscription inside a heart. Check the petroglyphs and old west pictures under the Closed sign by the window. Look close at the FH inscribed tuning forks set on the next table. Read the brochure on Arizona’s Petrified Wood on the left table. Look close at the arrowheads on the wall. Look at the Run for Cover game by the native rugs. The object of the game is to get the roadrunner to its hole before the coyotes catch him three times. When you do, take the token from the slot. It won’t hurt to play it a few more times to get more tokens. Note that the token is a 1 ½ from Dry Creek Merchants. Find the table of books and read about Charleena Purcell’s romance novelist announcement. Her phone number will now be in the cell phone directory. Pan left and look at the picture of a horse and woman on the left counter where Mary is situated. Talk to Mary and find out that her offer to buy land from the Rawleys was rejected as soon as you give her the letter. Ask her about everything. Notice that the trunk can't be opened. Look at the trunk again and Mary will let you have your pick of what's inside if you get it opened. Use the levers you found in the house on the toolbox. Go outside the store and use the cell phone. Call Charleena Purcell. Talk to Charleena about the trunk and learn that Eldridge and Abigail Humber's wedding day was 4-9-1811. Go back inside and look close at the trunk. Use the three levers on the lock of the trunk. Based on the Humber's wedding date, enter 4-9-11. The trunk lock has twelve stop points like a clock. Click the left lever to 4 o'clock position, the middle to 9 o'clock position and the right lock to the 11 o'clock position. The trunk opens. Take the watch. Return to the ranch and go to the stable.

Take the saddle and bridle off Bob. Place them in the tack room back where you got them. The gloves are on the saddle. Pick up and read the blue letter that fell off. Pull back and the fallen items are automatically placed back on the saddlebag. Talk to Tex about everything. Return to the kitchen and talk to Shorty about everything. Go back to the den. Look close at the triangular blanket chest in the corner. The birds have square pegs on them. Insert the three levers on the square peg of the three birds at the corner point of the chest. Again the pegs have twelve stop points like the clock. The red, blue and yellow birds surround a clock. Look close at the broken clock on the fireplace mantle. The 12 is above a red mark, 2 above the blue, and 7 above the yellow marker. Go back to the chest. Insert the three levers on the square pegs. Turn the red to 12, the blue to 2 and the yellow to 7 o'clock positions. The secret compartment opens. Read Meryl Humber's journal. Find out about Frances Humber, Dirk Valentine, and Harrison's Yellow (Frances' favorite flower) as told by her father Meryl, the sheriff. Read Dirk's letter to Frances. Take the petroglyph (rock drawing) map inside the envelope. Look at the pocket watch. To open the watch, click on the pick and it will be inserted on the side of the watch. It has MH for Meryl Humber. This is a random puzzle and the numbers change when the watch is closed and every time the game is played. Press on the active numbers (even numbers) until they all stay down when pushed in. The watch opens revealing a picture of Meryl and Frances. Take the watch pick. Click on inventory-toolbox and at the eye icon. Look close at the pocket watch in the box. Click on toolbox (inventory) again and take the watch pick just taken from the house pocket watch. Click the pick on the pocket watch in the box you just got from Mary’s store. The watch opens, showing FH. Do the same procedure for opening this watch as that of the other watch. This time, the odd numbers are active. See the same picture from the other watch except Meryl's side is torn off. Click on Frances' picture to see 'Green Bottle Under' written on the back. Call Charleena and talk to her about everything. When the conversation ends, you will be taken outside to the cookout. After everyone leaves, the phantom horse gallops by and the pump house blows up. The next morning, a phone call from Aunt Bet occurs. Call the sheriff. Go to the kitchen and see that Shorty is gone. Look at the desk to the right of the stove. Look at the mineral map of the area. The SW Geological Survey phone number is now in the cell phone directory. Nancy gets caught by Shorty snooping on his stuff. Talk to him again and he wants you to get eggs and vegetables again. Go outside.  Call the SW Geo Survey and find out about Shorty and the map. Take the vegetable basket from the wall. Pick the ripe veggies again. At the left vegetable garden, pick the five ripe Romano beans (not the dried ones) and the two ripe Ivory egg tomatoes. There are no Northern Lights tomatoes. At the right vegetable garden, pick the two red Beefsteak tomatoes and the three dried Black Turtle beans. Show them to Shorty. The basket is in your inventory. Go to the chicken coop. Pick the six eggs from all nest except the one from the white hen. Give the eggs to Shorty. Now, he wants you to bake a birthday cake for Tex. It can be done anytime today. Ask Shorty for a canteen of water. To bake the cake, take the Shadow Ranch Cake recipe from the box on the table. Check the fried for measurement adjustments. Once you’ve made the batter, back up and select Bake. Place the batter in the large round pan. Bake it for 45 minutes at medium temperature. Press the red switch on the left. When it’s done, take it from the oven. Nancy will say if everything is correctly done. To do the icing, simply have a sample of the cake by clicking on it, then clicking on the icing. Look close at the icing on the cake and notice that there is some sort of indentation. Place the marzipan pieces along the line. It will look like a tulip when you’re finished. Now, color the flower red and the stem and leaf green with the food coloring. Go to the pump house. Call the sheriff and talk to him about everything. He gives permission to enter the pump house. Go in and look close at the corroded pipe left of the blue pump. Pick up the blue arrowhead. Turn left and see a grilled door at bottom shelf. Enter and go forward until another grilled door. You will see Dave sneaking around. Talk to him about everything. He has the other half of the picture with stairs to cellar written on the back. Before long, Dave gets upset and leaves. Turn left and take the purse that is on the right middle shelf beside a rusted bugle. The purse has some beading removed. Check the door at the top of the stairs. See that it leads to the den. Go back down to the cellar and go out through the grilled door to the pump house.  Nancy comments on the stairs. Once on the foot of the stairs with the grilled door, turn around and click on the top landing. Lift the landing, look close, and see a puzzle. So the object of the puzzle is to get a space beside the red FH tile, so that it can move to the right. After moving the red FH tile, a green bottle appears. Click on the bottle and read the old letters. Go out through pump house and talk to Dave some more by the chicken coop. He wants you to fix the chicken coop while wearing gloves. Read Frances' letter he gives you. Note the lily on the stationery (be sure to actually click on it). The jailhouse is in a ghost town in Dry Creek. Go back inside and to the den.

Take a close look on Frances' shawl. You’ll need to zoom in twice. While in close up of the stitch, use the cell phone and do a web search for common knitting stitches. The shawl is knitted using Daisy stitch. Do a search for Harrison Yellow. It's a yellow rose. Call Bess and keep her and George up to date. Talk to them about everything. George will check up on the purse. Go out to the stable and to Tex at the tack room. Talk to Tex again and he talks about his sister. Tex wants you to feed the chickens and the horses. Look at the feeding schedule again and find out how to satisfy all the animals. Look in the bins below the schedule to get the food. Once finished, return the bucket and talk to Tex again. Now he wants you to do barrel racing and roping. Take the saddle and gloves from Bob's post. Refresh your memory of barrel racing by looking at the chart on the right of the corral gate. Saddle Bob, and remember to tighten the cinch. Go to the corral. Click on the first barrel and pass through the right side. To do this, click on the barrel (not the area around it). Do the same thing with the second barrel, except go to the left. Go to the left for the third barrel. When you’ve done it successfully, take the rope on the sawhorse. Watch the lariat that is swinging overhead. When it forms a circle, throw/click. You just need to make four out of five to get a perfect throw. Back up and Nancy will now say she can get her own lariat. Take the lariat Tex hands out. Take the saddle and go to the corral. Call Charleena and find out about the token you got from the game at Mary's place. Saddle Bob again and go to Dry Creek.

Dry Creek
Pass Mary Yazzie on the way to Dry Creek. Go forward toward the general store and you’ll see a stone drop. Turn left at the General store, go to the right side and then look close at the contraption on the walkway. Pick up a red handled lever. Pan right to the outhouse and pick an arrowhead from the ground. Be careful picking arrowheads if there are scorpions or rattlesnake. Come back later to pick them up if you run into any critters. Go to the jail-sheriff’s office across the way. Take a look at the carved brand on the plank on the walkway in front of the door. It looks like BD. Enter the jail. Find out that the cells are locked. Be sure to click on both cells. Exit the jail and explore the town further on. Turn left to the bank on the left and beside the general store. Turn around and go forward. Look at the carved J brand on the hitching post between the bank and Cappy’s. Look at the barrel across the hanging platform. There’s another brand, this one with a heart. Pick up the arrowhead beside the barrel. Check Cappy's, which is to the left of the cemetery. See that it has a digital padlock and has a sign by the sheriff. Try to use the cell phone and find out that it does not work here. Check the hitching post just in front of the cemetery for another brand. Go back to Bob and go to Mary’s Gifts. Once there, use the cell phone to call the sheriff. He’ll give you the combination to the lock at Cappy’s (9 2 7 4). Enter Mary’s Gifts and look at the new petrified wood on the table by the window. Talk to Mary about everything. Eventually, she’ll get upset. Go back to Bob and go to Trail Stop.

Trail Stop
Pick up an arrowhead on the right side of the path just in front of Bob. Go forward and pick up another arrowhead on the left. Go forward and see Charlie's grave on the right. Turn around and go to the striped rock to the left side of the path (actually off the main path, be sure to turn left and go forward). There is a rattling sound, so don't click on the rock or you’ll die. Go back to the path and go forward and pick up another arrowhead on the left side of the path. Go forward again and get another arrowhead. Go back to Bob and go to Cougar Bend.

Cougar Bend
Look at the petroglyph map in your inventory. Go forward and pick up an arrowhead close to the flat rocks. Pick up another arrowhead on the ground in front of the big rock that can be climbed on to the left side of the rock formation. The object of the map is to find petroglyphs in the rock formation and enter their location on the petroglyph map in your inventory. Once a petroglyph is seen, look close and click on it.  The map will automatically show up with the drawings on the right side. Click on the drawing on the right and place the drawing on one of the light colored square that is as close to the place you found it on the rock formation. The light colored squares are the clues where to find the petroglyphs. At the center area of the rock formation, look up and use the lariat on the protruding log to get up on the top of the ledge. Remember to wait for a complete circle on the lariat. Take the arrowhead on the floor on the ledge. Once all the glyphs have been placed in the map, read the decoded message. Return to Mary’s Gifts. Use the cell phone and call Charleena. Ask her everything. Go back to Cappy’s at Dry Creek.

Dry Creek
Enter 9 2 7 4 on the combination lock. Enter the tavern. Check the books on the table. It is an electrician manual.  Turn left and see a cracker tin. The name of the tin is unreadable. Look at the geometric shape on the table right beside the cracker tin (indentation in the dust). Look to the right of the piano. Pan right and see that someone has been hanging out in here. Sleeping bags, water and other items are seen. Check the old arcade game by the exit. Look close at the base of the piano. Flip the decorated panel above. The object of the puzzle is to enter the name of Dirk's father, Cashmeer. The puzzle resets when you pull back. Note which other letters are depressed by pressing each of the letters. Learn what the other letters do. Then from these clues, you can deduce which letter is the least affected by pressing other letters. Once the secret compartment is opened, take the letter. Go back to Mary’s Gifts. Use the cell phone and call Charleena. Ask about the name of the crackers. Use the cell phone to do a search on the web about cattle brands and Beady Eyes Ranch. Enter Mary's shop and look at Frances' tuning forks on the table.  Ask Mary to see if she'll lend you France's tuning forks. She wants ten arrowheads and she'll give you the tuning forks. You already have the arrowheads, so she hands you a box to collect the arrowhead. Mary needs only nine arrowheads and she gives one arrowhead back Take the tuning forks from the table by the window. Return to Dry Creek.

Dry Creek
Look at and then click on the brand on the walkway plank in front of the jail. Click on the BD indentation in the wood. Take the box and then close the lid. Go to Cappy's. Go to the cracker tin can on the left counter. Look close again on the outline on the counter. Place the box taken from under the BD plank on the outline. Place the red handled crank found by the general store on the side of the box. Take the tuning fork from your inventory and then click on the holes top of the box. See the tuning forks lines up in front. The object of the puzzle is to find out which tuning fork goes in the 4 slots. Note that each tuning fork has a letter of the note on its base. Arrange the tuning fork to form the name Frances. (Actually, it spells FACE when it’s done correctly.) Once the correct tuning fork is in the right place, it cannot be moved anymore. Turn the crank. The lamp on  the right wall breaks from the sound produced. Take the note in the lamp. Return to the ranch.

On the way back to the ranch, see Mary and Tex. Remember to take the saddle and return it on Bob's post at the tack room or Tex will bite your head off. It’s nighttime, so now you need to fix the chicken coop. Click on the wire and Nancy will say that you need gloves. Take the gloves from the saddle in the tack room. Go to the chicken coop. Click the gloves on the wires and pliers. Arrange the wires on the hole of the coop. Once the correct wires are in place, it will not be movable anymore. See that the gloves glow in the dark. The gloves touched the powder that was over the electrician book at Dry Creek. Then the phantom horse gallops by and the electrical wires spark. The next morning, Nancy talks to Bess and George. Go to the kitchen and take the apple magnet from the fridge. Go and talk to Shorty. Go out the door and see a horseshoe on the ground. Pick up the horseshoe. Take the vegetable basket outside and go to the vegetable garden. At the left vegetable garden, pick four bicolor Northern Lights tomatoes. At the right garden, pick two red Beefsteak tomatoes, two orange yellow Golden Queen tomatoes, and the two dried Black Turtle beans. Show them to Shorty. The egg basket is in your inventory. Go to the chicken coop. Pick the five eggs from all nest except the one from the white hen. Go to the kitchen and then go back to check the white hen's nest. Take the egg from the white hen's nest. Give the eggs to Shorty. Get another canteen of water from Shorty.  Talk to Dave by the chicken coop. Go to the tack room and talk to Tex. Nancy shows Tex the horseshoe with a rock wedged in it. Be sure to ask him everything. Then, ask him if you can go riding now. He says the bridle should be put back together first. Put the bridle back together (it’s in the can on the shelf above Tex’s workstation). Talk to Tex and then saddle Bob up. Go to Mary’s Gifts. Talk to Mary about everything, then go to Dry Creek and enter Cappy’s.

Look at the table that had the books and see that the mystery person has taken all the things away. Check the box left at the corner. There's a key on top of the box. Pick up the key. You will get hit over the head and end up in the jail cell. Look close at the lines right of the sink. Count the lines and it will correspond to a letter in the alphabet. Use your computer's keyboard and type in the letters and then press return key. For example, the first letter of the alphabet is A, so the number one is A, two is B, and so on. Once you’ve cracked the code, turn left and see the key hanging on the wall outside. Look close at the key and see an overturned chair. Use the lariat on the chair to turn it up under the key. Time the click on the chair when the lariat makes a perfect circle. Pick up some bricks from the floor by the next cell and look close at the key. Click the bricks on the key. You will see angle arrows and strength bar for the brick throw. Use the second arrow from the left as the angle of the throw. Move the strength slider to the middle. Click on throw. The key is now on the chair. Use the lariat again to pull the chair to the cell. Click the key on the middle of the right cell doorframe and you can now escape. Pick up the paper off the floor. It is Dirk's code for his secret messages. Read the blue inked note. The culprits use the same code. Go to the bank (building across the hangman's platform) and look under the lamp on the right side of the building. Check the loose brick on the side. Read the note. Return to the ranch. Take the saddle off Bob and place it in the tack room. Talk to Dave by the chicken coop about everything and he will let you have his aunt's ring. Step one way away from Dave and call the sheriff. Saddle Bob up and go to Dry Creek.

Dry Creek
Go to Cappy’s and check the old arcade game by the exit. Insert the token won from Mary's Gifts. This is why you need several, because you might have to play this game more than once to win. If you run out of tokens, go to Mary's Gifts and play the Run for Cover game again. Pull the lever and try to get four mean guys to make the meanest, roughest and toughest gang in the west.  Click on the buttons under the ones you want to keep. You can select as many as you think is necessary. There is only one chance given to remove the good guys. Pull the lever again and see if you get four mean ones. If you win, you get two more tokens. Use Dave's aunt's ring on the red button above the slot. The sign changes from bad guys to good guys. Do the same thing, except this time click the buttons under the good guys to win. When you do it right, you’ll get a key. Take the key and go to Trail Stop.

Trail Stop
Go to the striped rock you found earlier that was rattling. The rattlesnake is now gone. Push the rock off and open the door to reveal another puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to place the element symbol on all 4 corners to the appropriate colored circles at the center. Use the apple magnet to move the symbols. Click on a symbol and move it on the gray area to get to the appropriate circle at the center. Some areas are covered by the brown strips of wood and the metal's path cannot be seen. The hidden paths can zigzag, so try moving it around to see where the metal piece is free to move. Note the message at bottom left and the sound of progress. The pink circle is Mn (manganese). The blue circle is Cu (copper). The silver circle is Si (silicon). The orange-red is Fe (iron). When you’re finished, a music box with another puzzle is revealed. Take the music box with flowers, as you don’t know yet how to solve this puzzle. Go to Mary’s Gifts and use your cell phone to check for email messages. The e-mail about the Cracker name from Charleena Purcell states to check out Kelleher on the web. Check web, and search for Kelleher. The name is Sunflower Crackers. Check the e-mail about beads. The bead pattern mail states that it is called Spiral Flower. Note the pattern. Enter the store and talk to Mary about beads. Mary will get the beads if Nancy finishes the display. Sort the rings by color, pattern, and size. The size listings are on the bottom of the display. Nancy will say if it looks right when you’re finished. Talk to Mary and she'll give the beads. Click on the purse in your inventory to see a big view and then click on the square that needs beads. A new frame is seen. Check your cell phone message to see how George said to arrange the pattern. When correctly done, the beads will be sewn. Open the flower jewelry box and arrange the flowers based on Frances’ favorites. Her favorite is the Harrison yellow rose. Her other favorites are a lily (found on the letter to her cousin), a sunflower (from the cracker tin), a tulip (from the birthday cake), a daisy (from the knitting stitch pattern of her shawl), and a poppy (from the beaded purse). Look close at the flower music box and remember that Dirk’s clue stated “favorite flower with flowers on your favorites”. So arrange the other flowers found on Frances' favorites around Frances' favorite flower. When done correctly, the box opens to show a note and a slot. Read the note. Insert the key taken from Cappy's arcade game on the slot. Another puzzle and code is seen. Based on Dirk's note, draw a line connecting the petroglyphs he shows on his note. Click on the first glyph, then the second, then the third, and so on. A white line will form to connect them. When it’s done correctly, it will look like a letter “V”. Go to Cougar Bend.

Cougar Bend
Look at the connected lines in the map. Note the top middle petroglyph that is not connected by any lines. It's the drawn V. Go forward and lasso that log above on the shelf. Climb the rope and look for the V petroglyph. Pan left to the flat rock and click on it to reveal a rock and a note. Read the note. Take the scuffed rock and return to Mary’s Gifts. Ask Mary to clean the rock for you. After she does, a picture agate is revealed. Exit the store and get a phone call from Bess and George. Return to Trail Stop. Go forward three times, turn right, and click on Charlie's grave. The picture agate comes up. Move the cursor to find a match of the picture. Turn around and see the matching tree just behind zebra rock. Click to go there. Turn right and go forward until up the cliff. Use the lariat on the protruding log. Enter the dwellings. See an etched coded message. Based on the decoder note found on the jail floor, the message is decoded as:
brown  lime   yellow   red   blue  orange   lime  yellow  brown  blue  lime  orange  blue  brown  lime  orange  red  blue  yellow  lime  blue  lime  brown  yellow  - V
This is the start of the maze. It’s a good idea to save your game here, in case you get lost. Or you can just use the second chance option. Just follow the code colors on top of the door and check every pot. Turn right to enter the room. Once you’re through the maze, click on the metal plate. Place the keys on the keyhole with the same shape as its end. Click on the bolt at the right.  You will see a big heart on the wall. Turn right and see the loot. Open the chest and see the treasure. Exit the room and you will meet the saboteur. After the saboteur stops talking turn left, run down the ladder, turn around, and turn right to the lime door. Take the red stone on the left and lime stone on the right from the top of the opening and exchange them to confuse the saboteur, who will fall through the floor. End of game! Nancy Drew solves yet another mystery!

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