Monday, July 4, 2011

Message in a Haunted Mansion walkthrough

Rotate your view around from the center of the room until you can see a tapestry hanging on the wall to the left of the door. Walk over to the poem and notice the highlighted words. Turn to your right and find the luggage. Use the key in your inventory to unlock the upper suitcase and check out the journal entries. You will be coming back to this several times. Moving further to your right, notice the little jade-green dragon sculpture resting on the fireplace mantel. Examine it and see the Hanzi symbol meaning DAUGHTERS on the base. Make of note of the symbol. Leave the room and go forward then left at the hall intersection. Go left again to find yourself outside Abby’s door. Knock on the door and talk to Abby about everything. Go down to the dining room by turning right from Abby’s door and going around the corner of the hallway to the right. Go down the stairway to the carpeted hallway and enter the double paneled door at the end of the hallway.

Dining Room
Get acquainted with Rose. She will eventually ask you to solve a wood inlay puzzle that is on the floor behind where she is sitting. Click below the China closet to get to the puzzle. After you solve the puzzle, talk to Rose again. She will talk to you about some additional tile work that needs to be completed. Go look at the tea set on the sideboard to the right of the door where you came into the room. See the clipboard and make a note of the names and the times those people are in the mansion. It will come in very handy later on in the game. Check out the drawer on the right below the tea set. Examine the fire insurance policy. Particularly note the Hanzi symbol for FIRE and make a note of it. Leave the dining room and go left towards the door with the stained glass window. Place your cursor over the door to the right of the one with stained glass. This is the door to the cellar. Go down the stairs and talk to Charlie about everything. Come back up the stairs and go into the main entry hall through the stained glass doors. Look around until you find the painting equipment under some scaffolding. Move the paint roller and take the paint scraper. Turn around and enter the door to the parlor, directly behind you.

Look around in the parlor and check out everything. You will find some dead roses and some interesting documents in a box on the sofa in front of the fireplace. There is a directory listing from an old telephone book (note the name Valdez) and a legal document concerning the sale of the mansion. Go to the cabinet in the corner that is painted with roses. Open the door beneath it and click on the fire extinguisher. Nancy will comment about knowing where it is. Go to the writing desk in the corner to the left of the single door where you entered the room. Open the drawer on the lower left side and read the letters. Call Emily and learn about Hanzi symbols. Go back to your room and remember to watch and listen for ghosts.

Open your suitcase by using your key and look at the journal entries again. Then go to the clock radio on the table to the left side of the bet and set the alarm for noon. The alarm will sound immediately, signaling the time for you to rise from your nap and start sleuthing again. Go to the parlor again and find the double wood doors. This is the study. Enter the study and talk to Louis. Turn left when he dismisses you and examine a book left of the standing world globe entitled “Legends of San Francisco”. The book contains valuable information on an actress of the Victorian era, named Lizzie Applegate. Scan the room and find a Mah Jong set opened between two green chairs. Note the Hanzi symbol for the word FOUR and make a note of it. Face Louis’ desk and off to the left side of it in the bookshelves, you will find a hot spot. Move the books on the shelf to find a ceramic tile. Click on it and put it in your inventory. Go out of the study, the parlor, and back upstairs to Abby’s room. Knock on her door and she will tell you about a séance she has planned for that evening. You will immediately attend the séance in the cellar. After the séance you will wake up back in your room. Check the clock and notice that it is ten p.m. Go downstairs to the cellar. Go to the small table to the right of the fireplace at the end of the room. Find the compartment in the pedestal of the table. Open it to find a smoke machine, a film projector, and a tape cassette. Take the tape. Back out of the table scene and turn to your left to click on the cash register sitting on the bar of the old saloon. Push a cash register key to open it. Take the key inside. Back out of the scene and turn to your right to find a work table with a tool box sitting on it. Look in the tool box and take the screwdriver. Return to the area just along the stairway. Open up the piano bench to find the sheet music for the song “Swanee River”. Also note the Hanzi symbol for RIVER and make a note of it. Go back up to your room and set the alarm for 6 a.m. When you wake up, go around the bed and pry open the best post finial with your paint scraper. You will find a key to an antique writing desk. Leave your room and find the area where the ladder is standing in the hallway. Ascend the ladder and scrape away at the ceiling tiles with your paint scraper. You will find a hidden trap door. Use the skeleton key you found in the cellar cash register to open the trap door. Climb up into the attic.

Scan around the room and open the antique writing desk (it has a red top) with the key you found in the bed post. Find a play bill and a sheet of music for “The Bandit’s Treasure”. Notice that five of the music notes on the sheet of music at the top of the page are darkened with a circle. Find the letter signed by E. Valdez. Find the Hanzi book with the Hanzi symbol for BEGINNING written out several times as if someone were practicing. Make a note of that symbol. Look around the attic some more and find and take a heavy old flat iron in a small chest. Find and take a crowbar in an old toolbox. Then find a second ceramic tile on top of a wooden barrel, along with several colored bottles Find books and read them. Leave the attic by pulling on the rope attached to the trap door. The rope breaks, so use your crowbar to open the door. Go back downstairs all the way to the cellar. Play the darkened music notes you found on the sheet of music in the attic on the piano. Play the notes in the correct order and you will be presented with the opportunity to take a piece of paper from the area behind the doors on the upper part of the piano. The paper is lying on the bottom of the compartment. Leave the cellar. Go all the way back up to the attic using the ladder and skeleton key. Go to the antique desk and open it using the key you got from the bed post. Place the partial music roll from the piano on top of the lyrics section to the song “The Bandit’s Treasure”. Decipher the letters you see through the punched holes in the music roll. Leave the attic and go to the double grand staircase. Stop at the landing. Look at the banister in front of you. Rotate the spindles to spell out DIEGO. You will find a gold Hanzi symbol wrapped with a scroll in a secret compartment under the banister. Go back down to the dining room and talk to Rose again. She will ask you to fix the dumbwaiter. Go to a white box on the wall outside the dining room and open it to find a broken rope hanging down. Attach the old iron you found in the attic to the rope. Go upstairs to the other dumbwaiter in the hallway by Abby’s room. Open it and you will find a third ceramic tile and the Hanzi symbol for EYE on a broken tea cup. Make a note of that symbol. Go to the bedroom and examine the journal in the suitcase. As you turn to the door to leave the room again, someone quickly slips an envelope under the door. Open it and read the letter. Go down to the parlor. You will find that the box of papers on the sofa is on fire! Quickly turn and take the fire extinguisher out of the cabinet with painted roses. Use it on the flaming box and the fire department will come. Afterward, you will find yourself in a conversation with Rose about the fire in the parlor. Go back to the parlor and look at the semi-burned papers in the bottom of the box. You will recognize some of the contents from the left hand drawer of the writing table. Go back upstairs to your bedroom. You will overhear an argument between Rose and Abby as you go down the hall. Look at the journal entries in the suitcase again. Then, set the alarm for 10 a.m. Go back down to the study.

Stand in front of the fireplace. Put the three ceramic tiles you found in their appropriate places under the fireplace mantle. Pull on the left Phoenix bird to reveal a secret passage opening in the bookshelves. Enter the secret passage and find a paining of a little girl in a yellow dress. Click on the little gold name plate at the bottom of the frame and make a note of the Hanzi symbol for CHILD. Look up to your right and find a lantern. Take it. Find a loose brick above the lantern and move it and a sliding cover to see eye holes. Peek through and watch suspicious activity of Louis. Click to the right of the opening to close the slider and click again to exit the scene. Leave the secret passage and return upstairs to your bedroom. Set the alarm for 7 p.m. Go back to the cellar and use the crow bar to pry up the grate at the bottom of the fireplace. Use your lantern to light your way and descend a tunnel area under the floor. You will find Charlie’s secret living space. Read the postcard from Charlie to his parents. Find a computer diskette and take it. Find a Chinese food take out box with the Hanzi symbol for KING on it. Make a note of that symbol. Go back to your bedroom and set the alarm for 3 p.m. Go down the hall and enter Abby’s room.

Abby’s Room
Look around until you find a spider charm in a black jewelry box on the shelf under Abby’s stereo system. Unlock the armoire with the spider charm. Find a public address system. Play around with it and have fun playing all the ghost sounds. Insert the tape cassette from your inventory and hear the Valdez sound track from the séance. Look around the room and find a two-way mirror on the wall that overlooks the hallway. Snoop around on Abby’s desk and open the drawer to find a package of MoonStone incense with the Hanzi symbol for MOON on the wrapper. Make a note of that symbol. On the stand in the corner, find a book about the Chinese Zodiac signs and the correct order of the animals. Replace the spider in Abby’s jewelry box and go to the study. On the way, the phone will ring. Answer it.

Put the disk from Charlie’s secret place into the computer. You can access Louis’ files by either playing the maze game (press M for a map) or typing in Login: Louis Password: Antiques. If you play the maze game, you will be presented with either a blue pool or red diamonds at the end. Find the list of Louis’ security codes and note the combination to his briefcase (4653-4868). Look up Charlie’s outline for his upcoming college term paper. Go to Louis’ briefcase and use the combination to open each side of the lock. When you have opened the brief case, you find a book. Note the reference to “Gum Bo Fu”. Go to the parlor and call Emily. Get as much information as you can about Gum Bo Fu and everything else. Go back to your bedroom and set the alarm for 12 p.m. Go down to the cellar and talk to Charlie. You will automatically return his term paper computer diskette. Go talk to Louis in the study.  When you ask him about Gum Bo Fu, he will ask you where you heard it. Tell him you read about it in a magazine, or you’ll be in trouble. Louis will tell you it means “House of Great Books”. Go talk to Rose in the dining room about everything. She will tell you everyone is leaving the mansion for a while and that she has taken down a tapestry in your room. She also tells you that a letter has come for you and that she left it in your room. Go up to your bedroom.

Find the letter from Emily on the chair beside the suitcases. Pick it up and read it. Discover that Louis lied to you-Gum Bo Fu means “Gold Treasure Mansion”! See that the Hanzi symbol for GOLD is written on this letter. Make a note of that symbol. Turn and go to the right side of the bed. The tapestry on the lower part of the wall is gone, as Rose explained. Find that the wooden tiles can be pushed in. These are the same little Chinese symbols you saw in the Zodiac book in Abby’s room. Push the tiles in order. Find the safe behind the tiles. The combination lock reflects all of the Hanzi symbols that correspond with the highlighted words on the tapestry by your door. Input the Hanzi symbols in the order of the words as they are shown on the tapestry. Press the arrow after each symbol is lined up under the arrow. To line up the symbols, you’re your mouse to the left of right side of the lock and click to rotate. When you open the safe, you will find Lizzie Applegate and Diego Valdez’s marriage certificate, along with several other documents. Put the gold Hanzi symbol you found under the stairway banister on the pyramid box. You will be presented with a flip puzzle. Change all the moons to suns. Next you will be presented with a slider puzzle. The slider puzzle is of the Phoenix bird. When you have solved the slider puzzle, you will be rewarded with a huge red jewel. Put it in your inventory. Set the time for 4 p.m. Then go downstairs and put the jewel in the eye socket of the Phoenix bird on the stair post. Watch as a rainbow shines through the window, through the two birds on the posts, and lands on the Phoenix bird tiles on the floor. Use your crowbar to open that part of the floor and discover gold! You will get a smack on the head and wake up to see the culprit taking the hidden treasure of gold coins from beneath the floorboards. Quickly run up the staircase to your immediate right. Go up across the landing and down the other side to the clamp where you see the twisted rope. Click on the rope three times. The chandelier fall down and pin the culprit underneath it. Enjoy the ending. Another mystery solved!

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