Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon cheats

Floral Tile Puzzle

Word Find Puzzle


Jake’s Car Grill Pipes

Hurley’s Whirly Burly Dance Steps
Left foot up 1
Right foot up 2
Left foot diagonal up 1
Right foot left 1
Left foot diagonal down left 1
Right foot down 2
Left foot down 2, right 1
Right food down 1
Right foot right 1
Left foot right 1

Doll Puzzle

Camille’s Car Ornate Grill & Pipes Puzzle
Turn screws 4 2 3 1 5 6 8 7 until the lines are aligned.

Align the 5 pipes by the side outlets. Then arrange the blue pipes (3 clicks), then do the red pipes (1 click) and lastly arrange the light green pipes individually.

Leaping Lizards Game

29 up, 22 right, 17 down, 31 up, 26 left, 24 left,
21 right, 33 left, 16 down, 31 up, 11 down, 30up,
13 left, 27 up, 10 right, 13 left, 11 down, 3 down,
4 down, 7 right, 16 up, 1 down, 2 down, 14 right,
16 down, 28 right, 30 up, 18 up, 9 right, 6 down, 19 left

Piano Keys

  • Volcano Burger - Onions, jalapenos, hot mustard, bacon, cheese. Ring bell. Listen to the old man talk about Jake Hurley.
  • Classic Burger - Lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, ketchup. Ring bell. Listen to the old man talk about Jake's wife.
  • Hayashi Burger - Avocado, tomato, fruit jelly, pineapple, cheese, mayo. Ring bell. Listen to the old man talk about how James Thurston died.
  • Colossal Burger - Everything minus the P's: Pickles, peanut butter, pineapple, pickled herring. (Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, bacon, mustard, tomato ketchup, hot mustard, jalapenos, avocado, fruit jelly, mayo) Ring bell. Listen to the old man talk about Jake Hurley's mine.
  • Chef's choice - Make a burger that you want. Ring bell. Hear the rest of the story.
Pipes Behind Eagle Puzzle

Sleeping Car Pipes

Duct Tape Box


 Tiger's eye


 1 Saguaro plank
 2 Fire plank
 3 Snake plank
 4 Hanging boulder plank                      
   5 Fish plank
 6 Bat plank

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