Monday, July 4, 2011

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake walkthrough

Answer the phone when it rings and talk to Sally about everything. Walk forward into the kitchen area. Turn right and look to the left at the ice chest on the table. Pick up the bottled water. Zoom out and turn left toward the kitchen sink. Pick up the gloves in the sink. Look up in the cabinet above the sink and pick up the flashlight and the map of the forest. Move away from the kitchen area and walk to the back door by the coocoo clock on the wall. Before leaving the cabin, click on the coocoo clock and then click on the dial. Watch what happens. Exit the cabin through the door. Go forward and meet Red. Talk to him about everything. When the conversation ends, follow a trail to the left (not by the blue tarp) and enter the shed. Zoom in on the nutcracker on the shelf and you’ll see an iron and a small chest. Pick up the small key between the iron and chest. Zoom out and turn right. Look at the wooden crate on the table. Use your key on the lock and it breaks. Head back to the cabin. Once inside, turn to exit through the front door (not the one by the clock; the one in the kitchen). When you click on the door, the ghost dogs will appear. When they leave, go out the front door and turn left three times. Lift the blue tarp and get the piece of wood. Notice that the cellar door is locked. Take note of the compass tile in front of the cellar door. Go forward to the cabin, but don’t go inside. Turn left and head into the woods. Look to the right and you’ll see a tree stump. Take the board on top of it. Use your map and follow it to the cemetery. Once there, look at the tombstone with the name Waldo on it. Grab the third board on the ground in the middle of the path. Go back to the cabin. Once inside, turn to go upstairs and read the plaque on the wall to the left. As you go upstairs, you will have the chance to choose between daytime or nighttime. Switch to daytime. Head back downstairs and move to the cabinet above the sofa. Notice the four dog statues. Three of them move, but one of them is stuck. You’ll need some sandpaper to fix it. Exit the cabin through the door by the clock and make your way around the cabin to the well pump. Zoom in on the well and use your bottled water to prime the pump. Take the bucket below the pump. Turn left and make your way to the dock where the boat is. Use your bucket to bail out the boat. Take the screwdriver and the life jacket. Turn and go back to the well. Put the bucket down and pump some water into it. Leave the bucket there for now. Go around the cabin to the shed and go inside. Zoom in on the wooden crate where the key broke off and use the screwdriver on the lock. Take the hammer, nails, and the gas mask. Go back to the cabin and look at the broken floorboards. Use the three boards in your inventory and then the hammer and nails to hold them in place. Walk across the new boards and read the posted note on the wall. Exit the cabin and make your way back to the dock. Look closely at the board’s outboard motor. Notice that the sparkplug is missing. Look at your PDA and notice that you should call Sally about getting a sparkplug (you must click on the top of the motor for this to work). Turn around and head back to the cabin. Call Sally and talk to her about everything. She will tell you that Red is your only hope for getting a sparkplug. He only bird watches at night, so go upstairs and change to nighttime. Exit the cabin and turn right at the dock. Follow the path to a tree house. Climb the tree and talk to Red about everything. In exchange for a sparkplug, he wants you to take some pictures of birds for him. Go back to the cabin and change to daytime. Go into the woods and take pictures of an orange, blue, and yellow bird. Try to take pictures of a red bird and two other birds and they will fly away. Return to the boat and click on the motor. Put the sparkplug into the top slot of the boat. Use your screwdriver to torque and adjust each of the four sparks according to the diagram on the top of the motor. When all four have been set, pull the cord and head to Em’s Emporium.

Em’s Emporium
Talk to Em about the cassette player Red left there. Tell her you need to buy something (sandpaper) and she will tell you that Red has bought it all. Exit the shop and go to the park ranger’s office. Talk to Jeff about everything. He will eventually give you a test kit for Sally’s water. Look around in the park office and note the computer database. Look up some historical facts about Moon Lake and famous residents that once lived there, especially Mickey Malone.  Exit the park office and go back to Sally’s cabin. Check your PDA again and notice that you should listen to the bird calls now that you have the cassette player. Click on the cassette player in your inventory, then use the cassette tape with the recorder. Listen to the various bird calls. Go back to the cabin and around the side of the house to the well. Use the test kit on the bucket of water at the base of the well. Go back to the boat, go to the park ranger’s station, and give the sample to Ranger Akers. Go back to the cabin and change to nighttime. Go outside and visit Red again. Ask him about the sandpaper. He’ll also tell you that to photograph the other birds, you need camouflaged clothes. Go back to the cabin and zoom in on the cabinet above the sofa. Use the sandpaper on the second statue. This releases the hold and enables you to move the second statue. Rotate the statues to the correct positions. When the statues are moved into the correct positions, a secret panel is revealed. Head down the steps using your flashlight. Enter the basement and put the flashlight away. Turn left and move forward toward the wall with the dirt pile. You’ll see a hot spot. Click on it several times to find a safe. Turn around and exit through the metal door. One the way you will notice a newspaper clipping on the steps. Read it, then click on the cellar door to exit. Enter the cabin, change to daytime, and call Sally. Discuss everything. Afterwards, head over to talk to Ranger Akers about the newspaper article on the step of the cellar stairs. Offer to help him do some things around the office. He’ll ask you to sort out some envelopes in a box next to the computer. After you’ve sorted the files, read all the envelopes you can. Go back to Ranger Akers, tell him you’ve finished sorting the files, and he’ll give you an honorary park ranger pin. Exit the park office and go back to Sally’s cabin.

Go downstairs into the basement again. Zoom in on the wall safe. Use the pin Ranger Akers gave you on the tiny hole slot and click on it again. Check your PDA and you’ll see that the date of Malone’s death was January 29, 1932. That’s the combination for the safe. Click on the dial and enter the combination 012932. Each time you rotate the dial to a number for the safe, click on the button to the right of the dial. The safe opens. Put on your gloves and mask so you won’t get bitten by deer mice and read the journal. Close the book and the safe and exit the cellar. Go to the boat and ride to the park ranger’s office. Ask Ranger Akers about your water test results and he will give them to you. Also ask him about the gold buried somewhere on Sally’s property. Visit Em’s emporium and ask her everything. When you ask to get the camouflaged clothes, she will send you to get her some bait. A bait box will appear in your inventory. Go back to the cabin, check your PDA, and call Sally. Discuss everything. Go outside and look under the compass tile in front of the cellar to get some worms. Go into the woods and turn over every rock, twig, and stump you see to get critters. You will find seven during the day and five at night. When you’ve collected twelve critters, take the back to Em’s Emporium in the daytime. She will give you the camouflaged outfit. Go back to the cabin and then the forest. Use your camouflaged clothes to take pictures of the rest of the birds. You can’t find a red tailed hawk, so after you get all but one of the birds, go back to the cabin, change to nighttime, and visit Red about the hawk. Go back to the cabin and change to daytime. Go stand in front of the tree by the dock. Eventually you will hear the hawk. Use your camouflaged outfit and take a picture of the hawk. Notice the hawk is standing on a speaker. You will get hit over the head. You awaken inside the little shed on the side of the cabin, and it’s on fire! You’re tied up, so you can only kick. To get out, kick the nutcracker toy so it falls on top of the air pump. Kick the shovel that’s standing up between the shelves on the right and the other shovel on the left. It will fall to the left. Kick the compressed air tank to the left. Eventually it will catch the rag on fire on top of the shovel. Kick the shovel again and it will fall toward the shelf and ignite the can. Kick the air pump directly in front of you to cause the can to roll to the rope that holds the chisel. The rope will burn and the chisel will fall so you can cut your hands free. The shed is still on fire, so run back to the well and take the bucket full of water. Use the bucket full of water on the fire. As soon as you put the fire out, Red will show up. When your conversation ends, you will be in the cabin talking to Sally on the phone. When that conversation ends, go upstairs, change to nighttime, and go meet Red. Ask him about the gas cans behind his seat. Give him the camera and the digital pictures. Go back to the cabin, change to daytime, go to Em’s Emporium, and discuss everything. Then go to the park ranger’s office and ask Jeff about everything. You’ll have to talk to him twice. Click on the dog next to him and ask about it. Return to the cabin and notice the ladder on the left side of the house. Climb up the ladder and you’ll discover that the speaker box the hawk was standing on is no longer there. Go to the cemetery and look at the four dog tombstones. Notice the paw prints on the crypt. Go back to the cabin, then back downstairs to the cellar door. On the door that leads to the basement, you’ll see a framed photograph. Take it and go to the park ranger’s station.

Park Ranger’s Office
Show the picture to Ranger Akers and he’ll offer to help you find out who the woman is. Go back to the cabin, change to nighttime, then daytime, and go back to the park ranger’s office. He will give you Vivian’s phone number. Go back to the cabin and call her. Ask her everything. Eventually, she will offer to send you the small key to Waldo’s tombstone if you’ll send her the photograph of Mickey and her. Finish your conversation and go back to the park ranger’s station. Ask Jeff to mail to photograph of Vivian and Mickey to her. Return to the cabin and sleep for two nights and two days. Return to the park ranger’s office and the key will have arrived. Take the key and go back to the cabin. Go to the cemetery and use the key on Waldo’s headstone. You’ll hear a click. You must click on the letters that spell Waldo to change it to read Baldo.  To do this, click on the D twice, the W twice, the U twice, the E twice, and the U twice. When you’ve done this correctly, the tomb opens. Using your flashlight, go down into the secret passage. Your flashlight batteries will go down, so turn around and walk forward a couple of times. Move the mouse cursor over to the left side of your screen until you get a left arrow. Turn left and put the cursor in the middle of the page. When you get a hot spot, open the tomb door. Go back to the cabin, get in the boat, and go to Em’s Emporium. In exchange for batteries, she wants you to arrange her soda display according to her model. When you’ve finished, talk to Em and she will give you the batteries. Go back to the cabin, then the cemetery.

Solve the tombstone puzzle again, and go down into the tomb using your flashlight. Once down inside the tunnel, follow it until it splits into two different directions. Take the right path all the way to the end. (Nancy will say “uh-oh” if you’re going the right way.) There will be a big metal door. Click on the handle and you will find yourself in the speakeasy. Look at all the paintings of the four dogs. Zoom in on each one and Nancy will mark the dog’s favorite locations of the map in the inventory. (Iggy is already marked; she won’t mark Xander’s because his picture is ruined-she’ll mark it later.) Move to the double doors with the board across it and remove the board. You’ll find yourself in the basement of the cabin. Go to the pool table, click the gambling game, and push the red button. Turn and go behind the bar and look at the spigots. To solve this puzzle, number the spigots 1-4 going from left to right. Click on the first spigot one time, then click the red button. Repeat this process two more times-it will land on X. Repeat this process on all the spigots-they will land on V, I, and L. A secret passage is revealed. Turn to the left and move to the photographs of the dogs on the wall. Zoom in on the photo of the two dogs playing on the porch. Click on the photo and you’ll be back in the tunnel. Move forward into the tunnel by using your flashlight and turn right before the lighted doorway. You will be in the new secret passage. Move forward and look at each dog’s picture and mosaic one at a time. (When Nancy gets to Xander’s picture, she’ll mark his favorite spot on the map.) Go back to Lucy’s mosaic (map grid) and zoom in. It looks almost identical to the map in your inventory. The key is to match the four dog’s favorite spots to the map next to Lucy. Use the grid on the map in your inventory and the grid on Lucy’s map and click on the same four tiles. When you’ve done that, the map grid will slide to the side, revealing another secret passage. Enter the passage and go all the way to the end. There’s another door, but it’s locked. Turn around and exit the small passageway. Turn right and head down the tunnel. Turn right at the intersection and head up that passage. At the end of the right passageway, you’ll see that you’ve opened another room. Enter the room and walk around to the left. Look in the cage and discover the ghost dogs. Pet them and move farther around their cage. Examine the items on the two tables. You’ll see the speakers that were on the roof of the cabin, glowing toothpaste, and a silent dog whistle. On the workbench, you’ll also find a key. Take it. Turn around and head back past the dogs (you can pet them again if you want). Go back to Lucy’s mosaic and punch the four tiles again. Enter the passage and use the key you just picked up on the door. You’re now in the well room.

Well Room
Turn around and pick up the well wheel. Turn back around and move to the right, where several wheels are on the wall by the pipes. You’ll see two wheels on the left, a gap, and then another wheel. Zoom in on the space between the second and first wheels. Put the wheel on that pipe. Use your screwdriver to hold the wheel in place (click the up arrow to get a close-up view). Zoom out and zoom in on the left-most wheel. Turn that wheel. Turn to the right again and turn the newly placed wheel. Now turn the right-most wheel. Watch the water level gauge go up. The well is now full. Take out the screwdriver and put the wheel back in your inventory.  Zoom out and turn left. You will now be facing the well door. Turn the center wheel and then turn the left handle. Enter the well. Go down the well and turn around. Solve the color/Roman Numeral puzzle. Make the green Roman Numeral be 50, the red 10, the blue 5, and the yellow 1. The blue one will turn back, so fix it. When you’ve done that a pipe will extend from the lower right side of the door. Use the wheel you picked up and place it on the pipe. Turn the wheel and enter the room. Move forward and examine the gold bars. Turn around and start heading up the ladder. The culprit will show up. Turn around and go back into the room with the gold bars. Click on the down arrow and open and enter the grate. Go up the other side through the other grate. Turn and shut the door on the culprit. Quickly climb up the ladder and enjoy the ending. Another mystery solved by Nancy Drew!

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