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Sea of Darkness Cheats

Knot Display

Captain's Quarters Wooden Box
Press 6 - 4 - 3 - 1.

Captain's Desk

Word Search

Pins and Map





Icelandic Vocabulary Puzzle
These are examples of some of the puzzles in this vocabulary game.


Kitchen Orders

These are samples of how it works; you can back away at any time.

Dinghy Spark Plugs
1. Tolf 12 and fjorir 4. Use connector sextan 16.
2. Tveir 2 and sjo 7. Use connector niu 9.
3. Tiu 10 and niu 9. Use connector nitjan 19.
4. Fimm 5 and atta 8. Use connector brettan 13.

Lighthouse White Lights
Keep pressing the arrows in this order until all white lights are lit:
Down, right, down, left
It may take a while and sometimes the lights may not move, but just keep doing the pattern anyway and it should eventually work

Lighthouse Pyramid Puzzle



Dog Toys






Crow's Nest



Soren's Tablet
Blue squares: Take the elements from the top and place them on the squares below to make new elements (place on green squares in top middle).
Earth + fire = lava
Air + earth = desert
Air + fire = energy
Middle squares: Take results of the element combination from the top green squares and combine them to make another climactic change.
Desert + energy = dust cloud.
Energy + lava = eruption.
Red squares:
Dust cloud + eruption = Volcanic winter.

Ship Wheel

Tidal Depth Chart

Captain's Bed

Hidden Room Door



Bilge Pump



Sketch Pieces

Lion Heads
Insert the token on the slots at: left, middle, middle, right, middle, middle, middle.

Box-Shapes Pattern Puzzle



Star Mosaic

Music Box



Captain's Box Sliding Puzzle



Treasure Chest
1. Stormy seas - wave.
2. Cold wind.
3. Battered bow.
4. Stone walls.
5. Love.
6. Silent ice.
7. Grave.
8. Bones.
9. North
10. Broken heart.
11. Sails.

12 Blackened sky.

End-Game Awards
If you climb the crow’s nest enough times (+11x), you will get an award.
If you change the tide often enough (14), you will get an award.
If you play enough vocabulary games, you will get an award.
If you fill enough food orders (15), you will get an award.
If you buy one of each souvenir, you will get an award.
If you ride the dinghy often enough (+20x), you will get an award.
If you listen to all the phone messages in Magnus’s cabin, you will get an award.
If you have been to all the rooms in the ice cave maze, you will get an award.
If you tell Ned you love him, you will get an award.

Phone Charms (bonus game only)
At the very beginning of the game, pick up the Viking hat charm from the base of the lamp on the right.
Pick up the white flower phone charm from the fish cleaning table.
Pick up the treasure chest charm from the table by the bed in the captain’s quarters.
Pick up the cannon charm right of the flashlight in the hold.
Pick up the yellow car charm on the shelf with the gas can in the employees’ area at Missti Skip.
In the ice cave, take the ladder going down. Go forward once. Pick up the axe phone charm from the rock shelf.
Pick up the puffin charm from the top of the luggage on the right behind the gift shop counter.

Easter Eggs
Examine the box on the bottom shelf in the captain’s quarters. Get all the triangles raised (press 1 -7-2-8). Then press down the three triangles at the center (3, 6, 8). Get a dark shiny egg.
Press the alarm button in the ship’s wheelhouse 11 times.
In the ice caves, when you break the ice wall, go forward, up, and forward three times. You will see the location with the yellow stone and the red stone. Where the yellow stone is, there is a branch to the left. You must go there. When you reach the end of the tunnel, break the ice under the wall and take the egg.
In the kitchen at the pub, look for an order with a picture of a black and white bird (Lundi). Fill all the squares of the order with the following image. You will hear the clucking. It is necessary to go onstage and look at the cello.

Sea of Darkness Walkthrough

Read the letter sent by Dagny Silva, a treasure hunter. Back up and automatically arrive at Skipbrot, Iceland. Talk to Dagny completely. Back up from Dagny. Go forward and look around the port. Go forward to the ship and left of the crates to see that the gangway is not there. Turn around and go left on the main street. Check the snowmobiles at the end of the street. You can’t use those without keys. Turn around and go to the other end of the street. See a fish cleaning table on the right. Take the hook hanging on the right. Read a newsletter under the rock. See the Missti Skip pub on the left on the end of this road. This is where Nancy is staying and it has a pub. Go back to where you talked to Dagny. Go forward to the other end under the archway and see the crow’s nest at the center of the yard. Read the notice about renting a snowmobile from Sno-Mo on the post on the right. Go forward and climb the crow’s nest. Look close and read the poster. Learn that this is the original crow’s nest of the ship and that Heerlijkheid means glory in Dutch. Climb up and see the view of the archway with the Ancestors’ Festival banner and the dock. Go down the ladder and enter the cultural center.

Cultural Center
Talk to Soren behind the reception desk. Discuss everything. Click on the gift at the reception desk. See that there is complimentary gift wrap available. Click on the sign left of the desk to learn how to speak like a sailor. Click on the touch screen to see a game where you match the sails to the name. More information is needed. Examine and press the buttons on the Heerlijkheid replica left of the touch screen. Pan left and examine the display case in the left corner. Read the legend of the items on display. Check the knot display in front of the window. Soren asks you to arrange the images to show the steps needed to create each knot. First, place the pictures that are for that particular knot on each row. Then arrange the order of the pictures. Once finished, examine the 75th Ancestor Festival card tucked on the right side of the knot display. At the back it states “gunpowder.” Pan to the left of the door and examine the weapons display. Look at the picture display left of the weapons. Read the descriptions of the pictures. Look close at the festival display. See another snowmobile poster. Further information can be given by Elisabet at Missti Skip. Read about the schedule of events. A delay notice states a postponement of the activities because of the ship’s crash. Take a look at the petition to stop the ship project. Gunnar is the only signature. Look around at the gift shop. Check the prices of all the items. You need to earn money. Go back outside and to the port. See that the gangway is up. Climb up to the ship.

Talk to the angry Elisabet. She runs the Missti Skip. She knows about Magnus. Get a snowmobile key from her. Look around. Try to enter the closet door right of Elisabet. She stops you. Climb the steps left of Elisabet. Climb way up to the top using the nets and into the crow’s nest. Take the sketch pieces under the “86” etched on the post. Pan around and look at the view of the town. See aurora lights. There’s an unlit lighthouse out on the sea. Go back down to the deck. Go forward and climb the steps. Go around the wheel house and look at the view. Look close and examine the original helm-wheel. Nancy says that someone took some of the decorations. Go inside the wheel house. Read the captain’s log to the right of the steering wheel. Magnus wrote the descriptions of the sails. These are clues to the Match the Sails touch screen at the cultural center. Turn the wheel if you want. Notice that the chair has a gold button and panel on the armrest. Check the new radio by the window. The key is missing. Look at the charts on the table on the left. Exit the wheelhouse and go down the first set of steps. Turn left and left again to face the center stairs. Go through the door. Go forward and enter the doors at the end of the hallway to be at the captain’s quarters.

Captain’s Quarters
Look close to the right of the door and see a picture of Magnus with his dog. Underneath is a picture of Magnus and Elisabet. There’s a dog bed-kennel at the corner. See an antique map on the wall with bold alphabet letters on it. Look close at the shelves under the window. Examine the box on the bottom shelf. Nancy says that all wooden sections-triangles should be pressed down. Read the letters inside the box. Look close at the table in the center of the room. Pick up the locator and toy clues from the table. Look close at the desk on the right under the window. Deduce the clues to solve this puzzle. Note that the completed row (no blank space) adds up to 9, so the empty squares must be numbers that will get a sum of 9. Select the number on the right and it will appear on the highlighted empty square. Note also that each row has four red squares and three yellow squares. So select the correct color from the right top part. Once the desk is open, read the diary. Take the holed paper on the right. See a word search. Find the words seen on the bottom right. Left click to select a letter from a row; right click to select a letter from a column. The letters are not in order and the completed word is seen on the row on the right or column below. The color of the letters on a row are red and blue for the column. Click again to toggle an error and unselect that letter. The holed paper is automatically placed on the page to show letters: EVFWMRCJDSUL. Read the Santa Fe Gazette. Take the lighthouse key from the desk. Pan right and examine the cabinet. Take the can with pins. Look at the round keyless lock at the back of the cabinet. This is the lock mentioned in Magnus’s diary that needs two more numbers. See the bed. Go to Lawrence’s antique map on the opposite wall and right of the dog bed. Place the pins from the cabinet to enter the code shown by the holed paper – EVFWMRCJDSUL. One of the sounding depth numbers is revealed (14). Exit and then go down the stairs on the right. Enter through the door and be in the ship’s hold.

Look close at the barrels. Examine the middle bottom barrel. Read Dagny’s note. Go right and down another level. Look at the grate at the center of the room. Open the grate and see a machine. Go forward to the back of the room past the grate. Take the flashlight by the barrels. It needs batteries. Leave the hold and then go back outside.

Climb down the steps and up the other stairs to the bow (front of ship). Stand by the right side of bowsprit (long pole protruding from ship) and see the lion figurehead under it. Look close at the puzzle at the figurehead’s back. It needs coin for the slots. Go back to Elisabet. Talk to her about everything. She’ll give you a paper that Magnus left at her place. Exit the ship. Go forward to the edge of the pier. Go down the metal ladder and be on a dinghy (floating boat/raft). Click on the wheel to find out that the motor is busted. Press the center of the wheel (horn) with a cat insignia. Turn around and see the Mad Cat motor. More information is needed before it can be fixed. Go back to a freezing Dagny and talk to her. She is watching her ship. Nancy offers to fix the heater. Click toward the top of the device Dagny is standing next to in order to open the control panel. Place the pieces on the right so that each piece covers the correct set of numbers to equal one of the five target numbers at the bottom of the puzzle. Dagny and Nancy will make small talk while you work on the heater. No overlap is allowed. After the heater is fixed, get the radio key from Dagny. Go back to the cultural center. Click on touch screen and match the sails to the name, which were seen in the captain’s log. When correctly done, see sailor vocabulary. Talk to Soren. He’ll give you a pamphlet that might help in solving the case. The Dinged Dinghies pamphlet has dinghy care using the proper voltage total used to jump start a broken motor. Go to the snowmobile on the right end of the road. Use the snowmobile key given by Elisabet. It’s out of gas. Enter Missti Skip and look around.

Missti Skip
Look right and read the “Customize Your Gear” book. Look close at the Sleipnir metal sculpture on the wall. If you want to sleep, climb the stairs to the lodging floor and automatically wake up later. Left of the stairs to the lodging is a sign that shows the current tide. It is low at the moment. If you want to change the tide, go upstairs and sleep-rest. The next instant, the tide will change. Go down to the pub across the Sleipnir wall sculpture. Talk to Gunnar. Do not use the “Don’t want to tell me” dialogue. Talk to him about everything. Turn around and enter the door with an “Employees Only” sign. Take the gas canister. Hear Elisabet and Gunnar talk outside. She will stay at the ship and not help serve at the bar. Take the yellow fish decoration from the machine on the right. Turn right after exiting the closet. Try to enter the kitchen and Gunnar stops you. Read the letter from Elisabet to Gunnar. It is a list of do and don’ts. Look close at the machine on the bar counter. Take the Icelandic word on the left and drop it to the right of the correct English word. Press the submit button. There are four rounds per game. Earn 600 kronir to buy things from the gift shop. Check the purse at the beginning (left) of the inventory bar to see how much money you have. Turn around and go forward. Look close at the musical instruments display across the exit stairs. Examine a card with a picture of the instruments on the left panel. Look at Elisabet’s poster at the center display. Examine the langspil left of the poster. Open the round case on the langspil and see different pattern on each side of the decoration. Find the difference between the two sides. Click on the difference on either side. When all differences are found, the case opens. Take a carved star. Look close at the Skipbrot machine. It needs 450 kronir for each part. There are three parts. Earn enough money at the Icelandic word game on the bar to play all three parts. Move the knob under the part to be played. Learn the tragedy and that Elisabet is the descendant of Anna and James Lawrence. Leave the pub and head toward the cultural center.

Cultural Center
On the way, get a call from Ned. After hanging up, call him again and learn about Burt, the new roommate, and a pet chicken. Call him again to talk about the suspects. Talk to Dagny, who is still out in the cold. Discuss everything. Go to the center and buy batteries on the postcard rack. Automatically place them in the flashlight. Talk to Soren completely. Go back to the pub to earn more money, but Gunnar orders Nancy to go to the kitchen. Read the tutorial. See an order screen. The top left of the screen are the five orders to be filled. Orders can be filled in a row or in squares of similar colors. The orders are to be filled in the same order shown at the top left. There can be empty spaces in a filled order. A filled order on the top left is grayed out. If the order is difficult, make a new order and select an easier one. You can leave this at any time. Talk to Gunnar about everything. Go back to the cultural center. Now that you have money, buy the book “Iceland at a Glance” at the gift shop. Buy a gift for Ned that you can afford or get more money at the pub. Get the souvenir gift for Ned gift wrapped at the counter. Go back to the ship.

Talk to Elisabet again. Discuss everything. Go up to the wheel house. Use the radio key given by Dagny on the radio keyhole. Take the microphone. Automatically Nancy uses it to call out. A voice is heard. It is control tower #32 manned by Alex Trang. Talk to Alex about everything. Alex will help Nancy to distract someone on the ship so she can snoop in her bag. Before helping Nancy, Nancy has to fix the lighthouse first. Learn a ship fact or two if you’d like. Go back down to the dock and then go down the metal ladder to the dinghy across the gangway. Turn around and open the motor. Place the spark plugs and connectors in their correct locations. Read the Dinged Dinghies leaflet received from Soren for clues. Note that the voltage totals from top to bottom are 16, 9, 19, and 13. Red is on the left and black is on the right. Use the guidebook “Iceland at a Glance” translation to know the value of each spark plug. The spark plugs should equal the value of the connector. Insert the spark plugs (red on the left and black on the right) and then insert the connectors in the right order and value. When done correctly, the engine starts. Click on the wheel to be automatically outside the lighthouse.

If it is high tide, you can reach the dock. If it is low tide, it is too high for Nancy. Go back to Missti Skip and sleep-rest. The tide will change then. Go back to the lighthouse and climb up to the door. Use the lighthouse key from Magnus’s desk on the door lock. Climb to the top of the lighthouse. See mosaic patterns under the windows. Click on all the mosaics for a closer look. Use the cell phone and call Alex Trang. Go to the control panel ahead. See a 4x4 diagram with circles and directional arrows on all sides of the enclosing squares. The aim is to get five white lights for amateur and seven lights for master level on the tower on the right side. You can see the progression of the colors on the left side: Blue to green to red to CMY (cyan magenta yellow) and then white. To get the next color, two similarly colored circles must be combined. Use the directional arrows to bump two similarly colored circles together. Two blues make a green, two greens make a red, two reds make a CMY, and two CMYs make a white circle. When you see two similar colors, bring them side by side and then combine them. When done correctly, the lighthouse light will come on and rotate. When this happens, call Alex again. Alex says that there is an alarm in Magnus’s chair at the wheelhouse. Go to the hatch to exit and the remote access alarm flashes and sounds. The windows are automatically opened, making it bitter cold inside. Click on the panel to the right of the hatch to start the pyramid puzzle. See a pyramid stack of squares. Starting at the top going down, place numbers on a row that adds up to the number above it. Each number above should be the sum of the two numbers directly below it. Click a number from the sides and then click on an empty square. When done correctly, the hatch opens. Exit the lighthouse and go to the dinghy. Go back to Skipbrot and the ship.

Climb up the ship to the wheelhouse. Look close at the closest armrest. See a gold panel and circle. Click on the gold circle. This opens the panel. Press the alarm button. Exit the wheelhouse and hear footsteps. Immediately go left, down the stairs, and then down the other stairs to the main deck. Turn left and pan left to where Elisabet was sitting. Her bag is unguarded. Look in the bag. Read Magnus’s letter to Elisabet explaining where his anniversary gift for her is located. Take the key to Magnus’s cabin. Pull back and try to open the closet guarded by Elisabet. It is locked. Go to the snowmobile at the left end of the town road. Use the gas canister from the pub’s closet on the snowmobile. If the key is already in the snowmobile, click on it to start the engine. You can go straight or left on the ice road. The back arrow goes back to town. Take the left road to get to Magnus’s cabin.

Get a call from Ned. After he hangs up (after sounding strange), try to call him again. A recording answers. Use the key from Elisabet’s bag on the door lock and enter the cabin. Look around. Look close at the table on the right. Read the Limerick book and the letter from the publisher. Take the two decoration disks from the plate. Look left and open the oven door. Take two more decoration disks. Go to the bed on the right. Take two more decoration disks. Look at the pictures on the wall. There are three large pictures of the ice cave. Turn around and check the TV. Take a decoration disk from the answering machine. Read the “After the Laki Eruptions: A History” book. Read the notations about the crow’s nest at Skipbrot. Press the right red arrow on the answering machine. Listen to all seven messages. Read Dagny’s letter from the table right of the dog bed. Tumi the dog must have eaten Dagny’s spare luggage key. Take a decoration disk. Check the dog bed now that Dagny mentioned the key in the letter. Lift the dog bed and take the luggage key. Open the curtain behind the dog bed. Read the clues on the left. Based on the clues, arrange the toys in the proper order. Take a toy from the top and place it on the appropriate square. Each row, column, and diagonal has two of each kind of toys. When done correctly, take and read the messages between Dagny and Magnus. Turn right and see a cabinet on the back wall. Open it to access the crystal collection mentioned in Magnus’s letter to Elisabet found in her bag. Arrange the crystals as stated on the note. There should be four colors of each (blue or yellow) crystal in every row and column with no more than two of the same color together. Do the crystals between or beside the permanently placed ones first. Then enclose those similar crystals that are side by sides already. Then finish rows or columns that needs only one crystal. The numbers at the sides are counts of the colored crystals. When done correctly, the chest is opened. Look inside and take the intricately carved small chest. It’s a music box. Click on the handle to play the music box. More information is needed. Look at the lid of the chest to see a taped sketch. There are still some sketch pieces missing. Turn around to face the door. Take the decoration disk on the top of the door frame. You now have 10/10 disks. Exit the cabin and use the snowmobile. This time, go forward on the road and be at the ice cave.

Ice Cave
Go forward inside the ice cave. With the flashlight already having batteries, look around inside. This is the picture on the wall in Magnus’s cabin. Midway inside, see an Icebreaker glove on the left side. Go to the end of the path and click on the wall. Nancy says she can break through the wall with a sharp tool. Use the fishing hook taken from the fish cleaning station on the wall. After breaking the wall, go forward five times. There is a split in the path – one way leads left, and one leads forward. Go forward six times. See one ladder going up and one going down. Take the ladder going down. Go forward once. Turn around and go up the ladder. Take the other ladder going up this time. There is a split to the left and right. Take the right path. Go forward two times. There is another split here (left and right). Take the left path. Go forward and then down into a large hole. Take the sketch pieces in a plastic bag. Go back up twice. Go right. Go forward three times until a split. Take the left path. Go down the first ladder. Turn around. Go forward until the exit. Go back to town.

Gunnar with a large knife pounces. Go to the crow’s nest in front of the cultural center. Notice that Dagny is not here. Climb up the crow’s nest. Click on the middle rail. This is the puzzle mentioned by Magnus in the history book in your inventory. The solution is to divide the pieces into groups of six with no group touching another. Click on a shape until they are a group of six. They will be highlighted within a yellow line. After the puzzle is completed, see a wounded Soren pass by. Take a wooden gear from the secret compartment. Go to the cultural center.

Cultural Center
Talk to Soren completely. Go outside and talk to Dagny at the heater. Go to the dock and Nancy notes that Gunnar went out on the dinghy. Go to the Missti Skip pub and take the coaster on Gunnar’s table left of the bar. It is a metal disk. Read the letter on the table. Note that the sign outside the pub shows high tide. Go back to the cultural center and talk to Soren about Magnus’s cabin and the vigilantes at Skipbrot. Tell Soren that someone took a sweater from the gift shop. He will chase the “thief.” Enter the counter through the door left of the gift shop. Use the luggage key from under Tumi’s bed at the cabin on Dagny’s yellow luggage on the table. Read the “Heroes of Land and Sea” book. See Moira Chilsolm’s note to Dagny. Get more sketch pieces. Look close at the counter. Open the drawer and see the matching glove of the one in the ice cave. See a yellow post-it note that says “create volcanic winter.” Click on the tablet on the left. Mix the elements to form a volcanic winter. Combine two elements to make a new one. Continue combining for a progression of events that leads to a volcanic winter. Once the tablet is unlocked, read all the contents. Go back outside and past the crow’s nest. See the heater on the ground and signs of struggle. Look close. See large footprints and blood in the snow on the left. Pick up Dagny’s cell phone on the right. Enter the password learned from Dagny’s note in the barrel at ship’s hold (scuttlebutt) and press Enter. Read all the messages. Check the gallery. See pictures of the captain’s quarters, upper deck, main deck, street of Skipbrot, the ship, the main square, the ship’s hold, and a blank wall at the ship’s hold. Go back to the dock and the ship.

Talk to Elisabet about everything. Go to the helm by the wheelhouse. Look close at the wheel. Now that all 10 decoration pieces are collected, do the wheel puzzle. Match the images to create a single compound word for each pair. Turn the wheel and get access to other words that will match the outer disks. Move-click the matching disk close to the matched word. The sailor dictionary seen after finishing the touch screen puzzle at the cultural center has some of the words. When done correctly, the center part of the wheel opens. Take the fixed locator. From Magnus’s diary notes on his captain’s desk, it is known that 86 from the crow’s nest is the total number. Four numbers that add up to 86 are needed. One of them (14) was seen after the pins-map puzzle at the captain’s room. Remember that Magnus made a comment that he needs something to remove barnacles. Go back to Missti Skip and check the tide. It is high. Go up the stairs to sleep and the next time, check to see if the tide is low. If it is, go to the dinghy at the dock. See barnacles on the posts left of the dinghy. Use the hook on the barnacles to reveal another number (26). Go back up to the wheelhouse of the ship. Look close at the left tidal chart for 1784. Nancy says she has two numbers now: 14 and 26. Two more numbers are needed to make 86. Use the already-placed fixed locator to move it around to place 14 and 26 in two of the circles. See if all four numbers in the circles total to 86. Afterward, exit the wheel house and hear Elisabet sing. Talk to Elisabet about the song. She says that it’s an old family song her mother sang to her. Go to the captain’s quarters.

Captain’s Quarters
Look close at click the bed frame. A panel opens to reveal a Venn diagram. Place the numbers so that the total shown in the overlapping sections is the sum of those circles’ individual numbers. If correct, the rings are grayed out. A drawer is pulled out when the puzzle is solved. Take the sketch pieces. Remember that Magnus commented about the dog kennel at the ship. Examine the dog bed in the corner. Take the tiny key under the cushion. Open the cupboard/cabinet left of the bed. Look close at the numbered circle. Magnus mentioned that they have to be from lowest to highest. Enter the numbers of the four tidal sounding depths learned from the chart: 11, 14, 26, and 35. After each correct number, one of the triangles at the center recesses. Hear a sound of something unlocked in the ship. Exit the room. Go right and down to the hold. Go down the next set of stairs. While on the steps to the lower hold, look at/click on the cannon to the right of the steps. See duct tape and other supplies needed to kidnap a full grown man. Go forward and see a room revealed at the back of the hold. Go to the opened back wall. Enter and look close at the other door with a circle. See a ringed circle with numbers. Light up all the numbers by pressing the correct sections. There are ten tries only, as shown by the circles on the left. The numbers seen within the sections are numbers that need to be pressed adjacent to that numbered section. Review Magnus’s notes in your inventory to help. When done correctly, the panel opens. Some of the gears are missing. Use the wooden gear taken from the crow’s nest, metal disk Gunnar uses as a coaster, and carved star from the langspil on the machinery. More parts are needed. Exit the secret room. See the bilge cover is opened. Look close at the bilge. You cannot move away from here. Nancy is pushed down into the bilge and the grate closes. The water is rising. Recreate the numbers written in the corner on the big dial (15-21-21 for amateur and 19-18-20 for master level). Turn the dotted circles to change the numbers in the corners. The sums are seen on the bottom dial. The pump takes care of the water, but the grill is still down. Nancy cries for help. Elisabet arrives and pulls her up. At the deck, Elisabet gives you a metal crank that the person dropped. Go to Missti Skip.

Missti Skip
Talk to Gunnar completely. Go to the cultural center and talk to Soren about everything. Go back to Missti Skip and see Elisabet throwing Gunnar out of the building. Talk to Elisabet on the ship. Discuss everything. Go back to Missti Skip. Talk to Gunnar standing in front of the pub entryway. He wants a box from the pub. Enter the pub and go to Gunnar’s corner. Take the box behind the large metal shield. Open the red 1692 soap box. See a picture of a young woman. Nancy says she looks like her. Read the card sent by Edda to Gunnar. Go back upstairs and give the box to Gunnar. He’ll ask if you opened it; you can be honest or tell a white lie. He wants you to return when the tide changes and he will give you what he has. Check the tide on the sign by the stairs. It’s low. Go upstairs to rest. The tide is now high. Go to the pub and talk to Gunnar in his usual place. He gives the last of the sketch pieces. Take the snowmobile and get a cell phone call from Ned. That was very sweet. Decide how you want to respond to his confession. Go to Magnus’s cabin.

At the cabin, open the footlocker (left of the bed, contains the music box) and look close at the sketch taped on the lid. Using the sketch pieces seen on the right and what was taken from the crow’s nest of the ship, arrange the overlapping pieces to make a full image. When finished, Nancy recognizes it as a mosaic at the lighthouse. Exit the cabin and see Elisabet on a sled. Go back to town. Take the dinghy to the lighthouse. If it is low tide, the dock cannot be reached. If this is the case, go back to the Missti Skip and rest. Go back to the lighthouse when the tide is high and climb up to the top. Hear footsteps and find Dagny. Automatically be back in town at the heater. Discuss everything with Dagny. She gives you a lion token. Go back to the ship.

Go to Elisabet. Open the closet next to her even though she stops you. Out comes Tumi, Magnus’s dog. Elisabet gives you the sheet music of the family’s love song to the treasure. Look inside the closet and take the rawhide dog bone. It is a hiding place. Use the tiny key taken from Tumi’s kennel on the hole. Turn the key. Read Magnus’s note about the chart. The treasure is in the ice cave but needs Lawrence’s journal to access it. He describes the maze steps to do. Go to the lion figurehead at the bow of the ship. Look close at the panel on its back. Drop the token in the slots to turn all the lion heads upright. When all heads are upright, take the wooden wheel. Go back to the gear panel in the secret room (hold of the ship) On the way, get a call from Dagny. At the door in the secret room, place the wooden wheel on the gear panel. Use the metal crank on the left gear. A compartment raises up and reveals an ancient box. Open the left side and see a sliding piece is missing. Open the right side and see a puzzle. Arrange the pieces so that every row and column has one of each design. Review the clue on the middle right in Magnus’s notes in your inventory. Place the symbols that are already shown on the gameplay squares (one per row or column). Then fill the large symbols with large pieces to cover them. From there, deduce the rest. When the right side of the box opens, read the letter-confession of Captain Lawrence to his daughter. Click on the side of the last page to read a torn page titled “The Words I Couldn’t Keep.” Go back to the lighthouse and walk to the top.

Turn around and look close at the star mosaic. Place the numbers so that one of each number is within each outlined large triangle, horizontal row, and diagonal row. Review Magnus’s note in inventory. It mentions “lines continue across the gap.” Fill in the numbers missing in each triangle that has the most preset numbers already. Then work from there. This puzzle is similar to sudoku. The light turns on at the end when that row is correctly filled. Take and read the journal page. After reading the pages of the journal, go back to town and ride the snowmobile to Magnus’s cabin. Now that Elisabet gave you the sheet music of the family’s love song, open the music box in the footlocker. Use the sheet music on the box. Review the music book taken from the lobby of the Missti Skip. Arrange the tines to correctly play the song. Take a set of tines and move it to the correct place. Make a trial run to see the sequence of the tines played first and the number of bumps on the roller (for example, G is played four times). Then arrange the tines. Pull the lever to start the music. If correctly done, the whole piece is played. The drawer opens. Take the fish wooden tile and journal pages. The pages are automatically added to Lawrence’s journal. Go back to the ship. Hear the alarm on. Elisabet and Tumi are not here. Go down to the ship’s hold and then to the secret room. You might see that someone used an axe to take the box from the wall, which damaged the box. Open the left side of the captain’s box. Move the sliding shape to the treasure mark yellow X at the top right corner. Use your mouse on the arrows on the bottom right, or use your keyboard arrows. The sliding shape changes shapes and/or color as it passes to certain tiles. Note the markings on the tiles. The barriers open for a similar shape and color of the sliding shape. When the puzzle is solved, take the pages from the box. The journal is now complete. It is Lawrence’s legacy to his daughter. Remember what happened to them in the end. The completed song that was sang by Elisabet is at the back pages of the journal. Use the snowmobile and go to the ice cave.

Ice Cave
Follow Magnus’s directions to get through the maze. Enter the cave. Turn right at the red pumice stones (take two steps). Walk forward to the high ledge with the red stone (right four steps). Climb up and over. Go down past the yellow pumice stones. Continue forward until the tunnel split-level (seven steps to the ladder). Go up two times. Turn right at the cluster of five stalagmites. Continue forward to a large cavern (two steps, then the cavern separates left and right). It is now time to use Lawrence’s directions to get through the maze. Head into the right tunnel (the path splits left, right, and forward). Continue two steps (forward) and face an ice wall. Use the fish hook on the wall. Find Magnus. Talk to him. He thinks it is his fault the culprit did this and he’s sorry about it. Nancy calls Alex for help. The signal breaks up after telling her about the ice cave and the culprit responsible for all of this. The ground shakes and ice falls, separating Magnus and Nancy. Magnus goes for help but Nancy is alone. The kidnapper shows up, carrying an axe. The kidnapper wants the treasure and threatens Nancy with Gudrun the axe. Turn left and take one step forward. On the left is the decoy treasure chest. See an ice-covered boulder on the left. Use the hook on the boulder. The kidnapper takes the decoy chest and uses the axe to cause ice to block the passage, trapping Nancy. Turn around and face the place where the fake treasure chest was found. Use the hook on the wall ahead. Go forward three times and see the real treasure. Press the images on the chest in the order they appear using the words of the song. See images on the chest. Press the images in the correct order according to Lawrence’s final letter. Use the song found in the back of the captain’s journal as clues. The treasure chest is full of gold. Magnus breaks through the wall. Alex calls and says that the kidnapper is caught. Decide what to do with the kidnapper. Case closed!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sea of Darkness

The Case:
The celebrated ship “Heerlijkheid,” is usually the centerpiece of an Icelandic town’s local festival. Now that its captain has disappeared, the renovated vessel has become an eerie distraction. Did Captain Magnus sail away with a legendary treasure, or was he carried off into the night? Take the helm as detective Nancy Drew and set a course for the Sea of Darkness!

The Suspects/Character Profiles:

Soren Bergursson: Although Soren grew up ten miles from Skipbrot, he is considered an outsider and isn’t treated very well by his fellow residents. His vast education and knowledge of all things Icelandic aid in his running of the Culture Center and drive his fascination with local artifacts. He claims to be tired of hearing everyone talk about the treasure, but perhaps he’s secretly plotting to find the treasure himself?

El√≠sabet Grimursd√≥ttir: A born and bred local, Elisabet helps Soren run the Ancestors’ Festival and controls access to the Heerlijkheid. Could her recent breakup with Magnus have inspired her to take revenge?

Magnus Kiljansson: Magnus is the captain working on the Heerlijkheid’s restoration. He was supposed to safely steer the ship into the town’s port to kick-off the Ancestors’ Festival, but when the ship arrived, it crashed into the harbor unmanned, with Magnus nowhere to be found. Is it possible Magnus located the treasure and abandoned ship? Or did something much more sinister cause his mysterious disappearance?

Dagny Silva: As the manager of the ship’s restoration and a renowned treasure hunter, Dagny is furious with her business partner Magnus for disappearing. She suspects he went looking for the gold, found it, and took off, leaving her behind to clean up the mess. Dagny hires Nancy to track Magnus down and bring him to justice. But could Dagny know something she’s not letting on?

Gunnar Tonnisson: A grumpy old sailor who yearns for the “olden days,” Gunnar is not shy about voicing his concerns regarding the way the festival is being managed. He doesn’t care about treasure hunting, and claims the town’s traditions and history are what really matter. Could Gunnar be harboring a hidden agenda to disrupt the festival?

Alex Trang: Alex is a contact at the Rekyjavik Harbormaster’s control tower. She and Magnus communicate by radio whenever he is on board the Heerlijkheid. Could she have any insights to Magnus’ disappearance the day the ship crashed?

Ned Nickerson: Returning as a phone contact, Ned is always available to provide Nancy with any support or help she might need. Call him often and keep him up to speed on your adventures so that he can provide additional tips.

Playing the Game:

Walkthrough (where to go, who to talk to, etc.)

Cheats (puzzle solutions, Easter eggs, etc.)