Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Phantom of Venice Cheats

Picked Lock

Pallazo Zaterre Keypad


Chinese Puzzle Box

Fax Machine Number Pad
Press: 2 9 1 # * 9 9 1 * 7 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 2 6 9 9 9 * # 9 1

Stakeout Locations

L’ombrello rossi = Red umbrella
L’ombrella blu = Blue umbrella
Fiori rossi = Red flowers
Fiori bianci = White flowers
Gato – Cat
Albero = Tree
Statua = Statue
Fontana = Fountain
Automobile = Car
Gondolas = Gondolas
Pareta = Pillar

End-Game Stars
Going to the bathroom often might earn you a Lavatorio Star at end of the game
Changing your outfit frequently might earn you a Fashionista Star at end of the game
If you ride with the gondoliers often to listen them sing; you might earn the Musical Muse Star at end of the game
You can get the Clogio Star at end of the game by buying several Italian shoes in Campo Santa Maria
If you can afford it and adventurous - try different flavors of gelato; you might earn the Gelatina Star at the end of the game
If you use the Italian dictionary often enough, you might get the Webstressa Star at end of the game
If you do the mosaic puzzles without any mistakes, a Star at the end of the game might be waiting
If you do dance for tips several times, you might win a Dancing Super Star at the end of the game

Easter Eggs
Make a gelato of the colors of the Italian flag (red at bottom, white and green on top) and hear a *chicken cackle* to get an Easter egg.
Pick the lock of the locked room left of Colin. *Chicken cackle*. Get an Easter egg.

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