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The Haunting of Castle Malloy Walkthrough

Castle Grounds
Turn around and go to the gate. Click hold to move, or use the keyboard. A blue highlighted area means that it can be interacted with. Click on the gate and see a close up. Take the groom doll on the ground. Go forward until the castle door. Use the right door knocker. Talk to the caretaker. Turn around and go back to the gate. At the right side of the gate, see a Bailor sign. Click on the sign to automatically go to town. See a phone booth right by the entrance to the Screaming Banshee pub. Go to the door and see a 'No Vacancy' sign. Turn around and forward to automatically go back to the castle. Go to the front door and look for a way to get inside. Click on the door to get a close up. Move the cursor to the left and up. See a lit window. Click the up arrow and Nancy says it must be Kyler. Look down and pick up stones on the ground at left. Take a large stone from the right. Position the stone under the ledge. Click to throw it to the window. Kyler goes to the window and points at the door. Go to the main door and knock again. End up in the library. Talk to Kyler about everything. Check the bookcase close to Kyler. Take the Zodiac Constellation book at left part of the bookcase. Check the helmet at the right part of the bookcase. See a gear puzzle on the base drawer of the helmet. There are a total of 9 each of small and large gears. There should be 10 of each, so 2 more gears are needed. Open the door in between the bookcases. See the destroyed part of the castle. Look at the right bookcase. See a dynamo setup left of an unlit lantern at bottom shelf. The object of this puzzle is to move all rings to the right side of the machine. The rings can only be placed over a larger ring. When you successfully move all rings to the ride side, the lantern is charged. Take the lit lantern. Turn right and look at a scale on the table. Look close at the 3 pan scale. It is missing 2 weights. Check the drawer of the desk. See the chart of the weights showing the color, symbols, and weights. Check the paper left to the left of the scale explaining binary conversion to letters. Exit the library.

Enter the first room on the left. Take note of the destroyed and unkempt room. See a crow take and drop a gem from the wall. Turn left and pick up the orange gem. Place the orange gem back on the wall. See that the red, blue, and green gems are still missing. Look close at left side of the fireplace. Pick up the broken eyeglasses. Turn right and look close at the bookcase. Check the box at second from top shelf. See 9 tiles that have depictions of half a body of 4 otters in each tile. There are 4 colors of otters: blue, brown, green, and purple. The aim of the puzzle is to have all the otters be complete in body and color. The center tile is permanent. Arrange the 4 tiles adjacent to the central tiles first. Then arrange the 4 corner ones. Right click to rotate tiles, left click to move them. Once finished, take the gear you are presented with. Turn right, check the horse and rock it. Take the token that falls on the floor. Turn right and look close at left of the bed. Look close at dollhouse. Read the legend of the colored lines. Based on the clues, place the dolls at correct positions on the dollhouse on the right. Once they are in place, click on the red check button. If you’ve done it correctly, a token will roll out. Take the token. See the token placed in the purse at top left of the screen. There are still 4 missing dolls. Look close at the LeBleu Lapin (Blue Rabbit) book. Remember the cover of the book. Exit the room and go back to Kyler at the library. She wants you to check the printing machine and print 3 more of her invitation. Report to her of your findings and everything else.  Talk to her again and discuss everything. Exit the library and turn right before the archway of the stairs going up. Go down the stairs. Look around. Go forward and check the fortune teller booth right of the main door. See that it needs 3 tokens. Turn right and look close at the wedding table with presents and other items. Take a weight for the scale in the library. Pan right and look close at the printing machine right of the work table. See that there is a printing plate now on the left side of the machine. Place K-black ink on the printing plate. Take printing plate #1 at the right base of the printer. Take paper from the right base of the printer and place it on top of the inked plate at left of the machine. Turn the wheel. Take the pressed inked paper. Place the paper over the dryer at the right. Press the red button to dry the ink. Place it in the wicker basket at the right. If a mistake is done, discard the paper in the yellow recycle bin at the right. Automatically see the invitation. Do 2 more invitations and place them in the basket at the right. Look close at fireplace. Look at the picture of Kyler and Kit on the floor at right of the fireplace. Pan right to right corner of room and talk to Kit with a black eye about everything. Talk to Kyler at the library about Alan, the best man. She gives Alan's phone number so that Nancy can talk to Alan. Climb up the stairs at end of the hallway and see that the stairs to the tower is broken. Exit the castle and look around the grounds.

Castle Grounds
See lights coming from a room at top of the tower. Go left from the main door. Click on the garden and enter. Look around. A crow flies around. See 7 leprechauns on the ground. They can be turned and have different shaded 4 leaf clover on their shirts. Turn around and look close at the bench. Read the wedding vows written by Kyler. Exit the garden. Go left from the garden. See an opening on the ground. Go left for a bit and then up. Be careful that you don't fall off the cliff. You will see the fairy ring. Enter it and look around. Go right and down to the brown path. Walk going down on the path and see 3 Celtic crosses. Check the dates on the crosses. Note that there is a hole at the center of each cross. See the lit wall back of the crosses. Go down using the brown path to the south end of the grounds. Go left and see the blue bog. Hear a banshee wailing. Try to cross but you need something to safely do so. Go to the lit wall right of the main walkway. See that a portion of the wall is active. Exit the grounds and go to the village.

Screaming Banshee Inn
Click on the Bailor sign right of the castle gate and automatically be at the village. Enter the phone booth at the right. Take the receiver. Use the telephone card in your inventory on the slot. Call Alan and discuss everything. Enter the Inn. Talk to Donal. He wants his Crow's Nest drink before he talks to Nancy. You’ll have to mix drinks. Go to the back room and automatically be at the bar. Listen to the instructions by Seamus. The ticket in picture form is placed on the top of the bar. There will be 2 drinks per ticket. The recipes to mix the drinks are found in the book at bottom left. The drinks are made by placing the silver mixing glass under the juicer or the beer tap. Then press the appropriate item's button as many times as the book says. If the mix needed to be blended, a picture of the blender is seen in the book. Place the solid ingredients first in the blender and then press the blender button. Place the serving glass on the gray mat and pour the mixed-blended drink on it. Place the drinks on the plate beside the ticket on top of the bar. After doing the 2 drinks in the ticket closest to the bell, press the bell. If a mistake is done discard the drink at the rubbish bin at bottom right. Do the mixing fast and proper and get more tips. When done, automatically talk to Donal. Go right of Donal and play the game machines to get items needed in the game. You must play each game to get the necessary items. The Difference Detective puzzles differ depending on junior and senior detective mode. Click on the token slot to start the game. Save the game so that you can replay to win and not lose money or you have to make more coins. Take the whistle when you win the Difference Detective game. Any additional wins will get more tokens. Now look at the dart board. Look close at the procedure plate. Click on the token slot to start the game. Save the game so that you don't lose money when replay is needed. Study well how many points are obtained when an area is hit. The object of the game is to get 000 after using all the darts. The scoring is a subtraction from the initial points seen at top right by the points of a hit area. red bulls eye = 50, green bulls eye = 25, inner ring = number hit triple, outer ring = number hit double, black or white areas = the number hit. It is best to hit areas that have a higher score first and then hit the lower score areas close to the end. Hit outside for zero points. Take the blue dog doll as the prize when you win. Go back to the castle.

Castle Malloy
Go to the fortune telling booth. Click on the slot to automatically insert 3 tokens on the machine right of the door. Take a wood weight from the bin. Read your fortune on the paper under the weight. Turn around. Go and talk to Kit again about everything. He wants you to make the sitting arrangement. Senior and junior games differ in clues given but the solution is the same. Look at the paper in your inventory. Follow the clues given and seat the guests. Show it to Kit when you’re done and he will say if it is correct. Afterward, he gives a Brehon Law book found in Matt's room. Check the book and see it is the Leprechaun's level of society. Take note that there are different shaded shamrocks depicted above each level of society. Go upstairs to the library. Talk to Kyler about everything. Go to the desk at end of the room. Look close at the scale. The aim of the puzzle is to place all the weights on the 3 scales and have them all balanced. Take the graph in the drawer to use as clues in calculating and placing of the weights. The secret drawer opens. Take the stone tile. Exit the castle. Go left from the main door and enter the garden. Look close at the leprechauns. The shamrock on their chest looks familiar. Check the book found in the nursery by Kit. Note that the leprechauns' shamrocks are similar to that in the book. Each of the paragraph starts with an elaborate first letter. Turn the leprechauns based on the shamrocks. Take the Kyler doll, token, and the blue, green, and red gems from the bird's nest. Go to the gate by the road. Click to look close at the gate. See a panel on the right that has tiles. A piece will be missing when you’re finished. Place the stone tile taken from the drawer of the scale puzzle in the library. Take plate 2 from the slot above the dragon puzzle. Go back to the castle. Talk to Kit again. Go to the nursery. Place the 3 gems taken from the bird's nest in the garden on the gem panel on the wall. The aim of the puzzle is to press the gems in the correct order. The clue is seen above the panel - the color of the rainbow. Click the colors in the sequence starting from right going left: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo (dark) blue, and purple. No need to press the black button. See the fireplace open to a hidden room. Enter the fireplace. Turn right and take the board from the floor. Turn around and take the stone marker code from the floor. Exit the room. See the crow flies towards you, and then a screaming banshee. Exit the castle and make your way to the bog.

Go to the left south boundary of the castle grounds. Place the board taken from the fireplace hidden room on the water. Cross to the other side. See the first set of stone markers. Study the stone marker code paper taken from the hidden room. Follow the marker's code even though you see another stone marker before finishing the code. Once the previous code is done, follow the stone marker seen on the location of the end of the previous instructions. The others in between are to throw you off. When you successfully cross the bog, you will see the bog hut. After this, you will automatically get here or exit back to the castle grounds. You won’t have to go through the maze again. Enter the hut. Look diagonal right and see a wicker basket. Open the basket and take the jetpack. Look close at the work table right of the bird cage. Take dollhouse code 2 from the table. See a doll being made. Check the box at the right that needs a key. It has an ornate design on the front just like the one on the nursery door. Look close and see a swarm of flies. There's something on the floor of the bird cage. Look close at the herb table on the left. Read the book and see the different herbs and where they can be found. The back pages are remedies. You will see a Bug Bane remedy, so there is a way to get rid of the flies. Mix one part each of tansy, pennyroyal, wormwood, catnip, and thyme on the mortar and pestle. Click the pestle to grind it. Take the powdered bug bane and use it on the bird cage. When the flies are dead, take the lens. Exit the hut and go forward. Automatically be at the castle grounds.

Castle Grounds
Click on the Bailor sign right of the castle gate. Enter the Inn. Talk to Donal about everything. Go back to the castle, but don’t go inside. From the path of the castle, go left until you see a path. Take the path going down and see the crosses on the right. Look close and see the 3 dates on the crosses: 1801, 1916, and 1845. Take note of the lit wall at other side of the grounds behind the crosses. Place the lens taken from the hut at the center of each of the crosses. Look close through the lens. See a pattern through the lens. Back up and automatically take the lens. The lens is focused on the symbols on the wall. Go to the wall at other side of the path. Look close at the left side wall that is active. Press the symbols seen through the lens when attached on the Celtic crosses. Start with the oldest cross' symbol - 1801, then the symbol of 1845, and then 1916. The wall will go down. Go through the lowered wall. See a flock of sheep grazing in this area. Follow the path that goes to the right and then down. See 4 standing stones. Each stone is made of 3 blocks one on top of each other. The top has constellations, middle has trees, and bottom has Ogham scripts. Exit the standing stones and go back to the brown path. Go up and then take the lower path going to the right. At the end is an active area. Enter the area and pick up the paper on the rock. Turn around and take the path until the end close to the left wall. Take the higher path going to the right and up. Take the next right and see the barn. Enter and see an elaborate shearing machine - Wooly No More. Check the control panel on the left. Exit and take the small gear hanging from the wind chime. Go back to and enter the castle. Talk to Kit and then Kyler about everything. Kyler wants Nancy to collect herbs for her wedding bouquet to counteract the forces that might be at work. She gives the list of herbs and basket. Go to the bookcase close to Kyler. Look close at the helmet. Open the drawer at the base. Now that you have collected the 2 missing gears, it is time place the gears. The aim of the puzzle is to place the gears from I to II ending at VI and get all of them to rotate. Turn the handle in gear I to see if the attached gears rotate. When done correctly, the helmet spits out dollhouse code 3. Go to the nursery and look close at dollhouse. Automatically, dollhouse code 2 and 3 are placed on the left. The dolls collected from the garden and the dart game are also placed on the rack at the bottom of the screen. There are still 2 missing dolls. The code for the second puzzle is the one from the bog hut. Read the legend of the colored lines. Based on the clues, place the dolls at correct positions on the dollhouse on the right. Once they are in place, click on the red check button. When you’ve completed this successfully, take the token that rolls out. See from the code for the third dollhouse puzzle that the sheep doll is missing. Go back to the bog house. Check the herb book on the worktable at the left. Learn where all the herbs and flowers that Kyler wants can be found. Take the sage hanging above the herbs (plant in the middle). Click the unfinished doll on the worktable. It needs stuffing. Check the wool bin and Nancy says she needs more wool. Exit the hut and the bog. Turn around and reenter the bog. The sage that Kyler wants is already taken from the bog hut. Look at the entrance to the bog. Take the pink foxglove this side of the water. Take the path from the bog and go up to the garden. Enter and face the leprechauns. Turn around and take the red roses. Go left and follow the path to go up and left to the fairy ring. Enter the fairy ring and take the yellow yarrow. Go to the standing stone at the sheep pasture area. Enter the ring of standing stones. Turn to the standing stone twice. Look down at the base and take the lavender. Go to the castle gate. Look close and click to the left side to the archway. Pick up the purple vervain. Exit to the road. Go left to the end of the road. Take some blue larkspur from the ground in the active area. Go back to the castle and head to the library to give the flowers to Kyler. Hear Kit and Kyler quarreling. Once the conversation becomes muffled go down to the main hall. Check under the bed of the far cot where Kit was sitting and see Matt's lost luggage. Exit the castle and then go back in again. Talk to Kit about everything. Go back upstairs. Talk to Kyler and also give her the flowers (automatically).

Screaming Banshee Inn
Go outside the castle and click on the Bailor sign right of the castle gate. Enter the Inn. Talk to Donal about the stone pillars. He has a book about Ogham runes. He doesn't feel like answering some question because the band is missing a drummer and he is missing his music. Volunteer to play the drums. Seamus explains how to play the drums. Watch the cue above that moves to the right. When the cue or colored ball hits the drum or circle at the end, hit the corresponding color on the drum at the center. Check the timing, the ball might react a bit slower or ahead of the hole-drum before it can be counted as a score. When a wrong colored ball is hit over the circle at the end, the score is subtracted by one point. It is best to skip the ball if not sure that it will get over the drum. A ball counted as correct hit disappears over the drum. It might be easier to use the keyboard instead of the mouse for this puzzle; also, each colored ball shows the location of the color on the drum, so you might want to look at that so you don’t have to look back and forth between the ball and drum. If you aren’t fast enough you’ll have to redo it. When the drum puzzle is done, take the Ancient Celtic Sabbats - Ogham book. Talk to Donal again about everything. He gives a key to the sheep pen. He wants Nancy to bring the sheep in for shearing tomorrow. There are 10 sheep. Blow a whistle to collect all 10, go to the barn, and lock the barn. Go back to the castle. Go to the right side of the grounds and start collecting the sheep. See a sheep count at top left of the page beside the whistle won at the Difference Detective game. Look for sheep. Once seen within the circle of light, blow the whistle by clicking on the whistle icon at top left of the screen and they will go to the barn. Don’t get too close to the sheep or you’ll scare it and it will run away. If you are slow, the sheep will come out of the barn and the count goes down. Take note of where you hear them baaa bleat and go there immediately. They usually gather at north east of the pasture or south of the barn. Once the count is 10, immediately enter the barn, listen to them bleat, and then exit. The door will automatically lock and Nancy will note that it's all locked up. If the door is not automatically locked, the sheep count is not 10 and one or 2 left. Go to the standing stones at bottom part of the pasture. The 4 standings stones are made up of 3 stones one on top of another. Click on each of the 3 stones and see that they rotate to show 4 different etched Ogham script, tree or constellation. In front of the first stone is an ornate disk on the ground. The bottom stones have Ogham runes. Read the Ancient Celtic Sabbats book given by Donal.  Learn about the 4 festivals: Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine and Lugnasa. Learn that Ogham scripts are made up of 20 letters. They are read in stone markers from bottom to top. Note down or remember the first 2 Ogham of each of the festivals: BE for Beltaine, LU for Lugnasa, SA for Samhain and IM for Imbolc. Click on the middle stone to see the different depictions of trees: winter - no leaves, spring - new leaves, summer - full of leaves and fall - falling leaves.  Turn the stones on top and see 4 different constellations. Using the Zodiac Constellation book taken from the library, identify what those constellations are.They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Check the constellation dates: Taurus is May 15-June 20 (summer), Leo is from August 11-September 16 (fall), Scorpius is from November 24-November 30 (winter) and Aquarius is from February 17-March 11 (spring). Now that you have identified all the etchings on the stones, turn the stones to show the appropriate information. If correctly done, the ornate stone below the first stone opens. Take printing plate #3. Exit the castle grounds. Click on the Bailor sign right of the castle gate. Enter the Inn. Talk to Donal about the shearing sheep. He will allow Nancy to shear if she fills 3 bags. Donal hums a tune that calls the sheep to be sheared. Go to the barn in the pasture. Enter the barn. Read the plaque on the left side of the Wooly-No-More v.6 machine. There are 3 bits of information needed to calculate the total value:
1. The group color that is shown by the color of the asterisk on the monitor.
2. The family name of the sheep.
3. The emotion of the sheep.
Add the values of the 3 criteria and enter it on the keypad.
Then press the shear button.

1. Pull back from control panel and see the shearing pad. Call a sheep by clicking on the whistle. The sheep comes in and walks at the shearing pad.
2. On the machine check the color of the asterisk before the name. Note the value on the chart on the left.
3. See the family name of the sheep. Note the value on the chart on the left.
4. Look at the sheep and gauge its emotion: angry (head shaking up and down and one hoof moving), bleating, calm (motionless), happy (hopping up and down) and panicked (shaking and continuous motion). Note the value on the chart on the left.
5. Add the values and enter it on the keypad.
6. Press the shear button. If correct, see the nice do of the sheep.
Check the machine at right of the pad after every 2 correct shearing to see if the bag is full. As long as there are no bald spots on the sheep, you’ve done the job correctly. If you blow the whistle and a sheep doesn’t show up, check the bag, as it’s probably full. Fill 3 bags for Donal. Take wool from the last bag. Exit the barn. Go to the bog. Enter the hut and go to the doll worktable. Use the wool on the unfinished sheep doll. Take the sheep doll. Go back to the castle and talk to Kit about everything. Go to the nursery.

Now that the sheep doll is taken, do the dollhouse puzzle taken from the gear puzzle. Read the legend of the colored lines. Based on the clues, place the dolls at correct positions on the dollhouse on the right. Once they are in place, click on the red check button. Take printing plate #4 from the drawer. Go to the desk at the back of the library. Study the paper left of the scale. It explains how to change the binary into a letter. Use the example graph on the right to get the value of the binary. The 1 is given a value depending on its position in the binary. Add the values obtained to get the total value of the binary. Go down and go to the printing press. There are 4 printing plates collected from different places and puzzles. Each printing plate has a binary on top right corner. We now know the letters that correspond to the binaries. There are 4 colors at the printing press: Y, C, M, and K. The printing plate binaries are the colors to use for that particular plate. Click on the printing press and see the 4 printing plates on the screen.
1. Place the printing plate on the left of the machine. The printing plate that went in first is the 01011001.
2. Place the color that corresponds to that printing plate.
Use these colors and printing plates in this order:
01011001 Y for Yellow
01000011 C for Cyan
01001101 M for Magenta
01001011 K for Black
3. Place a paper over the inked plate.
4. Turn the wheel to press the inked paper.
5. Take the inked paper and place it on the dryer at right. Do not turn the dryer on. This is just to have a place to hold that paper.
6. Place the next plate on the left.
7. Place ink for that particular plate.
8. Take the inked paper that you previously did with the first plate and lay it over the new inked plate.
9. Turn the wheel to press that new color on to the paper.
10. Take the inked paper and place it on the dryer without turning it on.
11. Do the above for the next two plates with their corresponding colors.
12 After pressing the 4 plates with 4 different colors, place it on the dryer. Turn on the dryer.
Take the finished printed paper and read it. It is the instruction for the jetpack taken from the bog hut's wicker basket. If the colors printed are wrong, the instructions will also be wrong. Exit the castle, go to the grounds and try out the jet pack.

Look close at the jetpack taken from the bog hut in inventory. See the panel of the jetpack. Follow the newly printed instructions on how to start the jetpack. You must follow the directions exactly and in the same order or the jetpack will explode. When you follow the instructions correctly, you will fly. You also won’t have to use the instructions again; you’ll automatically use the jetpack. Go to the tower where lights were seen earlier. Enter through the window.

Look around at the well taken care of room. Go to the table at right beside the 2 chairs. Open the drawer and take the paper with a list of 4 books. Note that it has a dial on top and a drawing of an island off the castle at right and the fairy ring at left. Go to the desk left of the bed. Look close at the family tree. Look at the dial lock of the desk. Enter LAPIN (from the Le Bleu Lapin book in the nursery) and see if it will open. It doesn’t, but dollhouse code 4 is obtained. Exit through the window. Fly to the left. Pass the garden and then up to go to the ocean. See and land on the island (blue active area). Go forward and look at the N5 etched on the rock. Fly south to be back on the land. To land, click on the main door of the castle. Go up to the library.

Castle Malloy
Go to the book shelf beside Kyler. Look at the Hydroponics and Aeroponics book from the top shelf behind the horse. Go to the bookshelf beside the desk and look at the Ersatz Quidnuncs book from the left top shelf and the Nautical Cartography from the top right shelf. Look at the Zoopraxiscope book from the desk. The paper from the coffee table has the picture of the desk lock. The desk lock needs 5 letters. There are 4 books in the list and the drawing of the island with the N5 etched on it. Each of the 4 books has inscription on the inside cover. These are the clues to the letter. Based on the etching on the rock in the island, one of the letters is N and it is in the 5th position. After checking the inscription in each book for the first 4 letters, you will discover that the desk lock code is C Q L X N. Exit the castle. See the screaming banshee come out of the tower window and fly away. Move forward to the grounds and automatically use the jet pack. Fly to the tower. Enter through the window. Enter the code: C Q L X N. The desk opens. See Fiona's picture. Take the key with the nursery and the bog hut's box design. Read Cailyn's diary. Take the Nancy doll that has her car key on the neck. Exit the tower. Go up to the nursery. Go to the nursery. This dollhouse puzzle is optional: The Nancy doll completes the dollhouse. Based on the dollhouse code from the desk at the tower, place the dolls at correct positions on the dollhouse on the right. Take the blue Easter egg. Exit the castle. Fly to the bog and click on the water to be outside the hut. Enter the hut. Look close at the doll work desk. Use the key from the tower desk on the box with the same design as the nursery door and the key. Open the box. Look at the card in the box. Pull back from the table. Meet the screaming banshee, who pushes you down into a pit. You will automatically walk the tunnel.

Secret Lab
Look at the lever right of the entryway. Pull down the lever. Meet Matt. Learn what happened to him and information about the secret lab. Look around. Go right and check the desk. Read the work log (rocket notes) and learn about Brendan's experiment. Take note of the color codes on the second page: yellow-gray, red-purple, light brown-dark brown, blue-black, pink-green. Learn there is propellant already installed in the rocket. Remember the launch controller preparation steps:    Insert safety key, flip first switch to check continuity. Green light indicates correct wire connection. Arm the rocket with second switch. Flip third switch to launch. Take the clipboard hanging on the wall left of the poster. See a button 'in case of lockdown, press to open'. Press the button. See a chemical storage clean room. There is a key at the back of the room. All chemicals in the way must be removed. There storage bins for 1, 2, and 3. Study the periodic table poster above the desk. See what chemicals can be stored together. Look close at the clean room and see the chemicals, large and small container. There are 3 storage bins for category 1, 2, and 3 chemicals. Use the claw hand to pick up the chemical and move it inside the appropriate storage bin and drop it in there. To move the claw, use the directional arrows at right. To pick up the chemicals, open the claw wider than the size of the chemical. The claw has an inner hook that circles the chemical and the outer clamp. Move the inner hook of the claw as close to the chemical and then close the clamp. Use the graph line to center the clamp, gauge the size to open the clamp and the inner hook. Move the chemical and place it inside the appropriate storage bin (as far up into the bin as it will go). Open the claw to release the chemical inside the storage bin. Do the right side chemicals first to clear space for access to category 2 and then category 3. There are second chances and they start at the end of the last chemical. Take the rocket key. Study the chalkboard on the wall beside the control panel. Note the side view. The angle of the rocket is 90.1. There are 3 types of fins. Go to the room in the middle and check the rocket. It is dark but the room lights up when you get close. Climb the ladder and see that it is missing a cone. Look around for it. Go to the sink area and see the nose cone on a top shelf. The ladder has no rungs. Click on the ladder with no rungs and get a close up of the puzzle. Place the geometric shaped plates on the left to make steps for the ladder. Right click to rotate the pieces. Click them in place. Climb up and get the nosecone. Place the nosecone on top of the rocket. Look at the base of the rocket and see that there are no fins attached. Go back to the sink area. Check the buckets under the table. There are 3 kinds of fins. Take the fin in the middle bucket (the red one with a white circle). Place the fins at the base of the rocket. Open the box at the base of the rocket launcher. See the wires are tangled. Using the picture in the work log of Brendan, connect the wires: Yellow-gray, red-purple, orange-brown, blue-black, green-pink. Follow the numbered end to the colored circle at right to know what color it is. Then insert it to the appropriate circle on the left. Do the launch preparation stated in the last page of the work log. Look close at the control stand left of the chalkboard. Insert the hard won safety key taken from the clean room on the keyhole at right. Turn the dial to 90.1, the angle of the rocket seen on the chalkboard. Flip the left switch to see if it has green light. If the light is still red, the wiring on the base of the rocket was done wrong. Flip the middle switch to arm the rocket. Flip the right switch to launch the rocket. Nancy Drew solves another mystery!

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