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Secret of the Old Clock walkthrough

Lilac Inn
A road map is in the inventory and there is $3.50 in the purse.  Enter Lilac Inn and talk completely to Emily's guardian, Jane Willoughby. Climb the stairs and turn right. Enter the last door and talk to Emily about everything. There's an explosion. The kitchen stove exploded. Talk to Jane completely. Hear Emily cry and automatically run to her. Look around her bedroom. Look at and note the phonograph, The Rubiyat book on the bed, and the sewing machine. Go down and talk to Jane. Turn left and enter the parlor. Look at the newspaper and magazine under the window. Learn about hobo language and 'Clever Hans', the horse who can pick up inadvertent cues. Pan right and look at the clock on the fireplace mantel. Click on the handle to see the bird puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to move the bird from left to the slot on the right. The wood tiles can be moved to free a space from left to right. When correctly done see the cuckoo tweets and the bottom drawer opens to reveal a mirror. Take the mirror. Pan right to the other side of the room and see a curtained ornate booth. Turn the heart shape handle to raise the curtain. Click on the coin slot to automatically insert 5 cents to start the puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to join the similar colored male and female characters of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The females are stationary and with in a box. When successful, hear a trumpet blare and the word 'Keen' drops down. Exit the parlor and ask Jane about Bard Bounce. Exit through the main door and turn left to the payphone. Note the cat etched at bottom left - it's a hobo language. Call Nancy's dad now. Take the receiver, click on the 5 cents slot and talk completely with Carson Drew. Turn right from facing the payphone, go forward, and take a left towards the bridge. Cross the bridge and catch the paper floating in the air (slightly past the bridge). If you missed it the first time, you can either catch it again by going forward and turning back or turn around, cross the first bridge again and go back. Go forward across the second bridge and take the stone bridge on the left. There's a building left of the path. Go forward to the house and look at the sign of Topham School. Enter the “school”. Uri, Richard’s cat, will start meowing. He needs his mouse. Pick up the mouse under the table with candles at the far left. Give the mouse to Uri the cat by the fireplace. Talk to Richard Topham completely. Ask when he can talk to you and then take his “intelligence test”. Take the paper from the table. Open the tools and click to look close at the paper. Type in the answers you deduce from what is typed in on the pages. Nancy will say if it’s correct. Talk to Richard again after doing the test correctly. Continue to talk to him about Josiah Crowley and about the explosion. Pan left and look at the clocks on the fireplace mantel. Look close at the mouse squares. The object of the puzzle is to click open 2 identical pictures one after the other. Click on 2 tiles to see what lies under the tiles. Continue to open tiles until you see a matching tile to what you have already opened. Then click the 2 matching tiles one after another. The matching tiles will now stay open. Continue until all the tiles are opened. When correctly done, the side panel opens. Take the second mirror. Pan Left and play with the robot at the corner. Look close at the desk on the left of the robot. The door on the right is off limits (if you try to enter, Richard will tell you to stay out). Click on the elephant and read the 'Lest I Forget' book. Take note of the pages that Nancy reads, as well as other pages. The typewritten note at the end is about a trivet for a party at Twin Elms. Pan left and read the book on the table with parrot. Learn about the radiometer. Look at the picture on the table with the candles. Look around more and note the musical instruments (to the left of the picture) and Richard's advertising leaflets (by the carousel horse). Exit the school-house. Go forward and right to the carriage house. Go back and cross the stone bridge. Go left to the miniature golf course.

Miniature Golf Course
Note the giant golf ball stand with a puzzle, the red booth to get the golf clubs, ball and scorecard and the prize booth. Read the instructions for the golf ball game. The object of the puzzle is to figure out the sequence of the colored golf balls hidden at the right panel. This is a random puzzle. To play, move a colored ball in the bottom row to a tee in the first column on the left. Do this to all 4 tees. Then push the golf club button at lower right to see how you guessed. If a stick with a flag is seen - it means one of the balls in the column is in the correct order and correct color. If only a stick is seen - it means one of the balls in the column has correct color but in the wrong position. If no stick is seen, it means one of the balls does not belong. The order of the clues is not correlated with the solution. From here on, logic prevails. You can deduce the correct color and position in subsequent columns. The ball can be replaced by another one by clicking it on another colored ball before clicking the golf club. When correctly done, a poem appears. Note the highlighted words. Go to the middle red booth. Click on the coin slot to automatically insert 10 cents and get a scorecard. Pull back and click on the button to get a golf club and a ball. Enter the miniature golf area and see the score card. The difference between the junior and senior detective is the course par. The senior is a less (21) than the junior detective (30). The object of the golf puzzle is to get a course par or under. Exit the score card to go to a Hole and start the puzzle. The game can be saved after every hole. So, if you get a good score, save and restart from the saved game if you get a bogey or worse. The farther the golf club is to the ball placement, the harder is the hit on the ball and longer run of the ball. Angle the direction of the ball to bounce it on a wall to enter another lane. Once you get a course par or less, insert the score card on the slot of the Prize booth on the left. Take the pony. Go back to the Inn and talk to Jane completely. Climb the stars and talk to Emily in her room about everything.

Enter Nancy's car and drive to Waddell Jewelry. Take a right on the road, left before the covered bridge, and right at the intersection. The jewelry store is the first building on the top. Nancy automatically asks Mr. Waddell about the appraisal paper. It is for a key appraisal asked by Jim Archer, the banker. For $1.50, Waddell gives the ornate key. Drive and park in front of the bank building right of the jewelry store. Talk to Mr. Archer completely. Look around Mr. Archer's office. Pan left and look close at the picture of the car and the woman. Pan to the right of Mr. Archer's desk and look close at the typewriter. Click on the typewriter ribbon to read what Josiah typed. You’ll have to click on it multiple times to read all of it. Look at the portrait of Clara Pickford with the dedication. Look close at the clock at the corner. Look close at the keyhole. Talk to Mr. Archer again about the car on the picture and the key taken from Waddell's Jewelry. He gives you the key as well as the old clock. Look close at the clock again and use the key on the keyhole. After using the key on the keyhole, see gears on the right to be placed at the correct pegs of the clock mechanism. Once the gear is at its correct peg, it can’t be moved anymore. Once correctly done, the globe on top opens to reveal a mirror. Take the mirror. Exit the bank and drive back to the Inn. Exit the car and cross the 2 wood bridges, the stone bridge and left to the Carriage House.

Carriage House
See letters at the Carriage House door. Remember the questions from Josiah's 'Lest I Forget' book. Click on a letter of each of the 4 wheels-openings to form Keen, Omar, Pony and Lois. After each correct entry, a red triangle appears on the diamond at center of the door. The door opens when all 4 correct words are entered. Look around and note that each corner of the Carriage house has a metal holder for something. There's a domino puzzle on the left metal box and a radiometer at far wall above a table. Go forward to the table across the door. Look at the Freshwater fish leaflet and note the different fishes. Take note also of the notations about what places and baits the Bogart's Pond fishes like. Look close at the blue clock on the table. It only has one hand. The object of the puzzle is to enter the correct numbers to open the clock. The central button resets the puzzle. To get the turn arrow cursor, move the cursor outside the central decoration. Enter the number by clicking the arrow cursor. This moves the clock hand one blue circle per click. Move the clock hand to enter - 1 2 4 2 8 2 7 using the turn arrow cursor and pressing the button at top of the clock in between each number entry. Press the top button again when it’s done. Take the 4th mirror. There's a radiometer above the table. It needs light to be activated. Remember the book on the table in Josiah's house. Place the 4 mirrors at each corner of the carriage house. Go to the metal box on the wall with domino dots on the cover. Click on cover to open the metal box. Look close to activate the puzzle. The object of the puzzle is the same as the domino tile game. Place one numbered end tile adjacent to a similar numbered tile.  The tiles can be taken off their places and put on the side by clicking on it to get and click to drop it on the side. Right click on a tile to rotate it. Be sure that tiles placed are sitting inside their slots. The top stationary number to be connected to is 7 and the bottom number is 5. If done correctly, the lever raises. Pull down the lever to allow the light beam inside the carriage house. Adjust the mirrors to get the beam of light to hit the radiometer above the table on the right. When the cursor is placed over the mirror, it changes to a turn arrow. Turn the mirrors using the turn arrows. When correctly done, watch a metal stair drop from the ceiling. Climb the stairs to the room above. See a ham radio on the left and an old clock with hobo language in front of it. Read the note by the clock. Look close at the ham radio and read the note under the radio. Go back to Richard's paranormal school. Talk to Richard about everything. Before he’ll give you the quartz, he wants you to “receive his thoughts” through your mind. The object of the puzzle is to pick the card that Richard selects by means of inadvertent clues. This is a random puzzle, but Richard always uses the same questions for a specific card in each game. Write down what you can gather by trial and error and eventually the puzzle will be solved. Take the crystal. Talk to Richard again about everything. Exit the school and go back to the inn.

Lilac Inn
Talk to Jane and learn about Emily being upset. Go to Emily's room and talk to her completely. Open the bottom drawer under the window seat and look at Josiah's hat. Take the key tucked on the hat band. Note that there's another letter there that Emily stopped you from checking. Look at the moved picture on the wall. Go back down and talk to Jane about everything. Go to the parlor on the left. Go to the curtained seat left of the fireplace and click on the cushion. See that the right curtain is caught under the cushion. Click on the caught curtain. Enter and go forward. Flip the lever on the right to get light in the passage. Go forward until the broken piggy bank on the floor. Take the coins and have an additional dollar in your purse. Continue forward 3 clicks and see a decorated slab for Creepy’s Corner on the right wall. The object of the puzzle is to arrange the tiles to form a picture. Click on a tile and then click it over the place you want to put it. The tile underneath replaces the tile on the cursor. The tiles can be rotated when the cursor above the tile is moved and changed to a turn arrow. If done correctly, music will be heard. Take the phonograph record. Continue left down the passage until the end. Climb the ladder and hear Richard. Go back, flip the lever to get lights and forward to the inn. Nancy automatically turns off the lights.

Drive the car to Waddell's Jewelry and ask him to cut a blank from the quartz crystal you got from Robert. He wants 2 dollars as payment. Talk to Mr. Archer about the key from Josiah's hat. He wants a favor before he will open the safe deposit box. He gives you the red dress that he wants you to sew. Drive the roadster up the road to the Krolmeister Nails, left to the end of the road, and right to the arched driveway (Twin Elms). Park and talk to Mrs. Sheldon. She wants her bridge card from Miss. Jakowski at Titusville Telco. Exit the driveway at Twin Elms. Drive south of the nail factory and take the road left of the bend of Muskoka River. Park the car at Titusville Telco and talk to Miss Jakowski. She wants you to get raffle tickets from Mrs. O' Shea at the orphanage. Drive south from the Titusville Telco, right, and cross the covered bridge. Turn at the first right to enter Turner Home for Orphans. She wants 5 toys for the children. You have one already - the red pony. You can play more miniature golf to get 4 more ponies or you can buy toys. Drive back to Twin Elms by taking the road by the nail factory and instead of right to Twin Elms, turn left and take the road down to the General Store. Use the toy vending machine and buy any 4 toys by clicking on the coin slot at the bottom and then pulling the lever by the toys. Take 4 toys. Drive back to the orphanage and give the toys to Mrs. O' Shea. The raffle tickets are at Phelps's Print Shop. Drive left to the first building after the orphanage. Talk to Mr. Phelps. He wants to go fishing to catch a 19 inch largemouth Bass. Drive back to the orphanage driveway and take a right to Bogart's Pond. Take the fishing rod. Take minnows as bait from the tackle box. Cast the fishing rod on the reed area on the right and when the white bobber moves, immediately pull-click the fishing rod. Keep the 19 inch largemouth bass. Give it to Mr. Phelps at the print shop. He gives you the raffle tickets. Go to Miss Jakowski at Titusville Telco and get the bridge cards. Take the bridge cards to Mrs. Sheldon at Twin Elms and get the trivet. If you have a half full tank of gas, Nancy will remind you to fill up at Zippy's gas. You would need money to get the blank from the jewelry store. Earn some money and do an errand at the same time. Go to the building above the bank. He gives you Carson Drew's papers. You can earn money by delivering the telegram. Go back to the telegram office after each delivery to get the money and a new delivery. Earn enough to have around $2.00 or more in the purse and have a full tank of gas. Deliver the last telegram and no need to get paid for the last delivery or you would get another one to deliver. Ask and get the blank if you have enough money. If you have a full tank of gas, go back to the inn.

Lilac Inn
Talk to Jane about the dress for Mr. Archer. Go upstairs, click on the sewing machine, and automatically ask Emily permission to use it. There is no needle. Talk to Jane downstairs about the needle. Jane wants you to get the pies ready for delivery while she looks for the sewing box. She gives you a list on how the pies are to be arranged. Go outside and turn right. Click on the curtain to see the pies. Arrange the pies according to the list Jane gave you. The correct pies have to be under/over the label of that kind of pie. Red is for cherry, blue is for blueberry, and brown is for chocolate. The small pies are on the left of the bigger pies. Click and drop the pies in the places you want it to be. Nancy will say when it's done correctly. Enter the inn and see that Jane is not in her usual place. Look close at the clock's pendulum at the corner. Go back and look behind Jane's podium. See a broken telephone and take the picture between the books. Click on the picture in inventory to turn it around and see 'door in parlor window seat'. Go left to the parlor and click on the right metal curtain holder to open the cushion door to the secret passage. Go down, flip the lever to get light and go forward once. Click on the lantern on the right to open another secret passage. Climb up and look close at the crack on the wall on the right. So, that is how someone makes that picture move. Go back down, use the lever on the left to exit and go back up to the parlor. Talk to Jane and get the sewing box. Take the needle. Discuss everything else with Jane. Learn Emily went to town. Go up to Emily's room. Open the drawer under the window seat. Read the letter, especially the last sentence. Place the needle on the sewing machine. Click the red dress on the sewing machine. Sew following the lines. Do it very slowly and in short series of lines at a time. Place the cursor right close to the needle for straight lines. Place the cursor at top right or left on diagonals or curves, so that you can adjust the cursor better. At the corners or angle points, be sure to do 1-2 stitches straight before changing directions. The junior game is more forgiving than the senior game as far as being off the line. Click the phonograph record on the phonograph. Replace it with the record taken from the Creepy Corner picture puzzle. Play the record by clicking on the crank. Drive to the bank and talk to Mr. Archer about the red dress. Now, he will open Josiah's safe deposit box. Pull the safe deposit box. Take Josiah's journal. Look at the design of the journal and note that they are similar to the design of the trivet. Click the G O O D F E L L O W letters on the journal. Hear a click and the journal opens. Note the name and MHz on each page. Flute - 7.025 MHz. Pyramus - 7.057 MHz. Thisby - 7.050 MHz. Drive to the inn and go to the carriage house. Click on the door to enter. Go to the domino metal box on the left and pull down the lever to lower the metal stairs. Climb up. Go to the HAM radio. Look close and place the blank made by Mr. Waddell inside the small door on top right. Look close at the knobs. Using the frequencies taken from Josiah's journal, talk to each of the 3 other HAM operators. The left knob is already set.
Flute - 7.025 MHz. Enter by turning the knobs to 0.02 on the middle and 0.005 on the right.
Thisby - 7.050 MHz. Enter by turning the knobs to 0.05 on the middle and 0.000 on the right.
Pyramus - 7.057 MHz. Enter by turning the knobs to 0.05 on the middle and 0.007 on the right.
Automatically talk to each of them after entering their frequencies and learn that you need a Shakespearean cue for them to give another line. Go to Richard at the school and ask to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. The request is denied. Go back to the inn. Enter the secret passage through the seat in the parlor by clicking the right metal curtain holder. Turn on the light and go to the very end of the passage. Open the hatch and hear Uri meow. Immediately look for Uri's toy mouse, take it and give it to Uri before Richard comes out and calls the sheriff. The mouse can be under the chair by the table, under the drawer, or by the box of advertisements by the carousel horse.  Read A Midsummer Night's Dream book on Richard's desk. See circled quotes with the name of the 3 ham radio operators. The quotes will be placed in Nancy's journal. Turn around and click on the rug by the corner to get back down to the secret passage. Go back to the ham radio at the carriage house. Call each of the 3 HAM operators and select the correct quote for each operator. Each of them will respond with the line Puck/Josiah told them to memorize. Make a note of what each operator responds with. Go to the big metal old clock at the end of the room. Look close at the squares with hobo language. Click on the hobo language glyphs deduced from the line given by each ham operator. Be sure to press the glyph in the same order it is stated in the line. When the final one (Bottom) comes up, recall what Josiah wrote to Emily’s mother in the letter under her window seat.

When done correctly, a slab comes out from the bottom and you are presented with a board game. Your goal is to reach the end of the path and to land exactly on the last spot on the board. Each card can only be used once. You do not need to use all the cards. To take a shortcut, you must be on a spot with a picture on it and use the same picture to take the pathway. Click on the instructions to show the board game. The reset button is on the right. Click on a picture/number and the peg will move automatically. If done correctly, a golf ball will pop out of side of the clock. Take the gold golf ball and read the note on the slot the ball came out of. Go to the miniature golf course. Enter through and automatically go to Hole 6 - Tiny Town. Place the gold golf ball as close to the hole that appeared after the brick was raised. Tap it to go in that hole and see it go to the part 2 hole. The ball released a key from the water tower behind the sign. Take the key. Go back to the Inn and hear Jane and Emily. Talk to Jane. Go up and talk to Emily. She will not listen to you at all. Go down and talk to Jane. Go to the car and drive to the bank. Be sure that you have enough gas in the tank without needing to refill. Talk to Mr. Archer about the new key and he will open the safe deposit box. Look at the contents of the safe deposit box. See the real Last Will and Testament of Josiah Crowley. Take a look at the picture. Automatically be driving to the inn. You are now in for a car chase. Be sure that you have the car in sight or the baddie will escape. Click the cursor immediately to follow the car. Once the “goes to state line” is mentioned, immediately take the closest way to go to the state line right of the railroad station. Hear a crash and watch the end scene. Nancy Drew solves her first mystery!

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