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Legend of the Crystal Skull walkthrough

Stand up and talk to Henry Bolet at the right corner of the room completely. Look around this room and see a card catalogue of books in the middle shelf left of Henry. Check the Miniature Modelers trophy left of that book case. Open the 1991 silver trophy at lower shelf to get an eyeball. Pan left and check the books at corner left of fireplace. They can be moved and have tooth depicted on the bindings. To the left is another bookcase with an iguana on top of some books. Pan around and exit through the double doors to the hallway. Go forward and enter the great room (left down the hall).

Great Room
Go forward to the table. Look close at the miniature cemetery. Click/hold/pull the screen to see the different areas of the cemetery. Check the fountain close to the entrance. Go up and see the writhing tree. Look left at the crypt at the corner of the walled area SW of the tree. Check the big mausoleum left of the writhing tree. Look close at the roof. There are 4 framed etchings on the roof. The etchings can be changed inside the frames. Go to right side corner at Forty Winks Mausoleum and see-pick up the Mausoleum. Open the door and take a second eyeball. Go to the area above here and see an alligator by the swamp-river. Click on the alligator. Check the arch left of the alligator. Pull back and look at the book at right of the cemetery. See a list of the occupants of the cemetery and the areas where they were buried. Go to the left corner of this wall and see family portraits. The one at the corner is missing. Pick up the paper from the floor in front of the portraits. It is a tracing of a framed crow. Pan left and look close inside the fireplace. Take a burnt receipt from Zeke’s and a coal. Move to the coffee table and discover the marble puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is to get the pusher to the eye at bottom right corner of the box. The marbles and square can be moved to block the laser beam at center of the box. Use the keyboard arrows or the arrows in the screen to move the metal pusher around the puzzle. The reset is the square with the star at middle bottom of puzzle. When you win, take the third eyeball. Go back to the library. Talk to Henry completely. The empty frame had the portraits of Henry's parents. Learn about the miniature cemetery in the Great Room and the one Bruno oversaw next door. Exit the door to be outside. Go left and talk to Renée potting some plants. Look at a shovel with skeleton arm hanging on right wall; right of the first lantern. Look around the garden. There's a path to the right, past the stepping stones, that goes to a loquat tree with a wasp nest. The fountain at the center doesn't have water. There's a drain. Inside the drain are a key and a spider that bites! The path to the right of the fountain goes to Bruno's crypt. It has buzzards guarding the pathway and a master of buzzard on the roof of the mausoleum. The path left of the fountain is the wall, a mushroom and some herbs on the fountain side. There are fireflies there too. The path ahead goes out to the cemetery that Bruno oversees. Go through the gate.

Go forward to the other side of the fountain. Go forward to the other side of the writhing tree. See the lit Bolet Mausoleum. Look at the framed etching at the base of the wall and columns: 2 on this side and 2 on the left side. These are similar to the one seen in the roof of the miniature. Go back to Renée and talk to her. After asking Renée for paper, she gives her room key. Enter the house and then to the hallway. Climb the stairs. Enter the room at the landing. It's an empty sad room. Open the drawer and take a fourth eyeball. Exit the room. Climb the next flight of stairs. Use the key on the door. Open the top drawer left of the bed. Take papers. Open the bottom cabinet. Take a Koko Kringle for you and one for her. You can eat as much as you want and not gain any weight. Try it and later, Nancy will get sick from too much chocolate. Look around the room. See a work table with hiccup powder on the left. Look close at the glyphs on the wall. Check the chest with a blue circle and symbols on the cover at other side of the room. We'll do this later. Go down and give Renée the chocolate. Talk to her completely. Go back to the Bolet Mausoleum. Be sure that you already picked up a coal from the fireplace. Go through the gate and forward until the mausoleum. Use a paper on each of the 4 frames etched on the walls and columns. Automatically, use the coal to get 4 tracings. Go back to the great room of the house. Go to the miniature cemetery. Move the screen to the top left. Look close at the roof of the mausoleum. The object of the puzzle is to enter the correct picture in each frame. There are arrows on the side of the frame to cycle the picture. Use the tracing from the Bolet Mausoleum as the clue. Take note that each frame is different from the others. Take the gold key after you solve the puzzle. Go back to the Bolet Mausoleum. See Henry crying in front of the mausoleum. Use the gold key on the door. Enter and look at the headstone of Henry's parents at left. Pick up the rolled paper- portrait of Henry's parents at top of the steps at bottom right. Go back to the house and the great room. Place the portrait of Henry's parent on the empty frame. Using your cell phone (bottom left of the screen), call the cab company and then Ned. Call Bess at the hotel.

You are now playing as Bess. See a Gumbo mobile shop, a man across the street and Zeke's across the hotel balcony. Go across and enter Zeke's. Look around at the Curio shop. Go forward and right to Lamont, the owner of the place. Talk to Lamont completely. Go to the cabinet right of the door. Check the 5 bottles: crying powder, giggling powder, itching powder, stinking powder and sneezing powder. Bess automatically takes the sneezing powder after talking to Lamont. Turn left and face the wall with old piano. Stand on the scale and get an idea. The aim of the puzzle is to create a situation where whomever stands on the scale gets a dose of sneezing powder. Move the items on the shelf and piano to create this situation. Test the process by standing on the scale. Take an item and click it over another item to place it in that position. Test the set by standing on the scale. Bess will say “That will do it” if it’s done correctly. Go to the back room while Lamont is sneezing like crazy. Click on the box. See a picture of a young boy and dog. There's another picture of an iguana wearing a pirate costume complete with a hat. There is a skeleton costume with hat. Look at the letters on top of the wood box. Read the French vacation letter and the note with Hamlet and numbers. Check Bess' observations in the journal. Using the Hamlet clue numbers as guide, count off the number of alphabets in the French vacation letter and write down the letter it stops on.

La Vergne was just wondrous this summer. We both stayed in the south of France for only a few days to visit some old friends...

Enter on the code lock: LEBENUNDTOD. Inside the box, read the letter about the Whisperer. Bess automatically calls Nancy and gives her findings.

You are now playing as Nancy again. Go to the library, go forward, and look close at the book case with the iguana. Click on the book in the box and see that the iguana is alive. Arrange the books that Iggy dropped. Look close and arrange all the books to fill inside the box. Click-hold-drop the books in position. Be sure that the books are set close to the edges. Check for spaces between books. Read the blue book at right by Beatrice Hotchkiss. See her phone number on the title page. Take the paper with letters and dots inside the book. Learn about the history of the Whisperer. Go to the hallway and use the cell phone. Call Prof. Hotchkiss. Talk to her completely. Talk to Henry about everything. He shows the death certificate. The signing physician was Bruno's best friend - Gilbert Buford. Note the eyeball key chain. It was Bruno's. Go outside and talk to Renée about everything. Go to the great room and call Dr. Buford. The answering service answers. Learn that Dr. Buford is at his favorite gumbo stand at corner of Rampart and Dumaine. Call Bess. Now play as Bess and see Dr. Buford sitting across the road. Go down and talk to Dr. Buford completely. Call Nancy. Now you’re playing as Nancy again. Go to the Great room and to the portraits. Study the portraits. Note that all the portraits carry a unique item and note that the arrangement of the frames is similar to the piece of paper found in Hotchkiss' book. Using the letters in the paper, arrange the portraits. A secret door opens.

Secret passage
Enter and hear Henry talk someone named Summer. Look through the peephole looking in the library. The peephole is pointed at the bookcase at corner of the library. Use the switch at right to zoom in. It's a book titled 'The Eye of the Beholder'. Pull back and turn right. Go up the stairs and see a spider web lock. Note that each line surrounding the spider web has broken lines. Take note of the number of lines. Go to the garden and look at the drain hole in the fountain. Click on each line in the order shown by the clue on the secret passage's door lock. See a small platform rise up. Take the key. Go back to the secret passage left of the fireplace at the great room. Use the key on the door lock at top of the stairs. See that this is Bruno's secret room. Look around. Turn left and open the cabinet with the ship and octopus door. It's where the eyeballs are kept. There are 25 slots. Take the fifth eyeball already there. You need to collect 25 eyeballs total. Look at the bowling lane machine. The object of the puzzle is to get the balls to turn all the pictures into eyes. Take a ball and place it on the circle on the lane at right.  Click-hold and move the cursor. See a red arrow that shows the trajectory of the ball. Using the length and direction of the red arrow, the ball can aimed to the picture you want to change. Practice and see the distance to get to the different rows and where the arrow should point at. When all the pictures are eyes, take the sixth eyeball. Pan right and look close at the pirate dummy. Press a button and then press the talk button on the left side. Hear the dummy repeat that syllable. It has a nice blue eye. Look above the dummy and see an open vent. This is where Iggy hides his stash. Look and open the small cabinet right of the dummy. See small costumes. This is Iggy's wardrobe. Look above the desk and see the chart that identifies the baby teeth and adult teeth. Take note of the location of the teeth. Pan right and look at the items on Bruno's desk. Open the book on the left. See that once a month a day is marked with skull and crossbones. The notes have a word and a location. May 31st, that's today. Scuttled Bones and Rampart and Dumaine are written on the right page. Take the book called Short Stories for Tired Eyes written by Bruno Bolet. The book has a lot of clues that will come in handy. See a picture of the Jolly Roger krewe. They are wearing skeleton costumes. Read the inscription on the frame. Check the pendulum on the top shelf. The right one is an eye. Press the lever and immediately try to grab the eye when it goes out of the glass cover. There are only 2 chances to grab the eyeball. Press the button to stop the swing. Take the seventh eyeball. Turn to the other side of the room. Turn the handle of the yellow Spider in the Box left of the door until the spider pops out. Write down the notes that it plays whenever the handle is turned. There's a gumball machine on the left. Press the button and chew a gumball. Look close and click on the lamp holder under the picture. It opens a door to the sad room - Bruno's bedroom. Exit the room. Climb the next flight of stairs. Use the key on the door.

Renee’s Room
Enter and look at the chest at the corner. There are 18 buttons around a blue circle. There are glyphs on the side. When a button is pressed, a pattern is seen on the central circle. To open the chest, reproduce each of the 4 side glyphs at the circular glass at the center of the chest. The chest opens. Read the hoodoo book. Using the hoodoo book, find the syllable that corresponds to each glyph on the wall. Go down the stairs and enter through the secret hallway left of the fireplace in the great room. Enter using the key to Bruno's secret room. Look close at the dummy. Press the buttons: Bah, zah, loo, pah, dee, moo, kah. Press the talk button. His eyeball popped out. Take the eighth eyeball. Look inside the eye socket and take the eye token and the note. Insert the eye token in the gumball machine. Take the ninth eyeball. Pull the lamp holder on the wall. Exit and then go down. Go to the grandfather clock at the end of the hallway. Read the 'Time Will Tell' story in the Short Stories for Tired Eyes book in inventory.  Write down the numbers-time of day found in the story. Then enter that time of the day on the clock in the correct order as read from the book. Enter the numbers, and push the eye at the top of the clock after each one. Take the tenth eyeball. Do the same for Time Will Tell part 2. Take the 11th eyeball. Repeat the process for part 3 and take the 12th eyeball. Go to the library.

Go to the corner bookcase by the window that was seen in the close of the secret passages' peephole. Take the book Eye of the Beholder. Open the book and take the 13th eyeball. Read the 'A Librarian's Tale' story in the Short Stories for Tired Eyes book in inventory. Go to the bookcase left of Henry. Open the library card catalogue. Go through the different book title in the card catalogue. Note any title that has an eye on it and write down the number associated with it. Then add the numbers. Look up and take the book at right on the top shelf - A Librarian's Tale. It has a lock on the cover. Enter 1540 on the lock. Take the 14th eyeball. Talk to Henry and ask for Bruno's eyeball keychain. Nancy ends up mentioning Zeke's box and Summer. Henry gives you the keychain, so take it (15th eyeball). Talk to Henry again. Read the 'The History of Quincy T. Booker's Teeth' story in the Short Stories for Tired Eyes book in inventory. Go to the bookcase at the corner left of the fireplace. See the books that have tooth on the binding. The bottom books are 5 books on each side. The top books are 8 books on each side. The bottom books represent baby teeth while the top books represent the adult teeth. The object of the puzzle is to click on the books in the order based on Booker's Teeth history.  Use the dental chart in the secret room as reference. The arrangement of the teeth in the dental chart is:

Baby teeth (from center to the back) - central incisor, lateral incisor, canine, first molar and second molar.
Adult teeth (from center to the back) - central incisor, lateral incisor, canine, first bicuspid, second bicuspid, first molar, second molar and third molar.

The baby teeth mentioned in the history: upper right second molar, upper right central incisor, lower left lateral incisor and lower right canine.
The adult permanent teeth mentioned in the history: lower right canine, upper left first bicuspid, lower left canine and lower left 3rd molar.

When looking for the book based on the chart and history, remember that you are looking at the mouth. So, the left side of the bookcase is the patient's right side and the right side of the bookcase is the patient's left side. Pull out the books based on the history and placements. When it’s done correctly, you’ll automatically pull back. Then do the second set of teeth (the one you didn’t do yet) the same way. When the panel opens, take the 16th eyeball.

Go outside and talk to Renée. In exchange for borrowing her shovel, she wants 5 painted conks.. Take the bag from the table. Take the path left of the fountain. Pick a mushroom from the lawn. Go toward the cemetery gate. At the gate turn around and pick another mushroom from the lawn at the left. Go through the cemetery gate, take the right path from the fountain, go forward until the end, and go through to the swamp at right. Take another mushroom at the end of the log. Meet Bernie the alligator. Go back to the fountain and turn left until the end. Take the mushroom by the wall. Go back to the fountain. Go to top path past the writhing tree and then left from the Bolet Mausoleum. Go through the archway. Take the mushroom from the overlook. Turn around, forward, right and forward back to the house.  Give Renée the mushrooms and talk to her. Take the shovel hanging on the wall at right. Go to the fountain and look at the drain hole again. Pluck the strings of the spider web in the order the notes were played in the pop up box in the secret room Take the 17th eyeball. Go to the great room.

Great Room
Read the skull note taken from the eye socket of the pirate dummy. Go to the book at the corner that has the list of people buried in the cemetery. The object of the puzzle is to identify the person in the seen clue; go to its headstone, read a new clue and look for the next headstone. The book has the first name, surname, and the area in the cemetery they are buried in. Use the miniature cemetery to locate the area and then go to the cemetery next door. Read the clue in the paper taken from the pirate dummy's eye socket. The last denizen buried on my guard, will start you a-hunting through the graveyard, what's written on the headstone will lead you to another, And so on and so forth til tiny treasure you discover. Search the book for the last entry. Turn to page 91. See that it is Tammy Tassleman in Terra Siesta. Using your computer's keyboard, type in Tammy Tassleman in the skull paper in inventory. Press enter key. This will activate Terra Siesta. Find Terra Siesta at top right in the miniature cemetery. Go to Terra Siesta (right, forward, left, forward). Click and read the headstone. Go back to the book at the great room and search for a name that fits the clue. Repeat this process until the paper is full. The object of the puzzle is to find a name that matches up with the clue on the appropriate page. Nancy will tell you if it’s right. When you find the right name, see where they are buried on the miniature cemetery, go to the appropriate place, find the next clue, and so on. Hint: When you say the names out loud, they sound like something that fits with the clue. For example, the second one is Constance Norring, and it sounds like Constant Snoring (couldn’t sleep without a peep, so when she died we buried deep). When you get to Polly Ester Givens, click the etched Givens on the tombstone and take the scroll. When you get to the clue “Same name as my dog at ten, moved from his grave and buried again”, call Bess. As Bess, talk to Lamont. He will recommend the gumbo from the gumbo shop outside the store but 'watch the hot sauce'. It gives his stomach instant fits. Exit the store and go to the gumbo shop truck. Order a gumbo to go (the first option). Add hot sauce to the gumbo. Then cover the bowl and take the gumbo. You can try and order jambalaya and crawfish if you’d like. Talk to Dr. Buford about everything. Go to Zeke's and give the gumbo to Lamont. When he leaves, go to the backroom and open the box. Click the picture of the boy and dog and see that the dog’s name is Grant. As Nancy, go back to the book at the great room and search for a Grant. Turn to page 82 and see the name Derek Grant at Writhing Roots Mausoleum. Find Writhing Roots Mausoleum in the miniature cemetery. Go to Writhing Roots Mausoleum (forward, left). Open the box at the bottom of the headstone. Take the 18th eyeball and little pirate hat. Talk to Henry about everything. Read the 'Steps in the Right Direction' story in the Short Stories for Tired Eyes book in inventory. Go back to the book at the great room and search for a Charlie Wicker. Turn to page 82 and see the name Charlie Wicker at Sleeping Meadows. Find Sleeping Meadows in the miniature cemetery. Go to Sleeping Meadows (forward, forward, left, left). Look at the letters under Charlie Wicker's name. Use blank paper to get a tracing of the directions. Enter at right to the forest. See an overhead view of the area.  Using the directions on the tracing, click on the compass central button to move the spade. Once a direction is reached, count the fingers of the skeleton to know how many times to move to that direction. Just follow the first number that the skeleton hand shows based on the directions. Use the shovel on the ground. Use the shovel to open the canister. The shovel breaks, so you only have the skeleton arm left. Take eyeball 19 (cabinet slot 25) and the shovel handle-skeleton arm.

Bruno’s crypt
Go to Bruno's crypt beside the garden fountain. Look down at the circle on the ground - the headstone. Look up and see the master of buzzards on the roof of the mausoleum. It has feathers on its head. Read the 'The Key to the Statues, the Statues are Key' story in the Short Stories for Tired Eyes book in inventory. Take note of the drawing in the book of the master of buzzards. The arrangement of the feathers is seen. The object of the puzzle is to get the master buzzards feathers similar to that of the picture. Turn around and see 4 buzzards. Clicking on each one produces a change in the master buzzard's feathers. Check the changes made by the 4 buzzards to find out which ones to click to get the drawing. Go to the fountain to reset the puzzle. Take the feather key dropped by the master buzzard. Turn around and use the feather key on the feather lock at base of each gargoyle to get four more eyeballs. Take the path at left before going to the back door of the house. Go forward and see a loquat tree and a bug sprayer. Take the bug sprayer and click on the tree. The object of the puzzle is to kill all the wasps and get a loquat. Kill the red wasps immediately. They sting and after a number of stings by the red wasps, game ends and second chance happens. Take the loquat fruit. Go to the great room and enter the secret hallway and the secret room.

Secret Room
Look at the air vent above the dummy where Iggy hides. Place the loquat on the vent. See Iggy stand beside his wardrobe. Open the wardrobe. Dress Iggy in a pirate costume (pirate hat on his head, white collar with parrot on his neck, and sword belt on his waist). Pull back and Iggy retrieves a small chest. Read the plaque on top of the chest. Go to the desk and look at the calendar on the left. Open through the pages and at May 31, if Nancy hasn't said it earlier, she says that it is today. The meeting is at Rampart and Dumaine and the password is scuttled bones. Call Bess to infiltrate the meeting. As Bess, go to the alley right of the table. Turn left to Zeke's locked back door after the trash bin. Look close at the lock of Zeke's door. See a number pad on the lock. The x key resets the puzzle. Use the compact in inventory to dust the key pads. See 5 numbers light up. Using the amount of powder on the keys, deduce the sequence of the 5 numbers. The more powder, the first in the sequence in will be. Press 2 8 9 0 5. Enter and open the box. Wear the skeleton costume by clicking on it. You can tell you’re wearing it when it shows up in the top left corner of your screen. Exit through the emergency door. Turn left and go forward to the double metal doors. Knock on the door. Select scuttled bones as the password. Hear them say Jean Lafitte. Watch what happens to Bess. Listen to Bess' report until the phone get disconnected by a loud thunder and lightning. As Nancy, take the small chest and enter Jean Lafitte on the padlock (just press each letter once). Take the 24th eyeball. Get another loquat from the wasp infested loquat tree. Go back to the secret room. Use the loquat on the vent to call Iggy. Dress Iggy as an optometrist (head lens, name tag on collar and ophthalmoscope on the waist). Pull back to get Iggy going. Take the 25th and final eyeball. Get another loquat from the wasp infested loquat tree. Go back to the secret room. Use the loquat on the vent to call Iggy. Dress Iggy as a mailman (hat, tie and bag). Pull back to get Iggy going. Take the letter. Read the letter that Bruno was holding when he had the heart attack. Go to the eyeball cabinet with an octopus and ship depicted on the door. All 25 eyeballs are placed in the cabinet. Click to see that they can be moved up, down, right, and left. Read the 'Plentiful Pirates and Nautical Nonsense' story in the Short Stories for Tired Eyes book in inventory. Position the eyeballs by following the story and looking for words that forms a direction. The numbers at the bottom of the page shows how many directional words are in that page. Take the drawing and the jeweled eyeball. Talk to Renee about the letter. Use the cell phone away from Renee and call the authenticator. Go forward to the left side of the fountain. Go left to the fireflies. Move the ivies off the wall. Push the 2 stones to the back (two are stuck together and count as one). Go through the cemetery gate. Turn around and go to the broken wall at right. Now that you protruded the stones, go up and take the lightning rod.

Bruno’s crypt
Go to the buzzard crypt. Check the drawing taken from the eyeball cabinet. Look down at the circle with Bruno's name. Place the lightning rod on the hole. Place the skeleton arm on top of the rod. Place the jeweled eyeball on the skeleton's hand. The circle on the floor lowers down to the crypt. See the Whisperer (crystal skull). Take the Whisperer. Watch as the lid starts to close. The villain arrives and will help Nancy up. Nancy tosses the crystal skull to the villain. The villain explains the reasoning for the nefarious acts done and leaves Nancy to her fate. Immediately turn around and click on the wall. This is a random puzzle. Click on duplicated pictures to turn them around. The flashes of lightning light up and darken the room. When all the pieces are done, the lift rises up. Go to the cemetery, turn right and forward to the swamp. Tip the log to get help from Bernie as soon as he swims up. Watch what happens. Cased closed by Nancy Drew!

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