Monday, July 4, 2011

The Final Scene walkthrough

Day 1
Go into the men’s dressing room. The phone rings. Answer it and listen to the kidnapper. Back away and the phone rings again. This time the call is from Joseph, the caretaker and projectionist. Brady comes in. Talk to him about everything. Look in the closet and pick up the baton. Walk over to the dressing table and notice the locked drawer. Look behind the picture of the laughing man on the wall. Pull the lever and the secret passageway opens up behind the clothes rack. Go through the secret passageway and come out through the wardrobe of the women’s dressing room. Meet Simone, who isn’t very helpful right now. Leave her dressing room and go out the door on the right. You will be in a hallway that leads around to the front lobby of the theater. Enter the first door on the left, which is a small box seating area. Pick up the quarter on the floor. Go back to the hall and follow it around to the front lobby where you will meet Nick by the snack bar. Talk to him about everything. Go to the ticket booth and call the police (911). The police take the information but are not helpful. Talk with Nick until he has no more to say (he asks you to do a favor for him). Turn to the right and play the jazz/dance puzzle game. After you solve the puzzle, get the disk. Go up either stairway and turn to the left or right before you get to the door and you will find the projection room. Talk with Joseph and he will suggest you call the county administration for blueprints. Leave the projection room and enter both sides of the balcony. Look over the edge of both railings. On the left side you’ll see one of the little decorations on the railing missing and another gear like the one you won from the jazz machine. On the right side you’ll see a little pink blob stuck to one of the chairs. Go downstairs and find the chair with the gum, which is in front of a pillar on the left. Use the baton on the gum. Go back up to the balcony on the left side and use the baton with the gum to get the disk. Go back downstairs. Nick is no longer at the snack bar, so check out the pamphlets. On one of the pamphlets you will find the country admission phone number (555-3309). Go to the ticket office and call them for the blueprints. Go to where the dressing rooms are. Notice the large crate tied with ropes and go to the other side. Unwind one of the ropes until you hear a clunk. Go back to the crate and attach the hook. Go back and rewind the rope until it is back the way it was. Now look at the floor where the crate used to be, find the trap door, and open it. Go all the way down the stairs and turn right. Follow it around to the right until you come to a small safe. Turn all the symbols to spades and the door will open revealing a box with a picture puzzle on top. Move the pieces to make a picture of a princess/queen. The pieces turn if you put your cursor in the upper left corner until it changes to a curved arrow. After you solve the picture puzzle the box will open. Place the two gears inside and click on the silver one to open the secret drawer. Pick up the key and read the note. Search the other side of the basement and play the magician card game. Play until you win and take the prize when you do. Go to the men’s dressing room and talk to Brady about everything. Go out to the lobby and talk to Nick about everything and he will leave to check his laptop. Joseph will call you over the loud speaker. Go up to talk with him in the projection room and he will show you Maya’s press pass. Go back to call the police again. When you leave the ticket booth, Joseph will meet you and that will end the first day.

Day 2
Look at the funeral wreath and read the note. Talk with Joseph in the projection room. While you are there, look around the room. Pick up a slide on the table with the empty film reels. Read the Clayton Projector manual and notice the last page where the key is missing. Open the closet and take the projector bulb. Go downstairs and talk with Nick twice. He will you about the widow of Houdini’s cousin and ask you to call her. He wrote her name and phone number on the pad next to the phone. Go to the ticket booth and call her (1-813-555-3247). She will tell you to call the Library of Congress and talk with Sherman Trout. The number is 1-202-555-5000. Call him also, then go back out to the snack bar and talk with Nick again. Go to the women’s dressing room and talk with Simone until she has no more to say (she will give you two stage names). Go to the men’s dressing room and notice that Brady isn’t there. Look at the book and the note he was reading. Leave the room and go stand in front of the women’s dressing room. Then go back to the men’s dressing room and Brady will be there again. Talk to him about everything. Go out to the lobby and then inside the ticket booth to listen to the press conference. After the press conference, go to the women’s dressing room and notice that Simone isn’t there. Open the drawer of the dressing table and pick up the bobby pin. Look through her purse, turn on the camera, and look at all the pictures of Brady. Open her wallet and look at her cards and the receipt for the funeral wreath. Close her purse and go to the men’s dressing room. Use the bobby pin to open the locked drawer and read the Stage Technician’s Guide. Go to the projection room. On the way, you’ll hear a threatening message. Joseph is not there, so place the slide in the front of the projector, turn on the light, and focus the slide. Turn the power off and move to the control panel to the right. The power button is already on. Click on the number keypad and enter 121192. You will hear a click. Next, click in the area to bring up the red buttons and switches. Press the bottom two buttons labeled Left and Right Fader Power buttons. Move the two fader switches on the left all the way down. Press the Magnet button. Move both fader switches up one notch. Press the Trap Door button. Finally, press the switch on the right to lock everything in place. Go to the stage, go to either cage, and climb down. Click on the burned out lamp, look through the hole in the wall, and discover Maya. The trick chair will go up, trapping you down there. Look down toward the floor and you will find a trap door. Open it and walk down the stairs. Follow the passage to the left and you will find a rabbit slider puzzle, but it is stuck and you can’t move the pieces. Turn around and go down the other hall where you will find a little lift. Click the On button and then the up button. When the lift stops climb up the wall ladder and open the hatch. It’s stuck, but Joseph hears you trying to get out. He opens the hatch door and hands you some lubricant for the slider puzzle. Go back down the lift and down the hall to the slider puzzle. Use the lubricant spray on the door pieces and solve the puzzle. As you move the bricks, move the little rabbit forward so it can get to the other side. Go inside the magician’s room. Play with the guillotine (head-chopping device). Open the chest and take the rubber gloves. Look at the pizza boxes and Maya’s shoe-she’s been here! Read the book Magic Secrets Volume IV on the shelf. Go out the door coffin shaped door with the spikes and hand in the center. This takes you beneath the stage. The gate ahead is closed and electrified! Use your rubber gloves on the keypad. The code changes each time you play. Push in the numbers until they all stay down and the gate will swing open. Go up the stairs. When you surface, Brady will be there. Tell him everything, then go to the ticket booth and call the police. Talk with Joseph in the projection room. When you leave the projection room, that will end day two.

Day 3
Look at the headlines in the newspaper and read the note by the phone. Go up to the projection room and talk with Joseph. Go backstage and you will see pebbles falling from above. Look up to avoid getting hit by a stage light. Talk with Brady and Simone about everything. Go back to the men’s dressing room, search Brady’s briefcase, find Maya’s notebook, and take the pencil. As you start to leave, Brady will show up. Confront him about what you found in his briefcase. Return to the snack bar and talk with Nick. He will tell you you’ll have a package. Go inside the ticket booth and get the slide in the package above on the shelf above the newspaper. Go to the projection room. Use your pencil on the last page of the projection manual on the table to trace out the key pattern. Go to the lobby and use the key maker to make a key for the projector. Click on S, I, V, O and then the Make Key button. Pick up the finished key and go back to the projection room. Use your key to open the projector and take the slide. The police are coming, so once you pick up the slide, back up two times and turn all the way around to the right. Go forward to the closet, open the door, and go forward into the closet to hide and the door will automatically shut. When the police leave, it’s safe to come out. Open the projector, replace the bulb, and put the slide you got from Sherman Trout in the holder. Turn it on, focus, and look at the screen. Put the slide in that you got from the projector. When you try to focus, the knob will fall off. Crawl underneath the table and listen to the tape recorder. Notice the voice swap recorder hooked up to it. Click on the back part of the tape recorder to move it. The focus knob will roll forward so you can pick it up. Place it back on the projector and focus the slide. Look at the screen. When you go to leave, the kidnapper will intercept and lock you in the room. Time is running out, so quickly click on the outlet on the wall just to the right of the door. It will open to reveal a switch. Click on the switch and turn to the right. Go up the ladder. Go forward to a locked door. Turn around and go toward the left where you find a little safe on the wall. Use the key you got from the gear box on the first day to open it. There are nine keys, so grab them all. Try each one on the door (the correct key is a red-pink key, so grab all those colored keys last so they’ll be at the beginning of your inventory). Go through the door and see Maya locked up. Try to pull the door off the stove and notice that it won’t budge. Go forward and to the left to look out the window at the marquee. Follow the power lines around toward the left until you see where the switch is. Again, the kidnapper will show up and block you from turning the power on. After all conversations end, use the magic ring you got from the magician’s game on the first day on the kidnapper, who will back up. Quickly pull the switch to turn on the marquee. The end! Nancy saves Maya and solves another mystery!

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